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The Military College of South Carolina
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Purpose / Eligibility / Dues and Fees

Members: Students / Faculty / Alumnus / Past Presidents / Past Chapter Members



Student Members

2016 / 2015 / 2014 / 2013 / 2012 / 2011 / 2009 / 2008 / 2007 / 2006 / 2005

Faculty Members*

David G. Allen English
Shankar Banik Math and Computer Science
Michael B. Barrett History
Mark A. Bebensee School of Business
Joel C. Berlinghieri Physics
Carl E. Betterton School of Business
Jane C. Bishop History
Mark C. Brandenburg General Counsel
Kenneth P. Brannan Civil and Environmental Engineering
Patrick R. Briggs Physics
Harry S. Carter School of Business
Mei-Qin Chen Math and Computer Science
Elizabeth N. Connor Daniel Library
Thomas R. Dion Civil and Environmental Engineering
Kevin J. Dougerty Commandant
Dennis Fallon Civil and Environmental Engineering
Lori Neal Fernald Psychology
Gardel M. Feurtado Political Science
Alfred J. Finch, Jr. Dean, School of Humanities & Social Sciences
Sheila Foster School of Business
John S. Grinalds President Emeritus
James A. Grimsley, Jr. President Emeritus
Katherine H. Grenier History
Charles W. Groetsch School of Science and Mathematics

Charlene M. Gunnells

External Affairs

Ronald J. Hayne Electrical and Computer Engineering
Sean Heuston English
Russell O. Hilleke Physics
Samuel M. Hines Provost and Dean of the College
James M. Hutchisson English
Wesley Jones School of Business
James Leonard English
Michael Livingston English
Iordanis Karagiannidis Business
Keith N. Knapp History
Julie A. Lipovsky Psychology
Scott C. Lucas English
Suzanne Mabrouk Chemistry
Peter A. Mailloux English
Lauren Rule Maxwell English
Isaac S. Metts, Jr. Math and Computer Science
Wanda J. Milligan President's Support Office
Janette W. Moody School of Business
John I. Moore, Jr. Mathematics and Computer Science
W. Bo Moore History
R. Franklin Morris School of Business
Antara Mukherjee Math and Computer Science
Joelle Neulander History
Steve A. Nida Psychology
Paul M. Nolan Biology
Johnston Peeples Electrical and Computer Engineering
R. Clifton Poole School of Business
Siripong Potisuk Electrical and Computer Engineering
John Powell Admissions and Recruiting
David Preston History
Jeffrey Price Admissions and Recruiting
Glenn C. Remsen Admissions and Recruiting
Jack W. Rhodes Honors Program
Kathryn R. Jones School of Education
John W. Rosa President
Conway F. Saylor Psychology
Zane U. Segle Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures
William C. Sharbrough School of Business
Jason S. Skinner Electrical and Computer Engineering
Charles O. Skipper Engineering Leadership and Program Management
Luke S. Sollitt Physics
Robert Steed Political Science
A. Bruce Strauch School of Business
Lloyd A. Taylor Psychology
Christopher R. Turner English
Jennifer A. Turner English
Joseph W. Trez President's Support Office
William N. Trumbull Business
H. Eloy Urroz Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures
W. Earl Walker School of Business
John E. Weinstein Biology
Ronald W. Welch School of Engineering
Susan E. Wilcox Chemistry
Scott A. Yost Physics
John D. Zardus Biology


* Citadel Chapter Bylaws (II.4.3) define faculty to include the administration, research, and extension staff.

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Alumnus Members

Year Graduated
Gilbert B. Bradham '53
Alvah H. Chapman, Jr. '42
John R. Chase
Pat Conroy '67
William E. Crowe
E. Bart Daniel '77
Charles J. Dillman '64
Gary G. Durante '80
Eugene C. Figg, Jr. '58
Leonard C. Fulghum, Jr. '51
James A. Grimsley, Jr. '42
Ernest F. Hollings '42
William E. Jenkinson III '68
Raymond G. Johnson '55
James E. Jones, Jr. '58
Charles A. Klinger '60
Carroll N. LeTellier '49
William F. Marcuson '63
Frank P. Mood, Jr. '60
James F. Moseley '58
Langhorne A. Motley '60
John M. Palms '58
Ronald Plunkett
R. Clifton Poole '59
Thomas H. Pope, Jr. '35
Channing Proctor
Dennis J. Rhoad '84
James O. Rigney, Jr. '74
Joseph P. Riley, Jr. '64
John W. Rosa '73
Dudley Saleeby, Jr. '66
Harvey W. Schiller '60
George M. Seignious II '42
Marc F. Settin '80
T. W. Graham Solomons '55
Brantley D. Thomas '55
Joseph W. Trez '69
William T. Trotter '65
Claudius E. Watts III '58
John C. West '42
W. Curtis Worthington, Jr. '46

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Past Presidents

Years Served
Daniel O. Bowman 1979-80
Michael D. Doran 1981
Saul J. Adelman 1982
William L. Harris 1983
James P. May 1984
Thomas W. Mahan 1985
Harry C. Saxe 1986
Isaac S. Metts, Jr. 1987
Michael B. Barrett 1988
Aline M. Mahan* 1989
Joseph F. Tripp* 1990
Saul J. Adelman 1991-92
Suzanne Ozment 1993-94
John W. Gordon 1994-95
Harold W. Askins, Jr. 1995-96
Melvin H. Ezell, Jr. 1996-98
John W. Gordon 1998-99
W. Gary Nichols 1999-2001
Coway F. Saylor 2001-03
John S. Carter 2003-05
Mei Q. Chen 2005- 07
Albert E. Garganus 2007-09
Wesley M. Jones, Jr. 2009-11



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Past Chapter Members

Profession/Department at The Citadel
Ryan Allen Psychology
Harold W. Askins, Jr Electrical Engineering
Juan Bahk Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures
Robert E. Baldwin Biology
Anne Beddingfield Assistant to the Provost
Milton L. Boykin Political Science
John S. Carter Health, Exercise & Sport Science
Elizabeth W. Carter Library Science
Charles E. Cleaver Mathematics/Computer Science
Alix Darden Biology
Edward B. Davis Political Science
Mark P. Del Mastro Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures
Louis D. Dornetto Electrical Engineering
Linda K. Elksnin Education
Marvin H. Ezell, Jr Health, Exercise & Sport Science
Margaret Francel Mathematics and Computer Science
Gregory Frohnsdorff Daniel Library
John W. Gordon History
Albert E. Gurganus Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures
David Heisser
Library Science
Spencer Hurd
Mathematics and Computer Science
Weiler R. Hurren
B. J. Kelley
Maria Lynn Kessler
Angie W. LeClercq Director, Daniel Library
Philip W. Leon English
James P. May Chemistry
George F. Meenaghen VP of Academic Affairs
Winfred B. Moore, Jr. History
Laurence W. Moreland Political Science
W. Gary Nichols History
Suzanne Ozment Dean, Undergraduate Studies & Dean of Women
Richard D. Porcher Biology
Tony N. Redd English
David H. Reilly Graduate Dean
James A. W. Rembert English
James F. Scoggin, Jr Electrical Engineering
David S. Shields English
Grant B. Staley Modern Languages
Robert F. Steed Political Science
Donald A. Steven Provost and Dean of the College
Russell H. Stout, Jr. Civil & Environmental Engineering
Russell E. Thompson Mathematics
Joseph F. Tripp History
E. F. J. Tucker English
F. Lance Wallace Biology
Robert A. White English


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