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Citadel NCBI

The Citadel NCBI Team's mission is to develop a culture of principled leaders who recognize and appreciate diversity as a foundation of the Core Value of Respect. 

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What is the National Coalition Building Institute International (NCBI)?

NCBI is a non-profit leadership development organization that promotes skills for working with diverse populations on campuses and organizations around the world.

NCBI has a rich history of collaborating with academic institutions, teaching them leadership skills to reduce conflicts among groups, address controversial issues, and create more inclusive environments. They do so by using a training approach that is skill-based, experiential, and non-blaming. NCBI provides tools and consultation to develop diversity initiatives that meet the institution's specific needs. The approach trains leaders to handle conflicts and to take principled stands in resolving differences between groups. The Citadel's NCBI team is focused on enhancing the campus climate for all and developing leaders who function effectively in a diverse environment.

Much of the information found on this website and referenced in workshops and group activities comes from Leading Diverse Communities (2005) by Cherie R. Brown and George J. Mazza.

Leadership in a Diverse Environment

The NCBI has distilled its collective wisdom into concise leadership principles and recognizes that effective leaders learn and practice skills to become better.
Effective leaderscitadel_01810041

  • work together to create learning and working environments that welcome diversity,
  • acknowledge that every person is important and every issue counts,
  • recognize and work with the diversity already present,
  • act with courage,
  • take care of themselves,
  • build and nurture personal relationships,
  • listen to people with whom they disagree,
  • believe they can make a difference,
  • admit and correct mistakes, and
  • value and support other leaders.
How does the Citadel NCBI work?

The Citadel's NCBI Team
offers experiential workshops and classroom activities to bring the NCBI principles to faculty, staff and students. These offerings are opportunities for enhancing communication among members of The Citadel community in a focused way. Workshops encourage participants to learn about themselves, their biases towards those of other groups, the experiences of those who come from other groups, and to learn skills for interrupting disrespectful behavior. The goal is to foster a campus climate that is welcoming and respectful to all.

If you would like to participate in a NCBI Workshop, or learn more about The Citadel's NCBI Chapter, contact

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