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The Military College of South Carolina
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Program Policies

Academic Integrity

 The following academic integrity policy is in effect for non-cadet students for fall and spring semester as well as Maymester and Summer School.  Absolute integrity is expected of every Citadel student in academic undertakings. Academic integrity is grounded on the concept of honesty with respect to the intellectual efforts of oneself and others.  A student’s submission of work for academic credit indicates that the work is the student’s own. Students are responsible for knowing what constitutes violations of the Academic Integrity Policy. Examples of violations of the Academic Integrity policy include, but are not limited to the following:

  •     Plagiarizing or representing the words, ideas, or information of another person as one’s own without documentation;
  •     Giving or receiving prior to an examination any unauthorized information concerning the content of that examination;
  •     Using, without authorization of the instructor, notes, books, prompts, or other materials, or receiving verbal or electronic assistance to aid in answering questions on an examination;
  •     Giving or receiving substantive aid during the course of an examination;
  •     Asking or permitting another person to take a test or engage in other academic work; or taking a test or engaging in academic work for another, whether voluntarily or for hire, in conjunction with class work or for admissions purposes;
  •     Violating personal property rights (for example, stealing or attempting to steal tests, keys, or grade books);
  •     Fabricating data in support of laboratory or field work;
  •     Engaging in other acts of academic misconduct.

For more information and details on our academic policy, please refer to our current academic catalog:

Academic Standards

All students are expected to maintain high academic standards while in the Leadership Studies graduate program. Any student who earns an "F" or more than two "C's" (including C+) will be dismissed from the Leadership Studies Graduate program for academic insufficiency. Note: An incomplete "I" is converted to an "F" if the work is not completed within the guidelines established by the college.

Transfer Credit Policy

A maximum of six graduate credit hours from an accredited institution for the MSL program, three for the Certificate programs- approved by the department head - may be approved for transfer credit, provided: (1) that those courses are determined to be equivalent to one of the advanced or elective courses at The Citadel, (2) that grades of "B" or better were received in the courses. If you have taken the course more than five years prior to enrolling at The Citadel, an addtional form is required before review of the course can begin.

Admitted students seeking credits should submit the Transfer Credit Approval form and graduate course descriptions to in advance of their first semester in the MSL program per the schedule below:

      • Spring Semester Start: December 1
      • Sumer Semester Start: April 1
      • Fall Semester Start: July 15
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