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Study the Past. Lead the Future.
D-Day Normandy Invasion of 1944
Study the Past. Lead the Future.
Naval Fleet

Dual M.A. Military History & Military Leadership Certificate


A Graduate Degree in Military History & A Graduate Certificate in Military Leadership

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    2 Esteemed Credentials Earned Together At Once
Graduate students are able to earn The Citadel's Online Graduate Certificate in Military Leadership while working toward the completion of their Master of Arts in Military History
degree online. Leadership studies enhance students' ability to perform effectively as
principled leaders in their present or future leadership roles.
The college's leadership program utilizes interdisciplinary courses to engage students in comprehensive learning about leadership in applied contexts. 
The leadership certificate both compliments and strengthens the graduate degree in Military HIstory and only requires an additional 2 credit hours:
  • LDRS 753: Strategy and Contemporary Military Leadership Issues
  • LDRS 711: Leading Change: Organization Development and Transformation


Sample Program of Study for Dual Master's & Graduate Certificate in Military Leadership
Year 1  
Fall Term               
Methods & Historiography of Military History
Foundations: Leadership in the Crucible of War
Spring Term                       
Strategic Thinkers and Military Intellectuals                                         
LDRS 753 or LDRS 711
Summer Term
Conflict Studies 1
Year 2  
Fall Term
Foundations: Non-Western MilItary History      
War & Society 1
Spring Term         
Conflict Studies 2
Foundations: US Military History
Summer Term
* Leadership in the Crucible of War, Non-Western History, and US Military History are required courses.
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