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The Military College of South Carolina
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Industry Insights

"Mechanical engineers fill a wide variety of critical roles in companies, from CAD designers to top executives. A foundation of technical understanding, critical thinking and problem solving make mechanical engineers a highly valued DESresource at many different levels throughout industry. In an age of high-technological advances through electrical and computer engineering, mechanical engineers are needed now more than ever. No matter what technology can be put on a ship, plane, car or your mobile phone, eventually a mechanical action to turn a shaft, spin a turbine, stamp a part, or even to assemble your smart phone must happen. Mechanical engineers put innovative ideas into action."

Gregory Gordon
Defense Engineering Services

"Mechanical Engineers have the unique opportunity to work in a wide variety of fields in which they could change the world. I have seen this with ModernTech, in all sorts of disciplines from many different industries such as Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Consumer Products, or Energy. Whether you graduate and become a Consumer Product Designer ModernTech for Apple, an Engineer working on autonomous vehicles, or a R&D Engineer for NASA to explore to cosmos, Mechanical Engineers always have a hand in the development of the future."

Nate Andrews

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