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CSCI 355: Programming Languages

Course Description:

CSCI 355 Programming Languages Three Credit Hours
Prerequisite: CSCI 223; prerequisite or corequisite: CSCI 305
Required for B.S. degree in computer science.
Programming language concepts and constructs with emphasis on the run-time behavior of programs. Topics include imperative, functional, and logic programming paradigms; language syntax and semantics; and global properties of programming languages including scope, parameter passing, storage allocation, and the binding time of constituents.

Major Topics:

  • Programming languages history
  • Language concepts
    • Values, types, and type systems
    • Variables and storage
    • Binding and scope
    • Procedural abstraction
  • Language paradigms
    • Functional programming
    • Logic programming
    • Imperative programming
    • Scripting
  • Technical Writing

Course Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course, a student will be able to

  • Discuss principles and practices that underly high-level programming languages
  • Represent languages in BNF or EBNF
  • Write programs in at least one non-object-oriented language
  • Write shell scripts
  • Learn another programming language
  • Write papers in a technical style


Programming Languages: Principles and Pragmatics (Third Edition) by Kenneth C. Louden and Kenneth A. Lambert, Cengage, 2012.

Projected Schedule:

Every Fall

Recent Syllabi:

Fall 2018, Moore


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