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CSCI 317: Computer Networks and Internets

Course Description:

CSCI 317 Computer Networks and Internets Three Credit Hours
Prerequisites: CSCI 202 and CSCI 305
Required for B.S. degree in computer science.
An introduction to data communications and computer networking. Topics include LAN technologies, packet switching networks, internetworking of heterogeneous network technologies, internetworking protocol suites (with emphasis on TCP/IP), the client/server paradigm, the BSD Socket interface, network security, and important network applications.

Major Topics:

  • Overview of Networking (ISO OSI Model)
  • Network Performance Metric
  • Network Media
  • Error Detection and Reliable Transmission
  • Network Architectures (LANs, WANs)
  • Network Topologies
  • LAN protocols: Ethernet, 802.11
  • Network Device (Brides, Switches, Routers)
  • Internetworking protocol: IP
  • Network Address Translation and Subnetting
  • Transport Layer Protocols: TCP and UDP
  • Application Layer Protocols: HTTP, DNS, SMTP
  • Network Services
  • Network Security
  • Network Analysis
  • Network Management
  • Network Monitoring
  • BSD Sockets API

Course Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course, a student will be able to

  • Describe the fundamental concepts, technologies, components, and issues related to communications and data network
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the concepts of the functionalities of the different layers on network in the OSI architecture
  • Describe a basic network architecture given a specific need and set of hosts/clients
  • Understand the concepts of packet-switched and circuit-switched networks
  • Analyze the designs of different network protocols
  • Understand the concepts of communication over heterogeneous network technologies
  • Track and identify the packets involved in a simple TCP connection
  • Use network monitoring tools to display packets
  • Apply their knowledge of network technologies to design and construct  a working network
  • Design and implement client/server applications using BSD sockets API


Computer Networks: A Systems Approach (5th Edition), L. Peterson and B. Davie, Morgan Kaufmann

Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach (6th Edition), James Kurose and Keith Ross, Pearson

Projected Schedule:

Every Spring

Recent Syllabi:

Spring 2015, Banik

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