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The Military College of South Carolina
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Undergraduate Courses


LDRS-201 Sophomore Seminar in Principled Leadership 1 credit hour
Required of all second-year cadets, this course incorporates The Citadel core values of honor, duty, and respect as those values constitute principled leadership. The course also assists cadets in the process of transitioning from the freshman year to the sophomore year and enables them to reflect upon their experiences of the Citadel's fourth-class system as they learn more about effective, ethical leadership. In addition, the course includes service as a component of principled leadership through a service learning experience. This course is a graded, one-hour course. A student must have permission of the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs to withdraw from LDRS 201. Students must complete LDRS 201 prior to enrolling in LDRS 371.
A student must have permission from the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs to withdraw from LDRS 201.
LDRS-320 Leadership Communications 3 credit hours

Leadership Communication will focus on an understanding of effective leader communications based on analysis of speeches and writings. This course requires critical thinking to analyze and develop leader messages. The course will also examine multimedia tools available to leaders and will address opportunities and challenges of technology.  

LDRS-371 Leadership in Organizations 3 credit hours
This course considers various theories of leadership and their role in critical organizational issues, including leader effectiveness, ethics, power, influence, politics, teamwork, motivation, creativity, innovation, communication, conflict, strategy, diversity, and leadership development. The course uses case studies and experiential components to provide hands-on learning and practice opportunities in business, political, and social justice contexts. This course is identical to BADM 371 and is cross-listed.
Prerequisite: LDRS 201
LDRS-401 Senior Leadership Seminar/Project 3 credit hours
Candidates for the leadership minor will work closely with the professor on an independent study project dealing with a leadership issue or challenge and the application of principled leadership ideas. The student will write a case study of approximately 20-25 pages discussing a specific leadership problem and the steps taken to solve it. The presentation of the results will be an integral part of this exercise. Students will present in class and, at the discretion of the professor, be tasked to present in other forums, such as Citadel faculty/staff meetings or professional conferences.
Prerequisite: Enrollment in the Minor in Leadership Studies or instructor permission.
LDRS-433 Special Topics in Leadership 3 credit hours
Selected topics or problems in the general area of leadership; offered periodically as the special interests of faculty and students permit.



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