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CPFT Excellence


CPFT Excellence is a Tier 5 event.

Even though some cadets exceed the maximum score on one or more CPFT events, the official maximum score is 300 (100 points per event). Cadets who score at least 100 points in each event in one CPFT may earn points for their companies. 


All currently enrolled cadets may participate.


Only Corps Physical Fitness Tests (CPFT) are eligible for consideration. Eligible CPFTs are further defined as those scheduled by the Office of Commandant as For Record CPFT's and appearing on the Cadet Training Schedule. Cadets may take as many CPFTs as desired to earn the minimum 100 points per event in one CPFT, but only one test will count each semester.


Written protest, sent via e-mail from the Company Athletic Officer and to the Director of Intramurals must be received within 24 hours of posting of CPFT excellence points. Should an Athletic Officer request a recalculation because of change in unit strength, the recalcuation will be run for entire corps.


Cadets will not be graded by a cadet in his or her home company.


In recognition of earning 100 points per event in one CPFT, a maximum of fifteen (15) achievement points per semester will be awarded to the cadet's home company.

Top Dawg

To further acknowledge these cadets performing at the highest level, their CPFT's will be scored on an extended scale to create a ranked list. The top fifteen cadets and their scores will be posted on the Top Dawg board in Deas Hall. The complete list is available under Game Results for CFPT Excellence

Only those cadets who score 100 points in all three events are eligible to determine their score on an extended scale. 

The Top Dawg list for the fall semester is based on CPFT's administered in the fall semester. The Top Dawg list posted at the end of the spring semester is based on the average of each cadet's fall and spring CPFT score. 



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