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30 Jun 2016

School of Humanities and Social Sciences faculty publications

2015-16 academic year

Department of Criminal Justice

Professor Roy Fenoff authored a book chapter titled, “Food fraud detection technologies,” which was published in The Routledge International Handbook of Technology, Crime humanities-and-social-sciences-publicationsand Justice. Fenoff also had a journal article accepted for publications called “Evaluating the effectiveness of an evidence-based cognitive restructuring approach: 1-year results from Project ASPECT.” It will appear in the International Journal of Cognitive Therapy.

Department of History

Professor Keith Knapp heads the Early Medieval China Group, which initiated a global project involving more than 60 scholars from around the world, resulting in the publication of Early Medieval Chinese Texts: A Bibliographical Guide, in 2016. It was published by The Institute for East Asian Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. Knapp served as the editor along with three other professors. This work introduces all of the primary sources that are available for the study of early medieval China (AD 100-600). Additionally, Knapp co-edited Early Medieval Chinese Texts: A Bibliographical Guide, published in the spring by the institute.

Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Professor Juan Bahk has published a critical book review for a poetic anthology entitled, Los Exodos, Los Exilios, written by Peruvian-Spanish poet and professor of Salamanca University, Alfredo Perez Alendart. Bahk’s review was published in the book Alencart, Poeta De Todas Parties: Ensayos y Notas. He joined The Citadel in 1991. He has published three critical books, as well as numerous articles that appeared in publications around the world.

Professor Alison Smith’s article Buñuel’s Improbable Cast of Female Characters in The Milky Way was published in the spring of the 2016 issue of Postscript, the online peer-reviewed journal of the Philological Association of the Carolinas. Smith is a Charleston, South Carolina native. She teaches French and French Literature at The Citadel. Additionally, Smith has developed courses for students with learning disabilities and conducted training workshops on teaching second languages to students with learning disabilities.

Professor Guy Toubiana published an extensive entry on the online encyclopedia, about an Eighteenth Century French painter, Nicolas Lancret. He is the founder and editor of that online encyclopedia. In June of 2016, Toubiana was in Taiwan directing the college’s Chinese study abroad program with students from The Citadel and other colleges. Toubiana, who became a faculty member at The Citadel in 1998, is the chair of the Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures. He is a citizen of the U.S. and France.

Professor Eloy Urroz’s English translation of La Familia Interrumpida (The Family Interrupted) will be officially released on August 26, translated by Ezra Fitz. The book was originally published in Spanish in 2012. He published La Trama Incesante in 2015. Urroz teaches Spanish, Latin American Literature and other courses at The Citadel. A prolific writer, Urroz has published nine novels, four books on literary criticism, four books of poetry, three political reportages and dozens of essays, articles and reviews on Latin American literature.

Department of Psychology

Professor Michael Politano’s new book, Statistics and Research Methodology: A Gentle Conversation was published in May. His co-author was Robert O. Walton, of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Luxembourg, Germany. The textbook book will be used in one of The Citadel’s graduate level psychology courses. Politano and Walton have collaborated on numerous scholarly publications. Additionally, Politano published a children’s book, The Pig in the Tree, in 2010.

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