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Humanitarian Development Club

The Citadel Humanitarian Development Club provides sustainable solutions to improve the quality of life to those in need.

These efforts primarily have an international focus, centering in developing countries such as Haiti, but as local opportunities arise, we are open to working domestically. The organization is open to all students, with the understanding that a multitude of perspectives and skill sets are necessary to address societal needs.

Students work with faculty advisors and local industry volunteers to identify and address opportunities, learn how to manage projects and work effectively in teams as they move through the following four project phases:

  • Project planning
  • Research and project feasibility
  • Design and testing
  • Delivery, operations and maintenance, and closeout

Citadel Humanitarian Development Club in Haiti

Humanitarian Development Lab

The Humanitarian Development Lab enables students to create and test prototypes by providing a workspace with tools and resources that would be readily available in the areas in which their projects focus. In most cases, this means students should be using basic power tools and common materials. Testing in the Humanitarian Development Lab ensures that the final solutions developed by students can be replicated, operated and maintained using the tools available in those communities.

The three initial projects broadly focus around three concepts:

  • Innovative water treatment technologies
  • Food production
  • Additives to concrete to increase its strength

Support the Humanitarian Development Club

As the organization grows and projects are completed, new projects will be adopted. We hope to begin taking student trips to our target communities, secure our own permenant lab space on campus, and expand our testing and prototyping capabilities. Funding to support student trips, equipment and material purchases, or outfit lab space are valuable in supporting our organizational goals.

Humanitarian Development Lab The Citadel Jeff Plumblee

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