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Citadel Employee Engagement Survey

general glenn walters citadel portraitThanks for allowing me a moment of your time.  I am committed to engage our faculty and staff in meaningful dialogue to understand what motivates us to perform with purpose and satisfaction.

To that end, The Citadel is sponsoring a confidential employee survey.  It runs from 17 February to 2 March, and is administered by an external partner.  You soon will receive an email inviting you to take part.

I encourage you to participate.  Surveys such as this assist in efforts to build a culture of continuous improvement.  We want your feedback on what and how we’re doing at The Citadel.

People are our most valuable resource.  Completing our mission relies on each of you, and your thoughts are critical.

Your input is anonymous and untraceable.  We look forward to honest and thoughtful responses from everyone.

Thank you in advance for your voluntary participation in this important campus initiative.

Semper Fi, and Go Dogs!

Glenn M. Walters ‘79
General, USMC (Retired)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is this survey about?

The ModernThink Higher Education Insight Survey is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of The Citadel’s workplace experience. ModernThink is the company we hired to conduct the survey, which will provide a comprehensive view of faculty and staff engagement at various levels of the institution.

2. Why are we doing this?

The Citadel is committed to creating and maintaining an environment that attracts and retains world-class faculty and staff. The Citadel wants to measure our employee workplace engagement and gathering employee perspectives on their work experiences helps administration understand the needs of our employees. Studies have shown that the more engaged an employee is at their workplace, the more satisfied the employee is and the more productive the unit is.

The engagement survey collects data from both faculty and staff and will help administration identify areas of strength and areas that need improvement – without the information being linked to any individuals.

Improvement occurs when we openly solicit candid and confidential feedback from all critical stakeholders and act upon this feedback, in a process of continual self-assessment.

3. Who is participating in this? Do I have to participate?

The survey will be sent to all full-time employees. Participation is voluntary. You should not feel pressure to participate, but since this is a great opportunity to be heard, we encourage your participation.

4. When is this happening and how long will it take?

The survey will launch February 17 and will close on March 9, 2020. The online survey should take about 18-22 minutes to complete. If you are unable to complete the survey after you begin, you will have the option to save your responses and then access them later.

5. How many questions are in the survey?

The survey is comprised of 60 survey statements, a benefit satisfaction component, two open ended questions, and a series of demographic questions.

6. Are my survey responses confidential?

The purpose of the survey is to get honest feedback. The Citadel is using an external partner (ModernThink) to administer the survey. It is web-based and automated with a secure internet connection.

Each employee will receive an email invitation from ModernThink to participate in the survey. Once you click on the survey link, you will go directly to ModernThink’s website. The Citadel has no access to this website. Your responses will be submitted directly to ModernThink’s database, and all processing will be done by ModernThink. You will not be asked your name on the survey. The email will include unique password information for each user.

This information is stored on the ModernThink server. This information is for access only and will not be linked to your individual survey responses. At no point will your manager or any other Citadel employee see your individual survey results; they are combined and only reported back to your institution in the aggregate/grouped format. No one at The Citadel will know if or how you personally responded.

7. Where can I get more information?

Modern Think provides a helpline at 1-888-684-4658 for participants to call if they have questions about confidentiality or about how to complete the survey.

8. Who can I talk to at The Citadel about this?

Please email questions to concerns to

Citadel 17025982  Citadel 17080359
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