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Minor in History



A minor in history, reflecting the structured and sequential offerings within the department, affords students who do not choose to major in history the opportunity to develop expertise within the discipline consistent with their interests and their plans beyond graduation. The minor is designed to give the non-history major an introduction to the basic skills of the historian and the depth of advanced study of the discipline offered within the department whether generally or specifically.

Competencies, Knowledge, or Skills to be Achieved

Students completing the minor will have the beginning skills of the historian and advanced work within the discipline consistent with their interests. They will be experienced both in technique and knowledge and therefore be better prepared for their professional options following graduation.

Structure of the Minor

  1.  While the student may design the minor in history either on the basis of the history major or to key it to one of the four groups of courses offered by the department, a required course in all cases is HIST 203 (Introduction to the Discipline of History).
  2. The student must choose one of the groups below for the history minor. Except for world history, all courses by group may be found in this catalog under the major in history:
                a. World History. A minimum of one course each from the following history groups
                      Groups I-IV:  Europe, United States, Non-Western World, and Military.
               b. European History
                      Group I. A minimum of four courses from the European history group.
               c. United States History
                      Group II.
                               (1) HIST 201/202 Survey of American History
                               (2) At least two courses at the 300-level or above from the U.S. history group.
               d. Non-Western World
                        Group III. A minimum of four courses from the Non-Western World group.
               e. Military and Diplomatic
                       Group IV. A minimum of four courses from the Military and Diplomatic group.
                       Department of History 246

Declaration of Minor

Students who wish to earn the minor in iHistory must file a declaration of intent with the Department Chair by the beginning of their junior year. This declaration must outline the projected course of study and be approved by the Director.

Projected Course of Study

Each student's declaration of minor must outline their projected course of study and be approved by the Department Chair who assumes responsibility for publicizing the program and for monitoring progress toward fulfilling the requirements of the minor. As advisor for the student's minor program, the Chair will be responsible for verifying that the student has met the requirements of the minor and for notifying the Records Office to that effect.

Total Credit Hours Required

The Citadel Total Credit Hours required: 15 hours beyond the College Core Requirements in History (HIST 103-104), at least 9 hours of which must be taken at The Citadel.

Note: For transcript purposes, the History Minor, depending on the elective sequence chosen above, will be designated as one of the following: World History, European History, United States History, Non-Western World History, or Military and Diplomatic History. 

For further information, please contact Dr. Joelle Neulander in the Department of History.

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