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Chinese Studies

Chinese Studies Minor

Statement of Purpose

Xi Jinping Jiang Zemin

The minor in Chinese Studies is an interdisciplinary concentration of courses and academic experiences focused on China that prepares students to understand and appreciate the history, culture, politics, and business practices of the world's soon-to-be greatest economic power.


To earn the minor in Chinese Studies, students must complete 15 hours of course work which is 5 classes. One course has to be either a Chinese language course (at any level), or Chinese 450 (Undergraduate Seminar: Studies in Special Topics, which will be taught in English). The remaining 4 courses must be selected from the options listed below:  


BADM 330 "The Chinese Economy" (a future Special Topics course on the Chinese economy)


HIST 357 “History of Premodern China”

HIST 358 “History of Modern China”

HIST 365 “Special Topics in Non-Western History” (When course is about China)

HIST 371 “East Asian Historical Concepts of Leadership”

Modern Languages:

CHIN 101-102 “Beginning Chinese”

CHIN 201-202 “Intermediate Chinese”

CHIN 301-302 “Advanced Speaking, Reading, and Writing”

CHIN 303 “Chinese Civilization”

CHIN 307 “Business Chinese”

CHIN 450 “Undergraduate Seminar” (Chinese Culture)

Political Science:

PSCI 232 “Comparative Politics” 

PSCI 337 “East Asian Affairs”

Declaration of Minor

Students who wish to earn the minor in Chinese Studies must file a declaration of intent with the Director of the program by the beginning of their junior year. This declaration must outline the projected course of study and be approved by the Director.

Total Credit Hours Required

A total of FIFTEEN credit hours is required, of which TWELVE must be completed at the Citadel.


For further information, please contact Dr. Knapp in the Department of History.

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