The Military College of South Carolina
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One Mile Run


Run one mile in 6 minutes.


Cardiorespiratory Endurance and Speed.


Stride should be confortable, smooth and rhythmic. Shoulders should be relaxed with arms moving back and forth in a steady, forward motion, not side-to-side. Run at a pace so as to finish the first half-mile in under three (3) minutes (and first quarter mile in under 90 seconds).

How to Improve

Cardiorespiratory endurance is improved by exercising for 30 to 60 minutes, three to five times a week, with the heart beating between 60 and 90% of its estimated maximum and in an activity such as jogging, rowing, swimming or cycling. Running speed is improved by breaking targeted distance into intervals and running these at fast speeds. For example, run multiple quarter miles at a pace of less than 90 seconds. As fitness improves, descrease the rest time between intervals and lengthen the intervals.

Safety, Facilities and Equipment

Any level area is appropriate for performance of the One Mile Run. A quarter mile track is preferred. It is helpful to have a partner or instructor call splits (pace time).</p

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