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Golf Shot


Cadet will pitch a golf ball into a 20 foot diameter circle in four out of five attempts from a distance of 75 feet.


Coordination and Balance.

  1. The interlocking, overlapping or ten-fingered grip may be used for the golf pitch. The key element for the grip is that the shaft of the club should run diagonally across the base of the fingers and palm with the non-dominant hand placed on the top of the club and dominant hand just under it. The V’s formed by the thumb and pointer finger of each hand should point to the dominate shoulder.
  2. The stance for the pitch shot should be square to the target line or slightly open. The lower body is not used much on the pitch shot, but the feet should be shoulder-width apart with a slight bend in the knees, forming a solid base for the swing. The shoulders and hips should remain parallel to the target line.
  3. As the club is brought back, the face of the club should open slightly and the club should be parallel to the ground halfway back. As the club comes forward, the club face should close so that it is back to perpendicular to the target line at impact.
  4. At impact the hands should be slightly ahead of the ball with a forward shaft lean. Contact should be made on a descending strike as to pinch the ball between the club face and the ground.
  5. Follow through will continue after contact out and up, allowing the club face to close and the forearms to rotate. A shorter backswing and follow through will be used for the pitch than for a full length golf shot.
How to Improve

Coordination of the upper body is a critical element to the golf pitch. Practice by swinging a club without a ball, working on your contact point with the ground. Get a feel for the coordination between your hands, shoulders, and club face throughout the motion. When practicing with golf balls, gradually work up to the 25 yards by first focusing on good contact with the ball.

Safety, Facilities and Equipment

Any level grasy area is appropriate for performance of the golf shot. Mark the target circle with cones or field marking paint. Golf clubs, balls and practice mats are available from the Deas Hall Equipment Room. Clubs that best suit this type of golf shot are the pitching wedge, sand wedge and nine iron.

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