The Military College of South Carolina
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120 Yard Hurdles


Clear five (5) hurdles within a total distance of 120 yards in 16 seconds or less.


Speed, power, flexibility and coordination.


Five standard low hurdles are placed 20 yards apart. All hurdles must remain upright on their bases for the test to be valid.


The hurdle should be cleared with an exaggerated running stride. To be successful in the event, the goal is to “step over” the hurdle, as opposed to “jumping over” the hurdle. Cadet should hold stride until clearing the hurdle and then pull trail leg quickly down to the track so as to continue forward sprinting. Expect to take about three (3) steps between hurdles.

How to Improve

Work on running form, relaxing face, neck and hands, and moving arms forward cleanly and agressively. An excellent and simple drill for hurdlers is skipping. Skip for approximately 50 yards with the goal of lifting knees so that upper legs are parallel to the ground.

Safety, Facilities and Equipment

Any level area is appropriate for performance of the 120 Yard Hurdles. A track is preferable. use five standard hurdles placed 20 yards apart and set at lowest height.

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