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100 Yard Run


Sprint 100 yards in 11.6 seconds.


Speed and Power.

  1. Start should be explosive. The torso should have about a 45-degree lean forward with center of mass in front of hips. Push off of both legs when starting.
  2. Keep head down and focus on powerfully driving forward for the first 15 yards.
  3. As body comes to an upright position, arms should be aggressive and move in a back-and-forth motion, maintaining a 90-degree bend at the elbow. Try not to swing them side-to-side at all.
  4. Stride length will gradually lengthen and become more circular as you transition into full speed. Body will be almost vertical at full speed.
  5. Set eyes on a point beyond the finish line and run at full speed to this point, i.e., do not slow down as you approach the finish line.
How to Improve

Practice starts. Try using two-point and three-point stances to find which is more comfortable and explosive. Work on relaxing the face, neck and hands during sprint. Maintain an aggressive forward movement of the arms. Improve stride rate and length by practicing sprints of between 100 and 200 yards. Lower body strength training exercises like squats and lunges are excellent techniques to increase your speed.

Safety, Facilities and Equipment

Any level area is appropriate for performance of the 100 Yard Run. A track is preferable.

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