The Military College of South Carolina
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Graduate Programs and Certificates Written by Klein, Kara 60539
The Citadel Graduate College 196862
Orientation 19785
Upcoming Events Written by Oman, Eric 12980
CGC Vision, Mission, and Accreditation 9308
Info Sessions Written by Klein, Kara 9031
Contact The Citadel Graduate College Written by Oman, Eric 19684
Meet The CGC Staff Written by Oman, Eric 17950
Forms Written by Oman, Eric 20691
Institutional Information Written by Klein, Kara 3990
CGC Tour Request Written by Spencer, Morgan 2539
MAT Testing Center Written by Klein, Kara 14483
Graduate Leadership Workshop Written by Frazier, Raschonda 8879
Student Services & Organizations 9166
New Student Checklist 10306
Application Forms Written by Frazier, Raschonda 3947
Frequently Asked Questions (CGC) 7469
Applying to The Citadel Graduate College Written by Oman, Eric 38479
Meet The CGC Staff (2) Written by Oman, Eric 3378
Research and Professional Development Program Written by Frazier, Raschonda 6831
The Citadel and University of Charleston, SC Graduate School Joint Degree Programs Written by Klein, Kara 14537
How to... Written by Klein, Kara 15024
Honor The Code Written by Frazier, Raschonda 8993
Prospective Students Written by Klein, Kara 9170
Current Students Written by Klein, Kara 8758
International Students Written by Frazier, Raschonda 5349
Student Government Association Written by Oman, Eric 8285
Admissions Requirements (Graduate/Engineering) Written by Klein, Kara 4641
Darkness to Light Written by Frazier, Raschonda 7952
Prospective Students (2) Written by Klein, Kara 2950
Student Services Videos Written by Frazier, Raschonda 6093
CGC Commencement Information 10105
CGC Commencement FAQs 7845
Login Pages (CGC) Written by Oman, Eric 5486
Welcome to The Citadel Graduate College Written by Oman, Eric 5255
Schedule of Courses Written by Oman, Eric 41861
CGC Calendars 8629
The Millennial Workforce Written by Klein, Kara 1336
How do I take a summer school course at The Citadel? Written by Oman, Eric 13911
Your request has been received! Written by Klein, Kara 3006
Message from the Dean Written by Oman, Eric 9713
Leadership Development Workshops Written by Frazier, Raschonda 6434
Current Fees Written by Parrish, Donna 3349
Grants - Equipment Transfers 4099
Grants- Allowable Costs 5269
Wait Listing Written by Parrish, Donna 6805
What Our Students Are Saying About Us Written by Oman, Eric 14429
InfoEd Systems Written by Klein, Kara 3945
Internal Deadline Policy Written by Klein, Kara 4701
Insert Strong Headline Here Written by Klein, Kara 3148
Indirect Costs Charged to Sponsored Agreements 3905
Admission Process Written by Oman, Eric 5504
Welcome, Veterans! Written by Klein, Kara 2965
Grants - Meals and Refreshments 4161
Grants - Prior Approval Requirements 4210
Grants - Operating and Non Operating Revenue 4030
Direct Charging of Administrative and Clerical Costs 4014
Grants - Rebudgeting and Indirect Costs 4359
Grants - Cost Transfers 4208
Credit Card Charges on Grants 4195
Faculty Salary Rates on Grants 4245
Federal General Grant Requirements 4078
Executive Order 12372-Intergovernmental Review 4130
Grants - Cost Sharing Requirements 3704
Grants - Drawing Federal Funds 4564
A Quick Guide for Proposal Submission Written by Klein, Kara 4852
CGC Alumni Magazine 3904
Grants- Close Out Procedures 4300
Grants- Spending Authority 4723
Grants- Principal Investigator Reporting Requirements 4456
Grants: FAQs Written by Klein, Kara 3825
Videos from The Citadel Graduate College Written by Oman, Eric 13913
Grants: Sponsor Updates Written by Klein, Kara 2707
Starting Your Application Written by Klein, Kara 2357
Online Store Written by Klein, Kara 3165
Next Steps After Acceptance Written by Gibson, Catherine 2369
Next Steps After Acceptance Written by Gibson, Catherine 2705
Student Handbook Written by Oman, Eric 5607
Research Involving Human Participants 3232
Useful Links Written by Oman, Eric 12282
Successful Submission Written by Klein, Kara 2843
Services Written by Oman, Eric 8473
Summer School Financial Aid Application Written by Klein, Kara 4991
Request more info - EUGS Written by Klein, Kara 4831
CGC Services 4878
Student Publications Written by Oman, Eric 4853
Lowcountry Graduate Center Written by Oman, Eric 5207
Graduate Certificate Program Written by Oman, Eric 4849
CGC Video [COPY] 9.13.10 Written by Oman, Eric 4876
[]::[J15_TO_J16]::c03svrmgri_hidden_article_01 Written by Oman, Eric 4918
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