The Military College of South Carolina
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2012 Edition

2012 GSJ cover


  • Mark G. Shaw, 2012, Civil and Environmental Engineering Major.

The Editors

  • Lance C. Braye, 2013, Biology Major and Health Minor.
  • Stiles M. Harper, 2013, Biology Major.
  • Ryan J. Boodee, 2014, Physics Major.
Double rainbow over Citadel chapel.


"The Editors of The 2012 Gold Star Journal dedicate this year's journal to Mr. Kevin L. Metzger, in honor of his commitment to our school, his aid in the promotion of our name, and ultimately the continuation of our legacy. Without his valued direction and continued instruction, the sophisticated nature of this journal would not have been possible. Mr. Metzger's history at The Citadel has proven his dedication and desire to recognize and to promote excellence in all fields of academia. This passion is one not onlyto be appreciated, but also emulated as we seek to maintain The Citadel's reputation as one of the overall top colleges in the nation."

To view the entire 2012 edition, click this link or the cover above.

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The cover photograph was taken by Matthew L. Herold, Class of 2012, Electrical Engineering Major.

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