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Citadel News Service
30 Jun 2015

Lt. Gen. John W. Rosa to lead The Citadel through 2018

CHARLESTON, S.C.− The president of The Citadel, Lt. Gen. John W. Rosa, will continue to lead the Military College of South Carolina for three more years. The college’s Board of ltgenrosaVisitors announced the new contract agreement today. The agreement extends the commitment of the college’s 19th president until June 30, 2018, at which point Rosa will retire.

“The Citadel continues to thrive under the leadership of Lt. General Rosa, a respected retired United States Air Force general, who came to lead the college in 2006,” said Lt. Gen. Michael Steele, chair of The Citadel Board of Visitors. “John and Donna Rosa are strong, tireless leaders for our cadets, students, alumni, faculty and staff. General Rosa represents everything The Citadel and our alumni aspire to be.”

Rosa, a member of The Citadel Class of 1973, said his decision to remain in place is centered on moving the college toward the completion of its long-range strategic plan, the LEAD Plan 2018. Rosa initiated it in 2012 after months of research and planning sessions involving many individuals in the campus community.

“We are making great strides toward accomplishing the goals we set in 2011 to position the college for future success,” Rosa said. “The strategic plan is the foundation of our mission of building principled leaders for all walks of life. I want to ensure a successful completion of this important process.”

One of the greatest achievements of Rosa’s administration is the implementation of a four-year leader development model that is required of every cadet. The program takes cadets through the stages of following, serving, leading and commanding in a framework that emphasizes the core values of honor, duty and respect. Additionally, the president has used his experience in strategic planning and fundraising to improve the financial health of the college. During the past four years, U.S. News & World Report has ranked The Citadel as the top public college in the South among colleges offering master’s degrees.

Rosa became president of The Citadel in January 2006. The extension to his contract means that with a 12-year tenure, he would be the longest serving president of the college since Gen. Mark W. Clark, who served as 11th president from 1954 till 1965.

The contract amendment increases the president’s base compensation to $385,000, which includes a state salary of $178,600 plus a supplement of $206,400 from The Citadel Foundation. The amendment does allow the president to receive an annual bonus for continued support and implementation of objectives in the LEAD Plan 2018. No state funds or tuition would be used for bonuses.

About the Board of Visitors

South Carolina law and college regulations define the role of the Board of Visitors. The Citadel's Board of Visitors has 14 voting members. Ex officio members include the governor, the adjutant general and the state superintendent of education; the other 11 members are graduates of The Citadel. The board also has a non-voting secretary and can appoint individuals who have served at least 18 years on the board as emeritus members. The General Assembly and the governor must elect members "based on merit regardless of race or economic status and shall strive to ensure that the membership of the board is representative of all citizens of the state of South Carolina. Elections take place in the session prior to the expiration of a board member's term.


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