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Furloughs and Leave

While the information is as accurate as possible, in the case of any discrepancies between this webpage and the student's catalog of record, the catalog will be the final authority. Online catalogs can be found here.

Freshman Leave Procedures

    I. Sign-In and Sign-Out

  • Sign-Out electronically.

  • Plan your time to ensure a timely return to campus.

  • Read the White Book Leave Procedures online before taking  leave and make sure you are conduct and academically proficient before signing an official statement attesting to that fact.

  • Plan a safe, sober return.

  • Plan on returning early—something always causes delays.

    II. Uniform

  • Wear the proper uniform when you leave and stay in it.

  • Only wear your leave uniform, except while at the beach

             (No civies, PTs, or duty allowed).

    III. Tips

  • Use the buddy system:  Always look out for your buddy; don’t let your buddy get into trouble; and have a buddy who can get you home safely.

  • If over 21 years of age, drink responsibly, if at all. Do NOT drink underage.

  • Do NOT go places that appear to be questionable in terms of your reputation and/or safety. Learn about safe/unsafe areas.
  • Remember to have the phone number of your First Sergeant and CALL him or her if you are in trouble.

  • Do NOT break any laws.
  • Do NOT argue with anyone.

  • Do NOT use a fake ID—that is an Honor Violation

    IV.  Lasting Impressions

  • Remember that you represent yourself, your family, and The Citadel at all times.

  • Remember that you not only represent The Citadel but also all of its alumni at all times.

  • Remember not to disgrace The Citadel or the uniform—be proud of who you are and where you attend college.

        Submitted by LTC Sberna 


PURPOSE: The following outlines the dates and times of leaves and furloughs/breaks for members of the Corps of Cadets for the upcoming school year. Cadets and their families are to use this information to plan travel arrangements and personal events.

1. Requests to leave earlier or return later than times/dates shown will not normally be approved. If there is a request for a special exception to policy, cadets must get a special leave approved by the appropriate Battalion Tactical Officer BEFORE any travel plans are made or airline tickets purchased. Furlough and leave for the Corps of Cadets is scheduled as follows:

THANKSGIVING BREAK: Cadets may leave after their last class on Friday, 20 November. Cadets must have their room inspected before they leave. The furlough begins Friday, 20 November and ends 2100 hours (9:00 p.m.), Sunday, 29 November 2015.

WINTER FURLOUGH: Cadets may depart immediately after their last examination. Cadets must have their room inspected before they leave and MUST depart no later than, Wednesday, 16 December 2015 and must return no later than 2100 hours (9:00 p.m.), Sunday, 10 January 2016.

SPRING BREAK: Cadets may leave after their last class on Friday, 25 March 2016, but cadets must have their room inspected before they leave. They must return no later than 2100 hours (9:00 p.m.), Sunday, 3 April 2016 .

SUMMER FURLOUGH: Cadets may depart on Saturday, 7 May 2016, after their room has been inspected. Some cadets may have a cadet detail in support of graduation and may not leave until after detail completion, Saturday, 7 May 2016. Cadets will not be allowed to depart early for summer jobs, active duty, training, proms, medical appointments, “help move,” etc. If a cadet has a legitimate request for an exception, he/she MUST get the leave request approved PRIOR to making plans to leave. DO NOT PURCHASE PLANE OR BUS TICKETS UNTIL THE LEAVE IS APPROVED. This allows you 10 months to make arrangements.

2. Cadets will be able to make travel arrangements once they have their class or exam schedule. Travel plans, whether by public conveyance or with a fellow cadet, should be made well in advance of each furlough/break. Exceptions to times for furloughs/breaks or other leaves will not be made because of travel arrangements. NO CADET WILL DEPART PRIOR TO TACTICAL OFFICER ROOM INSPECTION FOR ALL FURLOUGHS/BREAKS.

3. OVERNIGHT AND WEEKEND LEAVES: Cadets are authorized Overnight and Weekend Leaves, based on Academic, Physical, and Conduct Proficiency. The proper planning of these leaves is an important part of the cadet system. There will be no exceptions to the allotted number unless an extreme emergency occurs. Fourth-Class Cadets are not authorized Overnight and Weekend leaves during the first semester, to include Parent’s Day. They are authorized one Overnight and one Weekend Leave during the second semester, if they are Academic, Physical, and Conduct Proficient. CADETS IN THE NATIONAL GUARD OR RESERVES WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO MISS SCHEDULED CLASSES TO PARTICIPATE IN TRAINING. Cadets are not authorized to depart on weekends until after the Friday Afternoon Parade.

4. MEDICAL AND DENTAL APPOINTMENTS: Except in an emergency occurring on leave requiring immediate attention, a cadet will not arrange for or receive professional treatment from doctors or specialists without the knowledge of The Citadel Physician. Applications for any special leave required for such treatment will be submitted to The Citadel Physician and, if approved, will be forwarded by The Citadel Physician to the Commandant. Cadets who are receiving medical care under the auspices of a private doctor will in all cases report the nature of the treatment, to include the illness and prescribed medication, to The Citadel Physician.

Special Medical and Dental Service

(1) Dental work, special eye examinations, etc. should be scheduled during the summer, winter, or spring furlough periods.

(2) If the services of a local dentist, oculist, doctor, or other specialist are deemed necessary, cadets will make their own appointments; however, they must inform The Citadel Physician. If desired, the Infirmary will schedule the required appointment for the cadet.

5. PHYSICAL FITNESS: As a reminder, cadets of all classes will be required to take the Physical Fitness Test and meet height and weight standards upon return to The Citadel. In addition, all Fourth-Class Cadets must meet entrance height and weight standards in order to matriculate or be granted an appropriate waiver by the College. Those Upper Class Cadets not meeting the referenced standards are subject to being Physical Deficient upon return resulting in the loss of privileges and rank. In addition, physically deficient seniors will not participate in the Ring Ceremony or Graduation activities, to include the Graduation Ceremony.


Furlough Procedures

Leaving Campus:

  1. If you need your suitcase or any other belongings out of Central Supply, do it early.

  2. Pack the night before; don’t wait until the last minute.

  3. Room Inspection Before Departure:

    - Each Company will assign someone to check your room.

    - You will get a slip that includes all of the items that must be checked.

    - Your room must be in MRI order—get it ready, now!

    - You must lock your windows.

    - Turn off the water by pushing in the button under the  sink.

    - Unplug power strips under your desk—turn off desk.

    - Some Companies will check your room on Thursday night—ask!

    - Lock up everything—take laptops and anything of value home!

  4. Leave in Salt and Pepper

    - Because of time restraints, you can wear your Salt and Pepper to your last class.

    - If driving, you can change after you have travelled 25 miles from campus.

    - If flying, you can change when you arrive home.

  5. Riding with Other Cadets

    - If you are at the bus stop—remember to still act like a cadet.  Don’t slouch or tilt your hat to one side.  Be respectful of all upperclassmen!

    - If you are riding with an upperclassman from another Battalion—walk to that Battalion and wait out front at parade rest with bags on your left.

    - Remember that freshmen cannot drive on campus, so if someone wants you to get their car, an upperclassman must ride with you.

    - Don’t drive if you are sleepy!  Make sure the driver has had enough rest.

  6. Remember to Sign Out Properly!

    Returning to Campus:

  1. Come back early!  If everyone needs to be back by 2100, you come back at 1700/1800 hours.

  2. Gates open at 1300.

  3. Have the proper haircut and shave when you return.

  4. Have your brass shined and clothes pressed.
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