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The Military College of South Carolina
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Cadet Scholarships

The Citadel Scholarship Programs

The Citadel's scholarship programs are designed to attract outstanding high school graduates to the college, reward undergraduate academic excellence, and help those worthy students who desire financial assistance to pay for their college education. Annually, The Citadel awards more than 3 million dollars in academic scholarships to entering freshmen and enrolled upperclassmen. The college offers a number of full academic scholarships covering catalog costs to incoming freshmen each year. 

Prospective/Incoming Cadets

Incoming freshmen cadets are automatically considered for the majority of the college’s merit scholarships.  Consideration is based on the standard application for admission and provided high school credentials.  Prospective cadets do not complete a separate scholarship application in most cases. Recipients of scholarships are notified by April 30th in most cases.

There are three categories or tiers of scholarship that do require additional information.  Candidates are identified by a wholistic review of their high school credentials and extracurricular activities.  Candidates are contacted by the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships and invited to apply.  This competitive process determines the recipients for the following scholarship awards:

  1. Full Academic Scholarships
  2. The Citadel Honors Program
  3. 1842 Scholars Program

Full academic scholarships cover catalog costs (including tuition, room/board, quartermaster charges) and are the most prestigious of The Citadel’s awards to incoming freshmen based on academic merit.

The Citadel Honors Program is the college’s premier program for intellectually and academically gifted students who demonstrate a love of learning and wish to participate in rich intellectual discourse over their four-year college career.  Special benefits include small classes, discussion-style instruction and competing for national-level post-graduate scholarships or fellowships.  Students selected for the Honors Program receive a scholarship of $7500/year if in-state and $10,000/year if out-of-state (if not a recipient of a full academic scholarship).

The 1842 Scholars Program offers students the opportunity to engage with like-minded cadets through professional development, mentorship, study abroad programs, and more.  Scholarship awards are $2000 for in-state students and $6000 for out-of-state students. The goal of the program is to identify and recruit highly motivated students, immerse them in a cohort community where they can explore their academic passions, provide them with opportunities to take intellectual risks, and develop them as thinkers and leaders.   

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Upperclass Cadets

Rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors must complete a separate Citadel scholarship application. The 2022-2023 Upperclass Cadet Scholarship Application will open in March 2022! For full evaluation of your scholarship eligibility from year-to-year, please file both your annual FAFSA and scholarship application by our priority deadlines. Scholarship awards are evaluated for renewal each year after spring grades post; current recipients must meet eligibility standards each year to be considered for renewal, including academic criteria and financial need (when the demonstration of financial need is required for a particular scholarship).  Most scholarships require a student to maintain a 3.0 GPA in order for the scholarship to be renewed.

Citadel Scholarship Program Catalog

The Citadel Scholarship Program Catalog is a comprehensive inventory of the scholarships in our program. However, individual scholarships may already be assigned to a student, and therefore not currently open. This catalog is updated on an annual basis.

Beyond The Citadel Scholarship Program

In addition to our college scholarship program, other scholarship opportunities exist and families are encouraged to review the resources linked below:

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