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The Military College of South Carolina
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Fire and Emergency Action Plan

The entire campus community must be actively involved with all aspects of fire prevention and safety. It is dangerous to believe that a fire will never happen. Only a proactive approach to fire prevention will help reduce the potential for a serious fire on campus.

General Fire Safety Rules

  1. Learn the locations of the fire alarm stations and nearest exits to your work area. Fire evacuation route plans are posted in the main corridors of campus buildings. Thoroughly familiarize yourself with these evacuation routes.
  2. Contact your supervisor and ask where your department is expected to meet for accountability during an emergency building evacuation. Know who to report to if an evacuation occurs. Individual departments should have an Employee Emergency Action Plan in place to ensure that all departmental personnel are aware of what action to take in the event of an emergency.
  3. Keep workspaces free of any combustible trash or debris.
  4. Immediately report any unsafe conditions to the responsible supervisor and the campus Risk Management & Safety Officer.
  5. Never block, chock, or otherwise force a fire door to stay in the open position for any reason. If unsure if a door is a “fire door,” contact the campus Risk Management & Safety Officer for assistance.
  6. Do not obstruct free access to fire-fighting equipment.
  7. Store flammable liquids in appropriate containers or cabinets designed for such use.
  8. Maintain at least eighteen (18) inches of clear space under and around all sprinkler heads.

If a fire is discovered

  1. Alert all personnel in the immediate area and activate the nearest Fire Alarm station.
  2. Close all doors surrounding the area involved (to prevent fire spread) and immediately evacuate the area
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