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Graduate Course Syllabi

This is a comprehensive list of all Citadel Zucker Family School of Education Graduate Course syllabi.
Please click the links below to access the most recent version of the course syllabi listed.
All courses are NOT offered every semester.
Click here for current course offerings.

EDUC 500

Foundations of American Education

EDUC 501
Methods and Materials of Middle and High School Teaching

EDUC 512

Data Collection and Analysis

EDUC 514 Cohort

The Exceptional Child in the School
EDUC 515 Introduction to the Counseling Profession
EDUC 520

Professional Internship - Teacher Education

EDUC 521 Program Planning, Management and Evaluation in School Counseling
EDUC 522

Critical Educational Issues in a Multicultural Society

EDUC 524

Techniques of School Supervision

EDUC 525 Transition to the Profession Seminar
EDUC 527 Finance and Business Management
School Administration
EDUC 529 Emerging Technologies for School Administration
EDUC 531 Principles of Elementary Curriculum Development
EDUC 532 Principles of Middle or High Curriculum Development
EDUC 535 Organizational Theory and Behavior

EDUC 536

Educational Psychology

EDUC 537

Student Development Services in Higher Education
EDUC 538 Theories of Student Development in Higher Education

EDUC 539
EDUC 539

Higher Education Administration

EDUC 540 Integrative Foundations and Teaching in American Education
EDUC 541 Integrative Educational Psychology and Exceptional Child
EDUC 542 Teaching Reading and Writing in Middle and High School Content Areas Through Applied Research
EDUC 543 Teaching, Learning and Assessing with Technology
EDUC 544 Project Based Learning and Interdisciplinary Teaching
EDUC 545 Developing STEM Disciplinary Literacy Skills
EDUC 546 Leadership and Critical Issues in STEM Education
EDUC 547 Research and Statistics for STEM Applications
EDUC 549 Applied Measurement Techniques
EDUC 550 Career Counseling and Development
EDUC 551 Counseling Theories and Practice
EDUC 552 Group Counseling
EDUC 561 Counseling Diverse Populations
EDUC 562 Legal & Ethical Leadership Issues in Education
EDUC 567 Assessment of Abnormal Behavior

EDUC 570

Devel Literacy Skills With At Risk Readers
EDUC 585 Independent Research

EDUC 587

Special Topics in Education

EDUC 588
EDUC-588 Cohort

Foundations in Literacy
EDUC 589 Methods and Materials for Developing Literacy Skills
EDUC 590 Literacy Assessment and Instruction

EDUC 591

Practicum in Literacy Education

EDUC 592
EDUC 592 Cohort

Teaching Reading and Writing in the Middle and High School-Content Areas

EDUC 594

Internship in Literacy Education
EDUC 596 Analysis of Literacy Research
EDUC 597 Supervision of Student Teachers
EDUC 598 Curriculum Project
EDUC 599 Supervision of School Literacy Programs
EDUC 600 Professional Negotiations
EDUC 601 Principles of School Law
EDUC 602 Staff Personnel Administration
EDUC 603 School Plant Seminar
EDUC 605 Independent Study
EDUC 606 The Superintendency and School Organization
EDUC 608 Literature for Children and Adolescents
EDUC 610 Seminar on School Improvement
EDUC 611 Staff Development and Evaluation
EDUC 612 Seminar in School Law

EDUC 613
EDUC 613

Foundations of American Higher Education
EDUC 614 Seminar in Educational Administration
EDUC 616 Political Process of Public Education
EDUC 619 Assessment of School Programs
EDUC 620 Systems Planning and Management for Education

EDUC 622
EDUC 622
, Continued

Critical Multicultural Issues in Higher Education

EDUC 624 Basic Counseling Skills
EDUC 629 Practicum in School Counseling
EDUC 632, 633 Internships: School Superintendency
EDUC 634 Practicum in Student Affairs and College Counseling

EDUC 642

Coaching in Literacy Education

EDUC 643

Action Research in Literacy Coaching
EDUC 650 Elementary School Counseling Internship I
EDUC 651 Secondary Counseling Internship I
EDUC 652 Elementary School Counseling Internship II
EDUC 653 Secondary School Counseling Internship II
EDUC 655 Internship I in Student Affairs and College Counseling
EDUC 656 Internship II in Student Affairs and College Counseling
EDUC 661,
EDUC 662

Internship in Elementary Administration I & II
EDUC 663,
EDUC 664
Internship in Middle and High Administration I & II
EDUC 670

Foundations in STEM I

EDUC 680 Foundations in STEM II

Content Area Syllabi


Forensic Science

ENGL 564 Teaching With Technology
ENGL 595

Methods and Materials for Secondary English Language Arts

MATH 514

Methods for Middle/Secondary Mathematics

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