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The Military College of South Carolina
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Citadel News Service
10 Jul 2007

Citadel Quick Facts

Our Name
We are "The Citadel" rather than "the Citadel"
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Our Mascots
General and Boo are the first live mascots to live on The Citadel campus since the 1950s. Their main duty is to provide morale for the Corps of Cadets, faculty and staff and all of the Bulldog athletic teams. Other duties include barking at opposing teams, eating numerous dog biscuits and being pampered by the cadets.
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The Citadel Experience
The Citadel is not for everyone. A Citadel education takes students out of their comfort zone and pushes them to excel. Citadel cadets learn teamwork, accept challenge, take responsibility for their actions, develop leadership skills and pursue excellence. Yes, it is a military college and the military structure governs much of a cadet's daily life, but at The Citadel academics come first.
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• The Citadel’s four-year graduation rate is 62.4 percent - the second highest figure in the past 10 years.
• We are no. 3 nationally in our Carnegie classification (public colleges with master’s level programs).
• We are no. 1 in public colleges and universities in South Carolina.
• Freshmen, sophomores and seniors finished spring semester with highest GPR in six years.
• Seven cadets have received Fulbright Scholarships to study abroad since 2001. That is a larger number than any other college or university in South Carolina during this period.

Class of 2007
During commencement in May 436 cadets, 24 active duty students and 283 evening graduate and undergraduate students received degrees.
• Corps of Cadets:
436 cadets – 422 men and 14 women
24 cadets had alumni fathers
43 graduates were minority or international students (9.8 percent)
Top majors – Business Administration (150 or 34 percent); Criminal Justice (51 or 12 percent); Engineering (46 or 10.5 percent)

Incoming freshmen
The Class of 2011 is scheduled to report on Aug. 11, 2007. 
The Citadel expects to bring in around 700 freshmen. Expected to be among them are 56 women, 128 minorities, 311 South Carolina natives. The class has an average SAT score of 1086 and a high school GPA of 3.21.
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Military Service
• All branches of the U.S. military are represented on The Citadel campus in ROTC detachments. Personnel are an active part of The Citadel experience.
• In 2007 the Army ROTC program won the MacArthur Award as the best large college ROTC program in the East.
• Next year funding for Army ROTC scholarships will more than double from this year’s level to $3.3 million. There are nearly 50 freshmen coming in on Army ROTC scholarships in the fall, compared to 14 in the fall of 2006.
• Citadel graduates have served in every major war. Approximately 615 are know to have fallen in battle.
• The last Korean and Vietnam POWs released were Citadel alumni.
• Every member of the Class of 1917 and 1918 served in World War I.
• Only two members of the Class of 1944 graduated - the rest entered military service and World War II.
• Citadel cadets fired the first and last shots of The War Between the States at Fort Sumter.
• Twelve Citadel graduates or alumni have died while serving in Iraq or Afghanistan. The first casualty of the war on terror was a Citadel graduate. 
•Citadel cadets – unlike their counterparts at the federal service academies – are not required to join the military upon graduation, but many do decide to answer the call to service and country.  About 30 percent of each year's graduating class receives a military commission.
•The Citadel also has two programs that allowed active duty enlisted men and women in the Marine Corps and Navy to get a four-year degree and commission upon graduation. These men and women attend classes alongside cadets and are active role models in The Citadel's leadership development program. 

2007 US News & World Report rankings
• No. 3 best public institution in the South
• No. 2 best value in South 
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Women at The Citadel 
• Women have been part of the South Carolina Corps of Cadets since 1995. 
• With the Class of 2007, women graduates now number 145.
• In the fall of 2007 there were 113 women in the Corps of Cadets, accounting for 5.5 percent of the cadet population.
• The Citadel went from zero to seven women's sports teams in five years.
• Women have served in signification leadership positions in the Corps of Cadets. Two women have served as regimental executive officers (the second highest rank in the Corps). Other women leaders in the Corps include two battalion commanders (the third highest rank in the Corps) and several company commanders.
• More than 50 percent of women in the Corps of Cadets participate in one or more varsity sports. As a result The Citadel is No. 1 among NCAA Division I schools in the percentage of women athletes to total women students. 
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Alumni Network
• The Citadel boasts a close-knit alumni network. No matter what age, graduates of The Citadel share a common cadet experience than transcends generations.
• The Citadel has produced over the years six state governors, three U.S. senators, five U.S. ambassadors, 23 three-star generals, four four-star generals, 211 flag officers, one Medal of Honor recipient and 17 Fulbright Scholars. Many other graduates have gone on to distinguish themselves in business and the military. 
Distinguished and noteable alumni
The Citadel Alumni Association

Achieving excellence in the education and development of principled leaders
Media Contact:
Kim Keelor-Parker
(843) 953-2155

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