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29 Jun 2015

Dean's List cadets and students announced for spring of 2015

Dean’s List is a recognition given to cadets and students who are registered for 12 or more semester hours and whose grade point average is 3.20 or higher, with no grade of I (Incomplete) and no grade below C for work in a semester. In the case of cadets, the medal is worn on the cadet uniform during the following semester. 


Abernathy            Preston              Cole                           NC History                       
Abrams               Jordan               Elizabeth                      SC Biology                       
Abshire              Phillip              Noble                II        GA Business Administration       
Ackerman             Mason                Lee                            SC Civil Engineering             
Adames               Colin                Javier                         PA Political Science             
Adams                Chad                 Sheperd                        AL Business Administration       
Adkins               Tucker               Cobia                          SC History                       
Aiken                Andrew               Charles                        FL Business Administration       
Aikman               Ian                  Dean                           TX Criminal Justice              
Albertson            Brett                Hilton                         SC Civil Engineering             
Alexander            Forrest              Dale                           SC Business Administration       
Alford               Nicholas             Lee                            SC Business Administration       
Allen                Spencer              Avery                          NC Criminal Justice              
Allen                Zachary              Quinten                        SC Criminal Justice              
Allison              Angela               Kay                            TX Political Science             
Almes                Jayce                Patrick                        SC Sport Management              
Altman               Strom                Wesley               Jr.       SC Business Administration       
Ambrose              Harrison             Sparkman                       SC Business Administration       
Anderson             Dane                 Andrew               Jr.       SC Exercise Science              
Anderson Endy R. SC History
Anderson             Kellie               Marie                          TX Business Administration       
Andrews              Traceel              Chrysanthemum                  VA Criminal Justice              
Andrus               James                Logue                Jr.       NC Mathematics                   
Apsitis              Joshua               Stephen                        NC Civil Engineering             
Argy                 Donald               Owen                 III       NY Business Administration       
Armaly               Shadi                Michael                        SC Business Administration       
Arp                  Joshua               Caleb                          NC Chemistry                     
Ashburn              Christopher          Charles                        AR Business Administration       
Austin               Phillip              Gregory                        SC Criminal Justice              
Baez                 Richard              Kwon                           HI Biology                       
Baird                Nicholas             John                           SC Business Administration       
Baker                Chance               Randall                        SC Political Science             
Ballard              Vanessa              Katarina                       SC Civil Engineering             
Bare                 Christian            David                          NC Business Administration       
Barkley              Michael              Conrad                         SC History                       
Barnes               Virginia             Gracen                         SC Biology                       
Barnett              Russell              Lewis                Jr.       SC Business Administration       
Barr                 Capers               Gamewell             V         SC Business Administration       
Barry                Benjamin             Nicholas                       GA Biology                       
Bates                Robert               Wiggins                        SC Business Administration       
Beach                Ashley               Caroline                       SC Psychology                    
Bear                 Alex                 Carlton                        SC Business Administration       
Bearden              William              Casey                Jr.       FL Business Administration       
Beaudoin             William                                             FL Physical Education            
Becherer             Nicholas             Charles                        NC Electrical Engineering        
Bedenbaugh           Benjamin             Paul                           SC Business Administration       
Bedenbaugh           Joseph               Fischer                        SC Business Administration       
Behnke               Timothy              Jordan                         NC Physics                       
Bell                 Sean                 Michael                        SC Electrical Engineering        
Bell                 Jordan               Christian Alexis               TX Business Administration       
Bellanova            Christopher          Lawrence             Jr.       NJ Civil Engineering             
Belue                James                Matthew                        SC Criminal Justice              
Benecke              Samuel               Steven                         CO Biology                       
Benedict             Jeffrey              Stone                          SC Business Administration       
Bennett              Richard              Jeffrey              Jr.       NC Political Science             
Bennett              Caleb                Jefferson                      SC Business Administration       
Benton               Scott                Austin                         GA Psychology                    
Bergen               Philip               Jacob                Jr.       CT Exercise Science              
Berger               Colton               Garrett                        SC Exercise Science              
Bergert              Jacob                Michael                        VA Political Science             
Berggrun             James                Michael                        SC Modern Language               
Berman               Alexander            Maxwell                        CA Criminal Justice              
Bermudez             Lawrence             Joseph                         FL Business Administration       
Berryman             Dylan                Aron                           AE Mathematics                   
Best                 William              Chaney                         SC Biology                       
Bidwell              Scott                Austin               Jr.       SC Business Administration       
Biermann             Andrew               Scott                          IL Political Science             
Billings             Trenton              Joshua                         SC Business Administration       
Bin Daina            Ali                  Mohamed Bin Mohamed            BAHRAIN                          Business Administration       
Bingham              John                 Marshall                       SC Business Administration       
Blackwell            Chase                Richard                        SC Education                     
Blackwood            Tristan              Richard                        SC Mechanical Engineering        
Bleach               Peter                Gordon                         SOUTH AFRICA                     Business Administration       
Bogertey             Sean                 Patrick                        NC Criminal Justice              
Bohrn                Brandon              Ivan                           SC Modern Language               
Bolus                Dawson               Gregory                        SC Chemistry                     
Bonilla              Santiago             Andres                         SC Mechanical Engineering        
Borrelli             Evan                 Vincent                        DE Business Administration       
Bosley               Wade                 Ethan                          SC English                       
Boudreau             Aaron                Matthew                        VA Business Administration       
Boulware             Daniel               Ethan                          SC Education                     
Bourckel             Andrew               Lawrence                       MD Physical Education            
Bove                 Joseph               Anthony              Jr.       FL Civil Engineering             
Bowerman             Kyle                 Andrew                         PA Civil Engineering             
Bowlby               Benjamin             Lee                            SC Business Administration       
Bowman               Joshua               Charles                        SC Political Science             
Bowman               Cameron              Decker                         TN Political Science             
Boyce                Lawrence             Conner                         NC Exercise Science              
Boyd                 Quinton              Ambrose                        VA Criminal Justice              
Boyd                 Louis                Kuehn                          MN Criminal Justice              
Braddock             Charles              William                        SC Electrical Engineering        
Bradham              Barrett              William                        SC Biology                       
Bradham              Ethan                Dale                           SC Business Administration       
Bradley              Nolan                Kassel                         NC Criminal Justice              
Brady                Kyle                 Louis                          SC Business Administration       
Branch               Ryan                 Christopher                    VA Exercise Science              
Brasher              Philip               Edward               Jr.       SC English                       
Brecklin             Nathaniel            Scott                          FL Sport Management              
Breithaupt           Benjamin             Adam                           MS Criminal Justice              
Bridges              Aaron                Schoer                         SC Criminal Justice              
Britten              David                James                          IL Psychology                    
Broach               Garrett              Alexander                      SC Business Administration       
Brooks               Harrison             Lee                            SC Criminal Justice              
Brooks               James                Lee                            TX Criminal Justice              
Brosch               John                 Charles                        MI Education                     
Browder              Mason                Corley                         SC Criminal Justice              
Brown                Boeing               Wesson                         CT Business Administration       
Brown                Oliver               Landon                         SC Business Administration       
Brown                Cameron              Littlejohn                     SC Business Administration       
Brown                Zachary              Foster                         SC Psychology                    
Brown                Austin               Montgomery                     SC Criminal Justice              
Brown                Thomas               Michael                        SC Business Administration       
Brown                Trevor               Jerome               Jr.       GA Political Science             
Brown                Jared                Douglas                        IN Political Science             
Brownlee             Justin               Alexander                      SC Civil Engineering             
Bruce                Carla                Carin                          SC Biology                       
Brunson              John                 William                        GA Business Administration       
Bryant               Matthew              Robert                         SC Biology                       
Bryson               Walter               Dodson                         SC Criminal Justice              
Bucci                Christopher          James                          NY Business Administration       
Buck                 William              Calmes               III       GA Business Administration       
Buehring             Charles              Andrew                         SC Business Administration       
Buehring             Collin               Nicholas                       SC History                       
Builder              Lawson               Davis                          SC Business Administration       
Bulger               Mark                 Edward                         SC Civil Engineering             
Bultman              Neil                 Timothy                        MI Political Science             
Bungarden            Matthew                                             CA Political Science             
Burch                Jennifer             Susanne                        SC Criminal Justice              
Burgener             Carl                 Walter                         AZ Civil Engineering             
Burke                Timothy              Joseph               Jr.       SC Physics                       
Burris               Benjamin             Kelly                          SC Business Administration       
Burroughs            Samuel               Payne                          SC Civil Engineering             
Burton Wyatt C. FL Political Science
Busbee               Kyle                 Benjamin                       SC Psychology                    
Bustos               Jose                 Austin                         SC Criminal Justice              
Butkus               Jackson              Scott                          PA Criminal Justice              
Butler               Trenton              Alexander                      SC Civil Engineering             
Byrne                Thomas               Patrick                        MA Criminal Justice              
Cabanilla-Vigil      Ana                  Carlota                        SC Modern Language               
Calderone            Dominick             Frank                III       NJ Criminal Justice              
Camlin               Devin                A.                             CT Chemistry                     
Campbell             Marlan               James                          MO Business Administration       
Cannon               Tyler                Thomas                         SC Business Administration       
Cannon               Carly                Marie                          OH Physics                       
Cao                  Yi-Jing                                             TAIWAN                           Chemistry                     
Caporale             Ricardo              Amedeo Valentino               SC Biology                       
Carbaugh             George               Matthew                        VA Business Administration       
Carlen               James                Anthony              V         SC Business Administration       
Carr                 Stephen              M.                   Jr.       SC Business Administration       
Carrizales           Blake                Taylor                         SC Criminal Justice              
Carson               George               Fersner              III       SC Business Administration       
Carter               Naomi-Beth                                          NEW ZEALAND                      Psychology                    
Carter               Michael              Davis                          SC Exercise Science              
Carter               Chandler             Ryan                           SC Criminal Justice              
Carter               Grayson              Keith                          SC Computer Science              
Casey                John                 Bowen                Jr.       SC Business Administration       
Cashion              Caroline             AnneMarie                      SC English                       
Cass                 Ryan                 Arthur                         SC Business Administration       
Caughman             William              John                           SC Civil Engineering             
Caulder              Daniel               Logan                          SC Criminal Justice              
Cerva                Lubor                                               CZECH REPUBLIC                   Business Administration       
Charles              Collin               Michael                        SC Business Administration       
Charpia              Barrett              Jackson                        SC Business Administration       
Chen                 Michael              Ming                           MA Electrical Engineering        
Cheng                Kai Yuan                                            TAIWAN                           Business Administration       
Cheshire             Shawn                Michael                        SC Electrical Engineering        
Chesnutt             Ryan                 Joseph                         GA English                       
Chestnut             Donald               Birch                III       SC Psychology                    
Chew                 Nathan               Raul                           SC Criminal Justice              
Chiaramonte          Paul                 Vincent              Jr.       VA Business Administration       
Chien                Chun-Yu                                             TAIWAN                           Business Administration       
Christ               Matthew              George                         NY Criminal Justice              
Christmas            Michael              Alexander                      SC Business Administration       
Clark                Robert               Michael              Jr.       NJ Political Science             
Clark                Sophie-Leigh         Keirby                         NJ History                       
Clark                Charles              Thomas                         SC Business Administration       
Clark                Kai                  Jamieson                       SC Criminal Justice              
Clark                Ryan                 Olsen                          SC Business Administration       
Clark                John                 Stafford                       GA Business Administration       
Clayton              Robert               Samuel                         SC Business Administration       
Cleary               Stephen              David                Jr.       GA Civil Engineering             
Clements             Jacob                Browning                       SC Business Administration       
Cline                Carli                Erin Lydia                     SC Civil Engineering             
Clinton              Ike                  Rosser               IV        TN Computer Science              
Clymer               Jonathan             Patrick                        SC Electrical Engineering        
Cochran              David                Michael                        VA Business Administration       
Coggins              Gregory              Glenn                          SC Business Administration       
Coker                Phillip              Austin                         SC Business Administration       
Cole                 Hudson               Benjamin                       SC Electrical Engineering        
Coleman              Chandler             McNair                         SC Political Science             
Coleman              Stacy                Lee                            SC Electrical Engineering        
Collins              Evan                 Patrick                        IN Business Administration       
Colonna              Alexander            Nathaniel                      GA Business Administration       
Colyer               William              Benjamin                       SC Business Administration       
Connell              Kevin                Luke                           TN Sport Management              
Consiglio            Rocco                William                        PA Criminal Justice              
Cook                 Joseph               Kelley                         SC Civil Engineering             
Cooke                Daniel               Brady                          PA Modern Language               
Copeland             Dondray              Juwaun                         SC Criminal Justice              
Copplin              Gregory              James                          CA History                       
Cordes               John                 Douglas                        SC Criminal Justice              
Corrigan             Kevin                Charles                        SC English                       
Cosgrove             Michael              Martin                         NY Political Science             
Cowan                Stacy                James Brian                    SC Business Administration       
Cowart               Samuel               Glenn                          GA Civil Engineering             
Crepes               Dennis               Patrick                        SC Physical Education            
Crochet              Joseph               Edward                         GA Business Administration       
Crocker              Brittany             Kathleen                       FL Biology                       
Crook                John                 Maxwell                        GA Business Administration       
Cross                Thomas               Christopher          II        SC Mechanical Engineering        
Crotteau             Brandon              Scott                          NC Civil Engineering             
Cruz                 Dylan                Jacob                          SC Exercise Science              
Cuccaro              Antonio                                   Jr.       NJ Criminal Justice              
Cunningham           David                Patrick                        SC Political Science             
Cunningham           James                Hunter                         GA Electrical Engineering        
Cunningham           Carl                 Anthony              Jr.       TX Business Administration       
Daiber               Alexander            Daniel                         SC Business Administration       
Dalmaso              Griffin              John                           PA English                       
Daniell              James                Robert               III       SC Psychology                    
Daniels              John                 Colin                          NC Political Science             
Darley               Michael              Alan                           SC Civil Engineering             
Dasburg              Micah                Thomson                        SC Criminal Justice              
Davalos              Ryan                 Parker                         WI History                       
Davis                Caleb                Mason                          SC Chemistry                     
Davis                Eric                 Scott                          CA Electrical Engineering        
Dawson               Conner               Shawn                          SC Business Administration       
DeBruhl              Drew                 Alexander                      IN Psychology                    
Deese                Tyler                Van                            SC Electrical Engineering        
DeLage               Michael              Paul                           SC Criminal Justice              
DeLoach              Henry                Dwight               Jr.       SC Business Administration       
Desch                Adam                 J.                             DE Electrical Engineering        
D'Esposito           Christopher          Francis              Jr.       SC Exercise Science              
Deveny               Brandon              Patrick                        CT Criminal Justice              
DeVore               Jonathan             Brooks                         SC Political Science             
DeWitte              Jessica              Clementine                     MI Criminal Justice              
Dial                 Miller               McVey                          SC Criminal Justice              
Dial                 Dallas               Allan                          SC Business Administration       
Diggs                Brenton              Malik                          NC Electrical Engineering        
Dilday               Tinslee              Yale                           SC Chemistry                     
Dingle               Ivan Paul            Mingarine                      NC Chemistry                     
Ditto                Daniel               Bridges                        KY Business Administration       
Dixon                Lowell               James                          SC Chemistry                     
Dixon                Harrison             Bailey                         SC Political Science             
Dolan                Ryan                 Matthew                        TN Biology                       
Dompkowski           Eric                 James                          PA Chemistry                     
Dorogy               Jonathan             Ross                           WI Civil Engineering             
Doron                Samuel               Tillman                        IN Business Administration       
Dowd                 Zachary              Mitchell                       SC Business Administration       
Downey               Brian                Thomas                         IN Criminal Justice              
Downs                Andrew               Michael                        NJ Biology                       
Doyle                Matthew              Deris                          SC Political Science             
Draper               Joseph               Moritz                         MS History                       
Drennen              Elijah               Lee                            FL Business Administration       
Drew                 Kyle                 Johnson                        SC Criminal Justice              
Driggers             Dylan                Colby                          SC Exercise Science              
Drummer              Aaron                Scott                          SC Business Administration       
Duan                 Savannah             Grace                          GA Psychology                    
Dukes                Robert               Trafton                        GA Civil Engineering             
Duly                 Benjamin             Jeffrey                        MD Political Science             
Duncan               McKenzie             Jean                           FL Criminal Justice              
Dunphy               William              John                 III       GA Business Administration       
Dvorak               Joshua               Daniel                         RI Computer Science              
Eaddy                Bryce                Williamson                     SC Biology                       
Edwards              John-Thomas          Alexander                      SC Criminal Justice              
Eggers               Rosemary             Catherine                      FL Biology                       
Ellis                Tyrone               Jameson                        SC Exercise Science              
Ellis                Matthew              James                          SC Business Administration       
Emmrich              Savannah             White                          IL Criminal Justice              
Engel                Daniel               Anthony                        SC Criminal Justice              
Erwin                Woods                Twitty                         SC Business Administration       
Espy                 Samantha             Marrin                         AL Chemistry                     
Estep                Wendell              Henry                          SC Political Science             
Eteve                Marc                 Jacob                          CA Physics                       
Eulo                 Zachary              Arthur                         NC Civil Engineering             
Eveler               Jonathan             Perry                          MD Criminal Justice              
Eversmann            Grant                Phillips                       SC Civil Engineering             
Falciani             Peter                Jonathan                       NJ Business Administration       
Fang                 Ya-Fang                                             TAIWAN                           Electrical Engineering        
Fayed                Andrew               Saad                           NC Computer Science              
Fender               Erik                 Lehe McConnell       Jr.       SC Civil Engineering             
Fenton               John                 Joseph                         LA Political Science             
Fetrow               Brandon              Jacob                          PA Business Administration       
Fields               Emily                Lucile                         OH Biology                       
Fitzgerald           Sean                 Louis-Aidan                    NY Political Science             
Floress              Ryan                 Andrew                         GA Criminal Justice              
Floyd                Garreth              James                          SC Psychology                    
Floyd                Cody                 Mak                            SC Civil Engineering             
Floyd                Coleman              Day                            SC Mechanical Engineering        
Floyd                Tevin                Lamar                          FL Business Administration       
Ford                 Cody                 Wallace                        SC Political Science             
Forrest              John                 Michael              Jr.       SC Business Administration       
Foster               Richard              Rohan                III       SC Civil Engineering             
Fowler               Evin                 Ross                           SC Criminal Justice              
Fox                  Franklin             Tyler                          SC Exercise Science              
Fox                  John                 Madison Davis                  FL Political Science             
Franks               Colin                James                          SC Business Administration       
Frasier              Edward                                    IV        NV Business Administration       
Freitas              Hunter               Blaine                         SC Biology                       
French               James                Carmeron                       SC Electrical Engineering        
Frisch               Matthew              Scott                          SC Business Administration       
Frye                 Samuel               Ethan                          NC Business Administration       
Fryman               Blake                Aaron                          IL Criminal Justice              
Fuhrman              Connor               Michael                        TX Electrical Engineering        
Furmanchik           Andrew               Steven               IV        SC Business Administration       
Gabriel              Beau                 Atwood                         SC Criminal Justice              
Gabriel              Rico                                                SC Criminal Justice              
Gacuma               Roderick             T.                             WA Civil Engineering             
Gaddis               Timothy              Summers                        TN Political Science             
Gamarra              Hayden               Hugo                           SC Biology                       
Gardiner             David                Alexander                      SC Business Administration       
Gardner              Benjamin             David                          SC Physical Education            
Garrett              Mason                Young                III       SC Business Administration       
Gee                  Nicholas             D.                             SC Political Science             
Gehris               John                 Martin               Jr.       NC Biology                       
Gess                 Kevin                Lewis                          SC Psychology                    
Getz                 Stanley              Branner              III       NC Criminal Justice              
Gibbons              Mason                Bradley                        SC Sport Management              
Gibson Christopher P. SC Business Administration
Gilbert              Silvanus             Taco                 IV        CO History                       
Gill                 Sloan                Patrick                        MD Education                     
Gill                 Corey                Mathew                         SC Mechanical Engineering        
Glasser              Paul                 Andrew                         SC Business Administration       
Glatz                Ryan                 Jacob                          MI Civil Engineering             
Godowns              Edward               Traywick                       SC Biology                       
Godwin               Charles              Edward               III       SC Exercise Science              
Goins                John                 Eric                           VA Political Science             
Gonzales             Juan                 Pablo                          SC Business Administration       
Gonzalez             Kenny                                               FL Business Administration       
Gonzalez             Andres               Manuel                         FL History                       
Gonzalez             Fernando             Ulises                         CA Exercise Science              
Goodwin              Chase                Andrew                         SC Business Administration       
Gorospe              Christopher          Hayward                        SC Exercise Science              
Goss                 Michael              Alex                           GA Criminal Justice              
Gould                Justin               Charles                        FL Physics                       
Graham               Colin                Wade                           NJ Political Science             
Graham               George               Dillon                         SC Biology                       
Grant                Alexander            Lacy                           SC Electrical Engineering        
Grant                Evan                 Matthew                        KY Civil Engineering             
Gray                 James                Marion               III       SC Business Administration       
Greco                Matthew              Scott                          SC Physical Education            
Green                Ilana                Victoria                       NC Business Administration       
Green                Dylan                Keith                          SC Physics                       
Green                Robert               Henry                Jr.       SC Criminal Justice              
Greene               Lee                  McLane               Jr.       NC Criminal Justice              
Griffin              Richard              Nathan                         NC Business Administration       
Griffith             Thomas               Stokes                         SC Biology                       
Griffith             Nicholle             Jordan                         FL Criminal Justice              
Griles               Andrew               Chandler                       VA Political Science             
Grubb                Blake                Michael                        SC Business Administration       
Guild                Alexandria           Shaw                           NC Political Science             
Gustafson            Max                  Whittier                       NH Criminal Justice              
Guyton               Caleb                Hunter                         SC Criminal Justice              
Haas                 Marshall             Ryan                           SC Political Science             
Hackett              Cameron              Jay                            SC Criminal Justice              
Haddad               Nicolas              Toufic                         SC Chemistry                     
Hagood               Branks               Sullivan                       SC Business Administration       
Hagood               Strachan             Small                          SC Business Administration       
Hairfield            Alex                 Legare                         SC Business Administration       
Haithcox             Brian                Alex                           NC Business Administration       
Hall                 Brandon              Christopher                    SC Biology                       
Halligan             Michael              Robert               Jr.       GA Business Administration       
Hamilton             Joshua               Abner                          SC Exercise Science              
Hamilton             Taylor               Paul                           SC Business Administration       
Hamma                Matthew              James                          VA Criminal Justice              
Hammond              Nicholas             Jobe                           SC Civil Engineering             
Hammond              Chandler             James                          SC Business Administration       
Hance                Ryan                 Chase                          SC Business Administration       
Hansen               Bradley              Austin                         SC Business Administration       
Hansen               Brandon              Cory                           SC Exercise Science              
Hansen               Aaron                John                           SC Physical Education            
Hanshaw              Thomas               Parker                         SC Business Administration       
Harbol               Marcus               Quentin                        WA Mathematics                   
Hardin               John                 Yim                            SC Criminal Justice              
Harker               Christopher          Andrew                         SC Criminal Justice              
Harrill Andrew M. SC Business Administration
Harris               Matthew              Graham                         SC Education                     
Harris               Marshall             Thomas               III       TX Business Administration       
Harrison             Claire               Elizabeth                      PA Criminal Justice              
Harrison             Zachary              Paul                           SC Business Administration       
Hart                 Joseph               Seaborn Glymph                 SC Business Administration       
Hartzog              William              Fredrick             II        SC Biology                       
Hasty                Cody                 Jacob                          SC Biology                       
Hayden               Darrell              Lamont               Jr.       NC Business Administration       
Hazel                Sloan                Matthew                        SC Mechanical Engineering        
Heald                Ryan                 Lawrence                       NC Business Administration       
Healy                Frank                Vincent                        VA Civil Engineering             
Heath                Stewart              William              IV        SC Business Administration       
Helfrich             Daniel               Curtis                         SC Electrical Engineering        
Henderson            Samuel               Brewer                         TX Criminal Justice              
Hester               Logan                Hunton                         FL Civil Engineering             
Hicks                Richard              Joseph                         MD Exercise Science              
Hill                 Blaine               Alexander                      NC Criminal Justice              
Hines                Bret                 Taylor                         SC Business Administration       
Hinson               Montana              V.                             TN Criminal Justice              
Hitt                 James                George                         GA Chemistry                     
Hoffman              Christopher          James                          SC Electrical Engineering        
Hoffman              Brandon              Michael                        OH Political Science             
Holland              Victoria             Lynn                           GA Criminal Justice              
Holman               Zachary              Micheal                        MA Civil Engineering             
Holmes               David                Alan                           SC Political Science             
Holmes               Michael              Chandler                       FL Criminal Justice              
Holt                 Charles              Blake                          SC Biology                       
Hooker               William              Dallas               III       SC Business Administration       
Hooper               Zachary              Chambers                       SC Business Administration       
Hoopes               Bryce                Austin                         SC Criminal Justice              
Hope                 John                 William                        SC Political Science             
Hope                 Wilson               Riley                          SC Political Science             
Hopkins              Christopher          Reed                           SC Business Administration       
Horgan               Patrick              Joseph               V         NM Civil Engineering             
Hornbeck             Timothy              Michael                        OH Political Science             
Horning              Raymond              Michael                        GA Business Administration       
Horton               Brandon              Alexander                      SC Business Administration       
Horton               Holly                Amanda                         GA Chemistry                     
Hoskins              Clayton              Donal                          IL Political Science             
Houston              James                Benjamin                       SC Civil Engineering             
Howard               James                Adam                           NC Political Science             
Howle                Emmet                Napier               IV        NC Political Science             
Hubbs                Russell              Lee                            SC Exercise Science              
Hudgens              John                 Hampton              IV        SC Business Administration       
Humelbaugh           Chad                 James                          SC Mechanical Engineering        
Hunt                 Garland              Charles              Jr.       TN Criminal Justice              
Huntington           Samuel               Lee                            SC Chemistry                     
Hunton               Richard              Edwin                III       SC Exercise Science              
Hutchinson           Aaron                Kim                            SC Business Administration       
Hyatt                Avery                Spencer                        SC Criminal Justice              
Hylton               Brad                 Alexander                      SC Exercise Science              
Hyun                 Daniel               Joungsoo                       MD Political Science             
Ikalowych            Stephen              James                          NC Criminal Justice              
Imhoff               Robert               Hudson               IV        MD Mechanical Engineering        
Inman                Timothy              Davis                Jr.       SC Business Administration       
Intravichit          Pongvisit                                           THAILAND                         Chemistry                     
Ireland              Matthew              Michael                        NY Criminal Justice              
Irwin                Alexander            Jacob                          PA Civil Engineering             
Jackson              Lewis                Morton Irving                  NY Physical Education            
Jackson              Robert               Daniel                         GA Criminal Justice              
Jameson              Tanner               Cortlandt                      WV Criminal Justice              
Jannarone            Taylor               Gregory                        NJ Criminal Justice              
Jeffreys             Nicklaus             Alan                           OK Civil Engineering             
Jenkins              Adam                 Thomas                         KY Psychology                    
Jenkins              Grace                Catherine                      OH Exercise Science              
Jenkins              James                Allen                Jr.       OH Business Administration       
Jennings             Lawrence             Dontavious                     SC Psychology                    
Jewell               Conner               Steven                         SC Civil Engineering             
Johnson              Kyle                 Ray                            SC Mechanical Engineering        
Johnson              Adin                 Price                          SC Business Administration       
Johnson              Jeffrey              Charles                        SC Electrical Engineering        
Johnston             Cal                  David                          IL Business Administration       
Joiner               Andrew               Martin                         SC Business Administration       
Jones                Cody                 Wayne                          SC Civil Engineering             
Jones                Kyle                 Jovin                          SC Business Administration       
Jordan               Thomas               Caldwell                       SC Criminal Justice              
Jordan               Austin               William                        SC Electrical Engineering        
Jordan               Madison              James                          SC Business Administration       
Joseph               Peter                Benjamin                       NJ Criminal Justice              
Jurney               Taylor               Reeves                         NC Business Administration       
Justiniano           Alexis                                              SC Political Science             
Kahn                 Clyde                Padgett                        SC Psychology                    
Kanaly               Nicholas             Carver                         KY Political Science             
Keane                Christopher          Robert                         SC Physics                       
Keefer               Rachel               Ashley                         FL Business Administration       
Keener               Zachary              Elijah                         NV Business Administration       
Kegley               Christopher          Alan                           GA Civil Engineering             
Kellahan             Christopher          Patrick              Jr.       SC Business Administration       
Kellahan             John                 Mitchell                       SC Business Administration       
Kelley               Edward               James                Jr.       NJ History                       
Kennedy              Peter                Joseph                         MI Political Science             
Kerkhoff             David                Elliott                        GA Political Science             
Kersey               Andrew               Scott                          VA History                       
Kessinger            Kristen              Nicole                         SC Political Science             
Khacheryan           Jonathon             Hovannes                       CA Physics                       
Kiel                 Justin               Michael                        SC Biology                       
Kim                  Daniel               YongHun                        VA Criminal Justice              
Kim                  YoungGun                                            SC Electrical Engineering        
Kimball              Robert               Forrest                        SC Business Administration       
Kinnear              Jonathan             Patrick                        FL Political Science             
Kirby                Wayne                Carroll              III       SC Criminal Justice              
Kirkpatrick          Kashmeir             Christine                      VA Civil Engineering             
Kirkpatrick          Colt                 Browning                       SC Civil Engineering             
Kirven               Wyatt                Joel                           SC Business Administration       
Kish                 Dakota               Lee                            SC Business Administration       
Klimek               Peter                Joseph               Jr.       NJ Political Science             
Kline                Jason                Anthony                        NC Chemistry                     
Klosinski            Paul                 Grey                           GA Biology                       
Knisley              Alexander            Dean                           IL Political Science             
Knotek               Robert               Stefan                         NY Business Administration       
Koch                 Jacob                Anderson                       SC Criminal Justice              
Koller               Mary Ann             Diem Kehaulani                 NC Psychology                    
Kordonis             Frank                Nicholas                       SC Business Administration       
Koumontzis           Constantinos         Stephanides                    MN Criminal Justice              
Kouten               John                 Nicholas                       SC Business Administration       
Kraft                Matthew              Charles                        CT Political Science             
Krawczak             Martin               Christopher                    VA Business Administration       
Krese                Cameron              James                          SC Business Administration       
Krouse               Paul                 Joseph               Jr.       SC Business Administration       
Krueger              Gregory              A.                             NY Business Administration       
Kuhn                 Blaine               Stanton                        SC Political Science             
Laliberte            Brinson              Croft                          SC Political Science             
Lancaster            Hayden               Dunn                           GA Physical Education            
Land                 Michael              Stuart                         SC Criminal Justice              
Landry               Christopher          William                        GA Computer Science              
Lane                 Charles              Holton                         FL English                       
Lang                 Thomas               Giovanni                       CT Criminal Justice              
Langley              Collins              Temple Walker                  TN Biology                       
Lanier               Stephen              Riley                          SC Education                     
Lapchak              Brian                Zachary                        SC Political Science             
Larmore              Brandon              Russell                        SC Business Administration       
Larrimore            Joshua               Craig                          SC Business Administration       
Larsen-Shumaker      Kyle                 Hunter                         SC Political Science             
Lazar                Michael              Ryan                           SC Criminal Justice              
LeBrun               Aaron                Blake                          SC Civil Engineering             
Ledbetter            Patrick              Braden                         SC Criminal Justice              
Lemay                Keith                Thomas                         GA Business Administration       
Lenahan              Kevin                Joseph               III       NJ Business Administration       
Liang                Ting                 Wei                            TAIWAN                           Business Administration       
Liang                Chia-Wei                                            TAIWAN                           Business Administration       
Liao                 Jhen-Yu                                             TAIWAN                           Psychology                    
Light                Zachary              William                        SC Education                     
Liljeberg            Stephen              Nillson                        OH Criminal Justice              
Lintner              John                 Patrick                        GA Physical Education            
Little               Cameron              Lynne                          NC Criminal Justice              
Littlejohn           Joseph               Leland Alexander               FL Physics                       
Locklear             Taylor               Reed                           NC Criminal Justice              
Locklear             Ryan                 Michael                        SC Exercise Science              
Long                 Morgan               Tyler                          NC Political Science             
Long                 William              Zachary                        SC Exercise Science              
Long                 Elliott              Richard                        SC Psychology                    
Loveland             Matthew              Albrecht                       SC History                       
Lowring              Kevin                Thomas                         GA Business Administration       
Lowry                Samuel               Kenneth              IV        NC Business Administration       
Loya                 Jessica              Leigh                          SC Psychology                    
Lucas                Sadarius             Latrell                        GA Political Science             
Lukas                Spencer              Ethan                          GA Political Science             
Lybrand              William              Harleston            III       SC Criminal Justice              
Ma                   Jane                                                VA Biology                       
Mabry                Michael              Brian                          SC Business Administration       
MacDonald            Alexander            Gerard                         SC Business Administration       
MacDonald            Kevin                Michael                        SC Business Administration       
MacMillan            Craig                Andrew                         SC Physics                       
Maddalena            Nickolas             Alexander                      NV Criminal Justice              
Maeyama              Austin               Robert                         TX Criminal Justice              
Mai                  Andrew               Scott                          SC Biology                       
Maier                Colin                                               SC Mechanical Engineering        
Maier                Dylan                Andrew                         SC English                       
Maiolo               Nicholas             Joseph                         GA Business Administration       
Maldonado            Kimberly             Sherry                         SC Criminal Justice              
Malouff              Ryan                 Kyle                           CA Business Administration       
Manhiani             Rupinder             Singh                          GA Business Administration       
Manor                Eraina               Yvonnne                        TX Psychology                    
Maples               Brittaney            Shane Lee                      TN Education                     
Maples               James                Parker                         TN Business Administration       
Marin-Baskin         Alexander            Douglas                        SC Psychology                    
Marino               Matthew              Joseph                         NJ Criminal Justice              
Maris                Gregory              James                          SC Civil Engineering             
Marquez              Jack                 Anthony              Jr.       FL Civil Engineering             
Marshall             Quinton              Elliott                        NC Sport Management              
Martens              Ethan                Thomas                         NC Criminal Justice              
Martin               Andrew               Michael                        MD Criminal Justice              
Martin               Benjamin             Lucas                          SC Civil Engineering             
Martin               Harley               Thomas                         SC Civil Engineering             
Martin Kevin M. FL Business Administration
Mason                Christian            Douglas                        NC Criminal Justice              
Massey               Gabriel              Joshua                         SC Business Administration       
Mathwig              Nicholas             William                        WI Civil Engineering             
Matthews             Reeves               Edwin                          SC Criminal Justice              
Maurice              Mark                 Edward               Jr.       WI Physics                       
Mayleben             Madison              Marie                          SC Psychology                    
McAnally             Nathan               Scott                          TN Mathematics                   
McCall               Joseph               Joshua                         AL Physics                       
McCarter             Peyton               William                        SC Political Science             
McCauley             Samuel               Owen                           NC History                       
McClam               Robert               Grayson                        SC Biology                       
McCluskey            Andrew               Christian                      GA Exercise Science              
McCollum             Newton               Cantrill                       OH Computer Science              
McCullough           Daniel               Joseph                         SC Civil Engineering             
McDowell             Hugh                 Conor                          DC History                       
McGaffic             Michael              Anthony                        VA Civil Engineering             
McGivern             Ryan                 Michael                        VA Political Science             
McKnight             Mark                 Augustus                       SC Business Administration       
McMahan              Andrew               Brett                          TN Business Administration       
McManus              Kane                 Patrick                        MA Civil Engineering             
McManus              James                Nicholas                       NJ Education                     
McNicholas           James                Andrew                         NC Criminal Justice              
McSorley             Andrew               John                           MD Biology                       
Medders              Randy                James                          SC Civil Engineering             
Melick               Roecker              Smith                          MO Political Science             
Mesa                 Anastasia            Terese                         FL Criminal Justice              
Metcalfe             Walter               Aaron                          NC Mechanical Engineering        
Metropol             James                Zachary                        SC Business Administration       
Mick                 Chandler             Scott                          IN Business Administration       
Middleton            Caleb                Cheyenne                       SC Criminal Justice              
Miller               Craig                Levar                          SC Electrical Engineering        
Miller               Grant                Nicholas                       GA Political Science             
Miller               Matthew              Thomas                         LA Business Administration       
Mills                Amber                Renee                          NC Civil Engineering             
Mills                William              Luther               Jr.       SC Biology                       
Minges               Andrew               Dalton                         SC Mechanical Engineering        
Mirano               Miguel               David                III       WA Chemistry                     
Mitchell             Robert               Price                          SC Business Administration       
Mitchell             Nicholas             David                          SC Business Administration       
Mitchell             Tyler                Jackson                        SC Political Science             
Mitchum              Ehron                Paul                           SC Criminal Justice              
Mixon                Davis                Holmes                         SC Civil Engineering             
Mizzell              Chase                Alan                           GA History                       
Mock                 Nicholas             Tyler                          GA Modern Language               
Mode                 Geoffrey             Anthony                        SC Psychology                    
Moe Christopher C. SC Business Administration
Molina               Antonio              Sebastian                      TX Mechanical Engineering        
Moll                 David                Joseph                         NC Political Science             
Molnar               Brian                Thomas                         SC Chemistry                     
Montanari            Dante                Antonio                        SC Political Science             
Montgomery           Robert               Brooks                         SC Business Administration       
Moody                Millard              Gregory              Jr.       SC Business Administration       
Mook                 Walker               Stephen                        SC Physics                       
Moore                James                Ryan                           SC Business Administration       
Moore                Ryan                 Matthew                        SC Business Administration       
Moore                Dylan                Myers                          SC Exercise Science              
Moore                John                 Cleveland                      SC Business Administration       
Moore                Alexander            Kehl                           SC Business Administration       
Moore                Aaron                Ephesian Omega                 SC Business Administration       
Moore                Benjamin             Douglas                        SC Electrical Engineering        
Moore                Mallory              Elizabeth                      GA Business Administration       
Moorer               Daniel               Seamus                         SC Exercise Science              
Moorhead             Nelson               Gregory                        SC Political Science             
Moran                Coby                 Dane                           CT Criminal Justice              
Morris               William              Christopher                    SC Biology                       
Morris               Taylor               Ray                            SC Business Administration       
Morris               Gene                 Edwin                III       SC Business Administration       
Morris               Logan                Alexander                      TN English                       
Morrow               Graham               Christopher                    SC Political Science             
Morton               Virginia             Moriah                         OK Psychology                    
Morton               Stuart               Alan                           CA Physics                       
Mosier               John                 Raymond Charles                NC Modern Language               
Mosley               Temyrick             S.                             GA Business Administration       
Motley               William              Robert                         SC Business Administration       
Moy                  Nathaniel            Frederick                      MD Business Administration       
Muhammad             Abdulrahman          Shaheed                        AL Business Administration       
Mullins              Kyle                 Edward                         OH Business Administration       
Munson               James                Michael                        IL Civil Engineering             
Murphy               Michael              Edward                         NY Business Administration       
Nance                David                Fredrick             II        NC Criminal Justice              
Narayan              Kaiya                Maria                          CA Modern Language               
Nardone              Jesse Ray            Nicholas                       NJ Biology                       
Nause                Charles              Lamar                III       MS Criminal Justice              
Nedolast             Matthew              James                          OH Political Science             
Nedoma               Jacob                Daniel                         MO Criminal Justice              
Nelems               Michael              Hardy                          SC Psychology                    
Nelson               James                Michael              Jr.       NY Criminal Justice              
Nemec                Takumi               Charles                        VA History                       
Neuder               Joel                 P.                   Jr.       SC Civil Engineering             
New                  William              Albert               Jr.       SC Criminal Justice              
Newton               Jarred               Wade                           SC Business Administration       
Nicholas             John                 Wesley                         SC Criminal Justice              
Niepsuj              Christopher          Michael                        NY Political Science             
Noga                 Nicholas             Kaelan                         CT Political Science             
Nuttall              Austin               Edward                         SC Business Administration       
Ogden                John                 Curtis                         SC Criminal Justice              
Ogilbee              Nicole               Ann                            OH Exercise Science              
Oliver               Devin                William                        SC Political Science             
Olsen                Robert               John                           NY Mechanical Engineering        
Ordway               Elizabeth            Ann                            CA Political Science             
Ortiz                Alexander            William                        NC Chemistry                     
Overcash             Johnathan            Macon                          SC Biology                       
Owens                Barrett              Chandler                       SC Business Administration       
Paez                 Matthew              Blake                          SC Civil Engineering             
Pappagallo           Joseph               Regan                          VA Business Administration       
Pappas               Gregory              Paul                           SC Business Administration       
Park                 Joshua               Walter                         NY History                       
Park                 Sungho               J.                             MD Criminal Justice              
Parker               Anthony              Joseph                         GA Business Administration       
Parker               Kiel                 Fred                           FL Education                     
Parker               Michael              Jerome                         OH Criminal Justice              
Parra                Cesar                                               SC Psychology                    
Parrado              Luis                 Miguel                         GA Political Science             
Pasqual              Cody                 Robert                         SC Electrical Engineering        
Patterson            Jacob                Ryan-Glenn                     SC Business Administration       
Pauley               William              Donald               III       SC Electrical Engineering        
Paulk                Monica               C.                             CO History                       
Payne                Jacob                Garrett                        WV Civil Engineering             
Peed                 Joshua               David                          SC Political Science             
Pendery              Keisha               Marie Hye                      MI Modern Language               
Penny                Ethan                Leland                         NY Political Science             
Pepper               Mckenzie             Alexander                      KY Political Science             
Perley               Conner               David                          CT Business Administration       
Perry                Aaron                Alexander                      FL Exercise Science              
Peters               Zachary              Simon                          VA Civil Engineering             
Peterson             Patrick              Neil                           SC Business Administration       
Pharr                Harris               Lausi                          SC Political Science             
Phillips             Daniel               Lesesne                        SC Political Science             
Phucharoen           Thitiphop                                           PA Electrical Engineering        
Pierce               Myles                Everett                        AL Business Administration       
Pinckney             Garrett              Steele                         NC Business Administration       
Pinto                Joseph               Francis                        NY Physics                       
Piratzky             Alexander            Richard                        NJ History                       
Plummer              William              Curtis               II        SC Business Administration       
Pollard              Cameron              Sean                           CT Political Science             
Ponton               Christopher          Rufus                          SC Political Science             
Poole                Sean                 Michael                        PA History                       
Poole                Jared                Conner                         SC Exercise Science              
Poole                Colton               Alexander                      SC Mechanical Engineering        
Poole                Trey                 Matthew                        SC Business Administration       
Porter               Joseph               Cole                           NC Business Administration       
Potts                Christian            Tyler                          SC Electrical Engineering        
Powell               Robert               Keith                III       SC Business Administration       
Prestigiacomo        Nicholas             Andrew                         NY Business Administration       
Price                Colton               Michael                        PA Political Science             
Price                Brannon              Jantzen                        SC Education                     
Priddy               Jacob                Taylor                         SC Criminal Justice              
Pride                Jackson              Foster                         SC Business Administration       
Pride                Kyle                 Marshall                       GA Criminal Justice              
Priester             Matthew              Allen                          TN Criminal Justice              
Prosser              Matthew              Talbot                         SC Civil Engineering             
Qu                   Jiaxin                                              CHINA                            Business Administration       
Quintero             Otto                 Andrew                         SC Chemistry                     
Raad                 John David                                          SC Business Administration       
Raines               Grace                Catherine                      GA Chemistry                     
Ramos                Carlos               Israel                         SC Criminal Justice              
Reavis               Anthony              James                          WA Mechanical Engineering        
Reeves               Jesse                Hunter                         SC Business Administration       
Rentz                Michael              Williams             III       SC Mechanical Engineering        
Resca                Dominick             Sebastian                      NY Business Administration       
Resch                Frank                Joseph               II        OH English                       
Reynolds             John                 Henry                          SC Criminal Justice              
Richards             David                Paul                           OH Political Science             
Richardson           Alex                 Connor                         FL Mechanical Engineering        
Rickenbaker          Gerald               Hunter                         SC Business Administration       
Ridge                Shane                Michael                        SC Criminal Justice              
Riegel               Madyson              Sierra                         PA Biology                       
Rieth                Craig                Kennedy                        SC Education                     
Riggs                Jacob                Thomas                         SC Business Administration       
Riherd               Thomas               Malcolm              III       FL Civil Engineering             
Riley                Jackson              Lee                            SC Criminal Justice              
Riley                James                Alexander                      AL Business Administration       
Rispoli              Paul                 Joseph                         NJ Business Administration       
Rizer                Kirkland             Lee                            SC Criminal Justice              
Robbins              Jacob                Newell                         SC Criminal Justice              
Roberson             Nicole               Diane                          SC Business Administration       
Roberts              Benjamin             Turner                         GA Business Administration       
Robinson             Meriel               Tracie                         AE Mathematics                   
Rodriguez            Eduardo              Ariel                          SC Business Administration       
Rogers               Thomas               James                          SC History                       
Rogers               Aleksandr            William                        TX Business Administration       
Rosenbaum            Alexander            Surette                        SC Business Administration       
Rothell              Nicole               Michelle                       SC Biology                       
Roudabush            Scott                Alan                 II        SC Mechanical Engineering        
Rubino               Angela               Nicole                         NJ Chemistry                     
Rudman               Nicholas             Edward                         FL Electrical Engineering        
Rudnik               Amanda               Monigan                        SC Business Administration       
Rush                 Bailey               Seth                           NC Sport Management              
Russell              Matthew              Stephen                        SC History                       
Russo                Joseph               Victor                         SC Criminal Justice              
Rutherford           Zachary              David                          SC Business Administration       
Salter               David                Michael                        SC Political Science             
Sambets              Chandler             Michael                        SC Mechanical Engineering        
Santana              Michael              Peter                          FL History                       
Santorum             Daniel               James                          VA Business Administration       
Santorum             Richard              John                 Jr.       VA Business Administration       
Scaife               Joshua               James                          GA Political Science             
Scalise              Matthew              Christopher          Jr.       SC Biology                       
Schlegel             Kelsey               Leeann                         SC Civil Engineering             
Schneider            Karina                                              SC Business Administration       
Schoen               Craigen              Briggs                         SC Business Administration       
Schoenfeld           Michelle             Lynn                           NY Political Science             
Schweers             Henry                Diedrich             IV        SC Civil Engineering             
Schwendinger         Emily                Morgan                         VA Biology                       
Scott                William              Mitchell                       SC Civil Engineering             
Scott                Cameron              Robert-Armon                   NV Exercise Science              
Sears                Christian            David                Jr.       FL Business Administration       
Seedor               Lauren               Alysse                         PA Political Science             
Sefcik               John                 Michael                        TX Electrical Engineering        
Seigler              Noland               Andrew                         SC Criminal Justice              
Sexton               Brendan              Andrew                         SC Business Administration       
Shaver               Glenn                Heath                          SC Criminal Justice              
Shaw                 Kevin                Michael                        TX Civil Engineering             
Shelters             Bertus               Austin               V         NJ Electrical Engineering        
Shelton              Samuel               Edward                         SC Electrical Engineering        
Sieban               Edward               Thomas               III       NY Political Science             
Simmons              Patrick              Randall                        SC Civil Engineering             
Singh                Inderpal                                            SC Political Science             
Singletary           Parker               James                          SC Electrical Engineering        
Singleton            Devin                LeSean                         TX Business Administration       
Sligh                Derek                Mitchell                       SC Business Administration       
Sloane               William              Christian                      SC Computer Science              
Smelser              Andrew               Joe                            IN Mechanical Engineering        
Smilak               Stephen              George                         SC Biology                       
Smith                Kevin                Andrew                         MD Political Science             
Smith                Moriah               Faith                          NC Exercise Science              
Smith                Jason                Robert                         SC Electrical Engineering        
Smith                Dakota               Wade                           SC Exercise Science              
Smith                Augustus             Towns                II        SC Business Administration       
Smith                Dustin               Kyle                 Jr.       SC Exercise Science              
Smith                William Michael      Chance                         SC Chemistry                     
Smith                Joel                 Robert                         SC Civil Engineering             
Smith                Carson               Alexander                      SC Electrical Engineering        
Smithey              Cody                 Dennis                         SC Electrical Engineering        
Smolenski            Joseph               Allen                          SC Mechanical Engineering        
Snyder               Lucas                Gerhart                        SC Business Administration       
Sommers              Stephen              Frederick                      NY Criminal Justice              
Southerton           Levi                 Garland                        FL Physics                       
Sowell               Megan                Louise                         FL English                       
Sparano              Kenneth              Carl                 II        SC Business Administration       
Spetsios             Myles                Jonathon                       FL Electrical Engineering        
Sponable             Collin               Spencer                        NY Civil Engineering             
Spurlock             Tobiah               Dustin                         SC Electrical Engineering        
Stackhouse           Zachary              Nichols                        WA Political Science             
Steinhauer           Jacob                Edward                         MI Business Administration       
Stephens             James                Andrew                         SC Criminal Justice              
Stewart              Jacob                Nathaniel                      MA Criminal Justice              
Stewart              Kevin                Sumner                         SC Biology                       
Stillings            Koree                Wayne                          SC Civil Engineering             
Stinecipher          Christopher          Austin                         SC Criminal Justice              
Stoker               Nicolas              Paul                           NY Civil Engineering             
Stokes               Christian            Lee                            TX Political Science             
Stoneburner          Reese                Alan                           IL Biology                       
Stratton             Cory                 Robert                         TN Criminal Justice              
Subach               Michael              Charles                        NJ Criminal Justice              
Subtil               Anselme                                             FRANCE                           Political Science             
Suitt                Briana               LaShae                         NC Exercise Science              
Suleiman             Samuel               Esti                           CA Business Administration       
Sullivan             Thomas               Vance                          SC Business Administration       
Summers-Powell       Cameron              David                          FL Biology                       
Suter                Grant                Richard                        TX Business Administration       
Sweat                Nicholas             Loring                         FL Political Science             
Sweatman             Ronald               Wayne                II        SC Civil Engineering             
Sweatt               John                 Neely                          SC Business Administration       
Syu                  Hao-Ping                                            TAIWAN                           Chemistry                     
Talbott              Peyton               Thomas                         VA Political Science             
Tarque               Gisella              Anabel                         SC Physics                       
Taylor               Chandler             Austin                         SC Criminal Justice              
Taylor               Zachary              Evan                           SC Psychology                    
Taylor               Devin                Matthew                        SC Business Administration       
Taylor               George               Mitchell                       SC Business Administration       
Taylor               Benjamin             Arthur-Scott                   MI Business Administration       
Teague               Matthew              Franklin                       GA Electrical Engineering        
Terry                Joshua               Owen                           NH Computer Science              
Thies                William              Stewart              II        IL Business Administration       
Thoma                Charles              Cabell                         VA Business Administration       
Thomas               Nathan               Scott                          SC Business Administration       
Thompson             Greyson              Michael                        SC Business Administration       
Thompson             Jacqueline           Irene                          SC Exercise Science              
Thompson             Richard              Henry                          SC Civil Engineering             
Tippetts             John Luke                                           TX Business Administration       
Todd                 Austin               Daniel                         FL Business Administration       
Todd                 Shannon              Douglas                        TX Civil Engineering             
Tolbert              George               Patrick                        IL Business Administration       
Tompkins             Brett                Ryan                           SC Business Administration       
Towery               Michael              Dalton                         FL Criminal Justice              
Tressito             Joseph               Paul                           NJ Psychology                    
Trone                Olivia               Mackenzie                      SC Physical Education            
Trotsky              Alex                 Lewis                          IL Criminal Justice              
Trovato              Gennaro              Thomas                         PA Business Administration       
Truesdale            David                Todd                           SC Political Science             
Tsai                 Cheng-Kuei                                          TAIWAN                           Business Administration       
Tucker               George               William                        NC Political Science             
Turnage              Jared                Wade                           GA Physics                       
Turner               Cody                 Lee                            NC Business Administration       
Turner               Charles              Lawson                         GA Political Science             
Urban                James                Richard                        NJ Criminal Justice              
Usher                Erik                 Calhoun                        NC Biology                       
Vallette             Cody                 John                           FL Political Science             
Van Dyke             Joseph               Matthew                        GA Criminal Justice              
Van Horn             Jacob                Thomas                         MA Political Science             
Vanacore             Christopher          William                        NJ Political Science             
Vander Ley           Austin               Jack                           VA Exercise Science              
Vanderveldt          Joseph               Anthony              III       NY Criminal Justice              
Vanstraten           Ashley               Elizabeth                      FL Criminal Justice              
Vanvick              William              Phillips                       SC Exercise Science              
Velasquez            Christopher          Alberto                        FL Political Science             
Venable              Dalton               Grant                          TX Criminal Justice              
Vuong                Thaihoa              Quang                          SC Criminal Justice              
Wachter              Mason                Thomas                         AL Electrical Engineering        
Wagstaff             Brooks               Stallworth                     OH Political Science             
Waldrep              David                Austin                         SC Business Administration       
Waldrop              Robert               William                        NJ Criminal Justice              
Walker               Keaton               James                          SC Business Administration       
Walker               Daniel               Thomas                         SC Business Administration       
Warr                 Lewis                Hartwell                       SC Business Administration       
Watson               Matthew              Hunter                         SC Biology                       
Weaver               Kyle                 Douglas                        SC Business Administration       
Weaver               Fallon               Nicole                         GA Civil Engineering             
Weber                Weston               Lewis                          IL Exercise Science              
Webster              Elizabeth            Ann                            WA Criminal Justice              
Wedel Justin A. TX Political Science
Weintraub            Dalton               Montgomery                     NC Criminal Justice              
Weir                 John                 Dentley                        SC Business Administration       
Wells                Jacob                Zane Alexander                 SC Psychology                    
Welsh                Ashby                Clennon Herbert                OH Criminal Justice              
Wert                 James                Alexander                      SC Criminal Justice              
West                 Kathleen             Elizabeth                      SC Political Science             
Wetherbee            Richard              Charles              III       FL Criminal Justice              
Whatley              Robert               Myles                III       SC Business Administration       
Whelan               Edward               Camden                         FL Biology                       
Wicker               Wilson               Guy                            SC Business Administration       
Wiegand              Robert               Conant               Jr.       FL Civil Engineering             
Wilbanks             Mattison             Rhye                           SC Exercise Science              
Wilke                Garrett              Robinson                       MD Civil Engineering             
Wilkerson            Forrest              Craig                III       SC Biology                       
Wilkinson            Maureen              Alice                          NC History                       
Wilkinson            Thomas               Michael                        MN Criminal Justice              
Williams             Dominique            Yvette                         SC Chemistry                     
Williams             Corey                Glenn                          SC Exercise Science              
Williamson           Gregory              Neal                           SC Civil Engineering             
Williamson           Matthew              Aubrey                         SC English                       
Williamson           Capers               Brooks                         SC Criminal Justice              
Willis               William              Aaron                          SC Business Administration       
Willis               Lawton               Spencer                        SC Education                     
Wills                Raven                Amanda                         SC Political Science             
Wilson               Zackery              Taylor                         VA Criminal Justice              
Wilson               Jalon                Rasheen                        SC Criminal Justice              
Wilson               Andrew               James                          SC Civil Engineering             
Wilson               John                 Ethan                          TN Physics                       
Winch                Sara                 Jane                           SC Exercise Science              
Windham              Stephen              Michael                        SC Business Administration       
Winkler              Austin               Pierce                         SC Business Administration       
Wint                 Braden               Alexander                      NC Criminal Justice              
Wise                 Kyle                 Matthew                        NY Education                     
Wood                 Jacob                Willoughby                     VA Criminal Justice              
Worner               Alex                 Matthew                        OH Business Administration       
Wright Howard H. SC Business Administration
Wu                   Chen-Cheng                                          TAIWAN                           Physics                       
Wutzer               William              Sabastien            III       SC Business Administration       
Wyndham              Kenneth              Tanner                         SC Civil Engineering             
York                 Thomas               Alvin                          NC Electrical Engineering        
Young                Julius               Prescott                       NC Business Administration       
Young                William              Rockwell                       SC Business Administration       
Young                Benjamin             Nathan                         GA Political Science             
Young                Brianna              Jo                             FL Political Science             
Young                Allen                Daniel                         IL Civil Engineering             
Yslas                Cory                 Andrew                         NV Business Administration       
Yu                   Daniel                                              VA Business Administration       
Zeltner              Victoria             Jade                           SC Exercise Science              
Ziniti               Brian                Christopher                    MA Criminal Justice              
Zovich               Anthony              Richard                        SC Computer Science              
Zukowski             Justine              Casey                          NY Political Science             

Active Duty Students 

Bartra               Morgan               Gustav               SC Sport Management              
Brandt               Jonathan             James                SC Electrical Engineering        
Brennan              Sean                 Michael              SC Chemistry                     
Cohen                Benjamin             Thomas               CA Business Administration       
Hendrickson          Bradley              Ryan                 SC Electrical Engineering        
Humer                Eric                 Allen                SC Political Science             
Jordan               Joshua               Duane                NC Business Administration       
Ledbetter            Dexter               Wayne                SC Civil Engineering             
Long                 Samuel               Keith                SC Physics                       
McDaniel             Joshua               Wayne                SC Business Administration       
McDonald             Jason                Robert               SC Civil Engineering             
McManus              Stephen              Joseph               SC Business Administration       
Padilla              Marcus               Bruno                SC Civil Engineering             
Page                 Joseph               Jerome               SC Civil Engineering             
Pearson              Cody                 Lynn                 SC Electrical Engineering        
Shea                 Jason                Alvin                SC Electrical Engineering        
Sickles              Michael              Scott                SC Business Administration       
Smeriglio            Jeffrey              Steven               SC Political Science             
Stevenson            George               Tyrel                SC Civil Engineering             
Tronchin             Emerson              Emmanuel             NY Electrical Engineering        
Wilder               Amber                Laree                SC Psychology                    
Yates                Sean                 Christopher          DC Business Administration       

Veteran Students

Albro                Kristen              Marie                          SC Criminal Justice              
Aten                 Robert               Charles                        SC Exercise Science              
Ayres                Patrick              Brice                          SC Computer Science              
Bahadori             Aaron                Reza                           SC Electrical Engineering        
Bonilla              David                A.                             SC Modern Language               
Bostwick             Taylor               Randolph                       SC Civil Engineering             
Boyd                 Allen                Thomas                         SC Civil Engineering             
Brimmer              Robert               Harrison                       SC Physical Education            
Camacho              Vennessa             Eve Martinez                   SC Psychology                    
Chappell             Kenneth              Andrew                         SC Civil Engineering             
Contestabile         Nicholas             Andrew                         SC Exercise Science              
Crowe                Adam                 Michael                        SC Criminal Justice              
Culver               Oliver               Paul                           SC Biology                       
Decena               Louie                Abo                  Jr.       SC Electrical Engineering        
Eastwood             Christopher          Stephen                        SC Electrical Engineering        
Eisenach             Erik                 Roger                          SC Electrical Engineering        
Felsher              Cameron              Tyler                          SC Political Science             
Flamio               Blaise               Johnathan                      SC English                       
Grace                Bradley              Allen                          SC Criminal Justice              
Gurley               Tanner               Cameron                        SC Political Science             
Hager                James                Michael                        SC Criminal Justice              
Hardy                Tyler                Wayne                          SC Electrical Engineering        
Hernandez            Ted                  Luis                           SC Electrical Engineering        
Hess                 Daniel               Curtis                         SC Electrical Engineering        
Hill                 Stephen              Douglas                        SC Business Administration       
Hoying               Joseph               Scott                          SC Biology                       
Jorgenson            David                Lee                            SC Electrical Engineering        
Kramer               Jason                Aric                           SC Political Science             
Lavertu              Nathan               Allen                          SC Business Administration       
Lowman               Robert               Wells                III       SC Criminal Justice              
Lubecky              Jonathan             Michael                        SC Political Science             
Mcwethy              Casey                Ryan                           SC Physical Education            
Meade                Rex                  Heath                          SC Business Administration       
Mitchum              Thomas               Duffy                Jr.       SC Electrical Engineering        
Pereira              Joel                 Adam                           SC Criminal Justice              
Powell               Kevin                Leaptrotte                     SC Electrical Engineering        
Powers               Lloyd                Venson               III       SC Exercise Science              
Ritchie              Brenn                Michael                        SC Political Science             
Ritsema              Zachariah            Paul                           SC Electrical Engineering        
Rogers               Alfonso              D.                             SC Sport Management              
Russell              Matthew              Kyle                           SC Modern Language               
Sexton               William              Tyler                          SC English                       
Shea                 Ryan                 Michael                        SC Electrical Engineering        
Sheppard             Frederick            John                           SC Business Administration       
Shinta               Justin               Francis                        SC Civil Engineering             
Sijtsma              LeLa                 Grace                          SC Business Administration       
Smith                Stephen              D.                   Jr.       SC Criminal Justice              
Snipes               Warren               Andrew                         SC Electrical Engineering        
Stephenson           Elizabeth            Ann                            SC Psychology                    
Story                Zachary              Lee                            SC Electrical Engineering        
Suh                  Jin                  Ho                             GA Business Administration       
Swiecicki            Craig                Scott                          SC Civil Engineering             
Taylor               Nathan               Daniel                         SC Criminal Justice              
Wattier              Douglas              Richard                        SC Electrical Engineering        
Weir                 David                Michael                        KS Electrical Engineering        
Welch                Joshua               Adam                           SC Criminal Justice              
Wrenn                Justin               Dempsey                        SC Exercise Science              
Zealy                Richard              Wesley                         SC Biology                       

Evening Undergraduate Students

Beausoleil           Matthew              David                          NJ Business Administration       
Caudell              Nicholas             C.                             SC Business Administration       
Cherry               William              Milton                         SC Civil Engineering             
Chrysostom           Jared                Mark                           SC Civil Engineering             
Coblentz             Dennis               L.                   Jr.       SC Electrical Engineering        
Compton              Charles              Andrew                         SC Civil Engineering             
Deford               William              McAdoo                         SC Criminal Justice              
Diaz-Jimenez         Jairo                A.                             SC Electrical Engineering        
Dunham               Amy-Nicole           Carolynn                       SC Criminal Justice              
Edwards              Nathaniel            D.                             SC Electrical Engineering        
Eisenhauer           Brett                E.                             SC Civil Engineering             
Feals                Brian                M.                             SC Electrical Engineering        
Gorsky               Paul                 Edward               II        SC Mechanical Engineering        
Grabowski            Keith                Leon                           SC Civil Engineering             
Hatch                Jason                Evans                          SC Civil Engineering             
Heathcoat            Chelsie              Nicole                         SC Criminal Justice              
Ice                  Gary                 Scott                          SC Civil Engineering             
Judge                Agnes                L.                             SC Business Administration       
Keller               Deidre               Ann                            SC Electrical Engineering        
Lowery               Skyler               Brent                          SC Civil Engineering             
Mark                 Carlyle              Michael                        SC Business Administration       
Mason                Michael              Douglas                        SC Electrical Engineering        
Michnovicz           Nicholas             J.                             SC Civil Engineering             
Nichols              Garrett              F.                             SC Electrical Engineering        
Peluso               Patrick              Joseph                         SC Civil Engineering             
Petrone              Jennifer             June                           SC Criminal Justice              
Price                John                 Mark                           SC Mechanical Engineering        
Robertson            George               Franklin             IV        SC Criminal Justice              
Rodriguez            Jamie Noel           Arcalas                        SC Mechanical Engineering        
Schroer              Robert               Paul                           SC Electrical Engineering        
Segars               Shaunna              Elise                          SC Business Administration       
Silva                Glayverth            Garcia                         SC Criminal Justice              
Villeponteaux        Lisa                 Gayle                          SC Business Administration       
Whitlock             Catherine            Elaine                         SC Electrical Engineering        
York                 Jamie                Lynne                          SC Criminal Justice              


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