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Citadel News Service
10 Jun 2014

Cadets taking top honors at The Citadel in spring 2014: Dean's List

Dean's List recognition is given to those students registered for 12 or more semester hours whose grade point ratio is 3.2 or higher with no grade below a C for the previous semester's work.

Last Name             First Name            Sfx   Company     City                        State                       
Abraham              Davarius                       E           Columbia                       SC                                 
Adames               Colin                          BD          Langhorne                      PA                                 
Adams                Michael              Jr.       D           Greenwood                      SC                                 
Adams                Chad                           V           New Market                     AL                                 
Addison              Taylor                         B           Mount Pleasant                 SC                                 
Adkins               Tucker                         T           Rock Hill                      SC                                 
Aikman               Ian                            K           Mission                        TX                                 
Albertson            Brett                          H           Easley                         SC                                 
Alford               Nicholas                       I           Goose Creek                    SC                                 
Allen                Spencer                        P           Charlotte                      NC                                 
Allen                Clay                           H           Duncan                         SC                                 
Allen                Zachary                        V           LakeView                       SC                                 
Allman               Mark                           I           Goodview                       VA                                 
Ambrose              Harrison                       C           Simpsonville                   SC                                 
Ammen                Jonathan                       O           Abingdon                       VA                                 
Anderson             Dane                 Jr.       G           North Augusta                  SC                                 
Anderson             Kellie                         B           San Antonio                    TX                                 
Andrews              Christopher          Jr.       C           Lexington                      SC                                 
Antoon               Thomas                         B           Gilbert                        SC                                 
Aponte               Vanessa                        PB          Winter Springs                 FL                                 
Appling              Royce                          I           Pooler                         GA                                 
Apsitis              Joshua                         B           Charlotte                      NC                                 
Arend                Matthew                        S           Fredericksburg                 VA                                 
Argy                 Donald               III       PB          Hamburg                        NY                                 
Armaly               Shadi                          M           Mauldin                        SC                                 
Armstrong            John                 III       A           Greenville                     SC                                 
Arp                  Joshua                         C           Monroe                         NC                                 
Ashburn              Christopher                    F           Little Rock                    AR                                 
Ashby                Elias                          M           Summerville                    SC                                 
Aslani               Christy                        BD          Watertown                      WI                                 
Atkinson             James                          A           Hilton Head                    SC                                 
Austin               Phillip                        L           Lexington                      SC                                 
Azari                Zachariah                      S           Johns Island                   SC                                 
Baker                Chance                         C           Charleston                     SC                                 
Baker                George                         F           Summerville                    SC                                 
Ballam               William                        C           Awendaw                        SC                                 
Ballard              Vanessa                        F           Irmo                           SC                                 
Barkley              Michael                        PB          Fort Mill                      SC                                 
Barr                 Capers               V         C           Mount Pleasant                 SC                                 
Barringer            Paul                           D           Charlottesville                VA                                 
Bateman              Joshua                         PB          Whitehall                      PA                                 
Bates                Joshua                         E           Columbia                       SC                                 
Batista              Daniel                         R           Kissimmee                      FL                                 
Baugh-Cheatham       Brandon                        M           Ninety Six                     SC                                 
Beach                Ashley                         O           Roebuck                        SC                                 
Beam                 Jesse                          E           Charleston                     SC                                 
Bearden              William              Jr.       D           Crestview                      FL                                 
Beaudoin             William                        O           Naples                         FL                                 
Beausoleil           Matthew                        R           Ridgewood                      NJ                                 
Bebout               Miles                          T           Tallahassee                    FL                                 
Becherer             Nicholas                       I           Raleigh                        NC                                 
Bedenbaugh           Benjamin                       L           Prosperity                     SC                                 
Bell                 Jordan                         P           San Antonio                    TX                                 
Benecke              Sam                            E           Colorado Springs               CO                                 
Benedict             Jeffrey                        A           Greenville                     SC                                 
Benfield             Eric                           D           Greenville                     SC                                 
Benton               Scott                          L           McDonough                      GA                                 
Bergen               Philip               Jr.       PB          Bethel                         CT                                 
Berkabile            Dillon                         B           Las Vegas                      NV                                 
Berman               Alexander                      BD          San Clemente                   CA                                 
Bernard              Matthew                        RS          Orange Park                    FL                                 
Berryman             Dylan                          PB          APO                            AE                                 
Bertrand             Richard                        P           Jacksonville                   FL                                 
Bidwell              Scott                Jr.       C           Mount Pleasant                 SC                                 
Biermann             Andrew                         H           Nashville                      IL                                 
Biggerstaff          Christopher                    G           Fayetteville                   NC                                 
Bigness              Regis                          V           Sarasota                       FL                                 
Bilbo                Brian                          BD          Winder                         GA                                 
Billings             Trenton                        H           Florence                       SC                                 
Bin Daina            Ali                            L           Busateen 228                      BAHRAIN                         
Blagburn             Ryan                           V           Beaufort                       SC                                 
Blair                Quinton                        K           Chesapeake                     VA                                 
Blanke               Alexander                      T           Inman                          SC                                 
Blocker              James                III       R           Summerville                    SC                                 
Bohrn                Brandon                        BD          Simpsonville                   SC                                 
Boodee               Ryan                           2B          Raleigh                        NC                                 
Bosley               Wade                           O           Gaston                         SC                                 
Bostick              Rodney                         F           Hardeeville                    SC                                 
Boudreau             Aaron                          P           Fairfax Station                VA                                 
Boulware             Daniel                         1B          Whitmire                       SC                                 
Bourckel             Andrew                         G           Parkville                      MD                                 
Bove                 Joseph               Jr.       N           Jacksonville                   FL                                 
Bowlby               Benjamin                       BD          Goose Creek                    SC                                 
Boyce                Lawrence                       D           Waxhaw                         NC                                 
Braddock             Kenneth              Jr.       A           Columbia                       SC                                 
Bradham              Barrett                        B           Chapin                         SC                                 
Bradley              Nolan                          K           Clemmons                       NC                                 
Braithwaite          Colin                          V           Aiken                          SC                                 
Branch               Ryan                           D           Centreville                    VA                                 
Brantley             Jamaal                         D           Summerville                    SC                                 
Bray                 Christopher          Jr.       A           Charleston                     SC                                 
Breithaupt           Benjamin                       M           Charleston                     SC                                 
Bresette             James                          K           Columbia                       MD                                 
Bricketto            Frederick            III       C           Isle of Palms                  SC                                 
Bridges              Aaron                          A           Charleston                     SC                                 
Britten              David                          T           Highland Park                  IL                                 
Broach               Garrett                        F           Seneca                         SC                                 
Brooks               James                          BD          Spring                         TX                                 
Broom                Clayton                        BD          Snellville                     GA                                 
Brosch               John                           RS          Ann Arbor                      MI                                 
Brown                Austin                         O           Myrtle Beach                   SC                                 
Brown                Christopher                    G           Belton                         SC                                 
Brown                Thomas                         D           Rock Hill                      SC                                 
Brown                Jared                          G           Lafayette                      IN                                 
Brownlee             Justin                         T           Saint George                   SC                                 
Brownlee             Zachary                        N           St George                      SC                                 
Brunson              John                           F           Alpharetta                     GA                                 
Bryant               Matthew                        V           Ninety Six                     SC                                 
Bryson               Walter                         P           Greenville                     SC                                 
Buchanan             Andrew                         G           Apex                           NC                                 
Bucherl              Erin                           V           Indianapolis                   IN                                 
Buck                 William              III       F           Columbus                       GA                                 
Buehring             Collin                         B           North Charleston               SC                                 
Builder              Lawson                         T           Hilton Head                    SC                                 
Bulger               Mark                           RS          Fort Mill                      SC                                 
Bultman              Neil                           P           Walker                         MI                                 
Bungarden            Matthew                        S           Palo Alto                      CA                                 
Burch                Jennifer                       V           Myrtle Beach                   SC                                 
Buren                Johnathan                      D           Williamsburg                   VA                                 
Burnett              Brett                          M           Cheraw                         SC                                 
Burroughs            Samuel                         V           Anderson                       SC                                 
Butkus               Jackson                        H           Doylestown                     PA                                 
Butler               Codi                           K           Fayetteville                   GA                                 
Byrd                 Elijah                         BD          Sevierville                    TN                                 
Byrne                Thomas                         I           Scituate                       MA                                 
Cain                 Briggs                         N           Columbia                       SC                                 
Calderone            Dominick             III       P           Bound Brook                    NJ                                 
Calhoun              William                        E           Greenville                     SC                                 
Campbell             Marlan                         I           Stark City                     MO                                 
Campsen              Boyce                          B           Isle of Palms                  SC                                 
Cannon               Tyler                          F           Seneca                         SC                                 
Cannon               Carly                          O           Oregon                         OH                                 
Cardin               Craig                          4B          Bluff City                     TN                                 
Carlen               James                V         G           West Columbia                  SC                                 
Carpenter            Tyler                          M           Lexington                      SC                                 
Carson               George               III       N           Lexington                      SC                                 
Carter               Naomi-Beth                     S           Cambridge                         NEW ZEALAND                     
Carter               Michael                        O           Elgin                          SC                                 
Carter               Tyus                           C           Birmingham                     AL                                 
Case                 Andrew                         I           Pickens                        SC                                 
Cass                 Ryan                           PB          Tega Cay                       SC                                 
Cavanaugh            Peyton                         R           Fayetteville                   GA                                 
Cerva                Lubor                          O           Prague 6                          CZECH REPUBLIC                  
Chapman              Michael                        S           Charleston                     SC                                 
Charpia              Barrett                        N           Chapin                         SC                                 
Chen                 Michael                        G           Bedford                        MA                                 
Cheshire             Shawn                          P           Greenwood                      SC                                 
Chew                 Nathan                         V           Greenville                     SC                                 
Chiaramonte          Paul                 Jr.       L           Ashburn                        VA                                 
Chilton              Matthew                        D           Waxhaw                         NC                                 
Choi                 Daniel                         A           Macon                          GA                                 
Christ               Matthew                        BD          Belleroge Village              NY                                 
Christensen          Andrew                         S           Palm Bay                       FL                                 
Clark                Robert               Jr.       R           Linden                         NJ                                 
Clark                Sophie-Leigh                   BD          Ramsey                         NJ                                 
Clark                Sebastian                      V           North Huntingdon               PA                                 
Clark                Charles                        R           Mount Pleasant                 SC                                 
Clark                Lucas                          L           Summerville                    SC                                 
Clark                Kai                            M           Summerville                    SC                                 
Clayton              Robert                         I           Greenville                     SC                                 
Clower               Spencer                        M           Summerville                    SC                                 
Cobb                 James                          C           Donalds                        SC                                 
Cochran              David                          F           Spotsylvania                   VA                                 
Coker                Phillip                        S           Hollywood                      SC                                 
Cole                 Garrett                        R           Culpeper                       VA                                 
Coleman              George               IV        B           Blair                          SC                                 
Colonna              Alexander                      D           Dacula                         GA                                 
Colquitt             Caillian                       N           Greenville                     SC                                 
Connell              Kevin                          C           Gray                           TN                                 
Cooke                Daniel                         L           Gettysburg                     PA                                 
Copeland             Dondray                        O           Doerun                         GA                                 
Cosgrove             Michael                        G           Bronx                          NY                                 
Couchenour           William                        G           Fort Mill                      SC                                 
Couseillant          Robert               III       RS          Miami                          FL                                 
Cowan                Stacy                          F           Gaston                         SC                                 
Cowart               Samuel                         BD          Roswell                        GA                                 
Cox                  Steven                         T           Fort Smith                     AR                                 
Crepes               Dennis                         RS          Leesville                      SC                                 
Cribb                Logan                          O           Rock Hill                      SC                                 
Crochet              Joseph                         L           Stone Mountain                 GA                                 
Crocker              Brittany                       I           Summerville                    SC                                 
Crosby               Winston                        R           Jasper                         FL                                 
Cruz                 Dylan                          D           Ridgeway                       SC                                 
Cuccaro              Antonio              Jr.       N           Ringoes                        NJ                                 
Culbreath            Michael                        C           Abbeville                      SC                                 
Cummings             Keith                          R           Jersey City                    NJ                                 
Cunnea               Mitchell                       L           Shorewood                      IL                                 
Curioz               Maxime                         P           Waller                         TX                                 
Daniel               Drew                           N           Ponte Vedra Beach              FL                                 
Daniell              James                III       E           Greer                          SC                                 
Daniels              Andrew                         K           Lexington                      SC                                 
Darley               Michael                        E           Charleston                     SC                                 
Dasburg              Micah                          BD          Charleston                     SC                                 
Davalos              Ryan                           F           Eager                          AZ                                 
Davila               Andrea                         V           McAllen                        TX                                 
Davis                Douglas                        3B          Greenville                     SC                                 
Davis                Landon                         D           Greenwood                      SC                                 
Davis                Frederick                      D           Conyers                        GA                                 
Davis                Eric                           S           Santa Claria                   CA                                 
Davis                Clinton                        E           Alpine                         CA                                 
Dawson               Conner                         V           Anderson                       SC                                 
Day                  Jonathan                       G           Augusta                        ME                                 
De La Cruz           Sergio                         K           Reading                        PA                                 
Deese                Tyler                          F           Irmo                           SC                                 
DeKerlegand          Drew                           A           Pearland                       TX                                 
Delgado              Jose                 II        M           Kingsland                      GA                                 
DeLoach              Henry                Jr.       I           Camden                         SC                                 
DeRosa               James                          L           Winchester                     MA                                 
D'Esposito           Christopher          Jr.       P           Wolcott                        CT                                 
DeVore               Jonathan                       C           Honea Path                     SC                                 
DeWitte              Jessica                        T           Macomb                         MI                                 
Dial                 Miller                         I           Moncks Corner                  SC                                 
Diedrich             Parker                         S           Myrtle Beach                   SC                                 
Diggs                Brenton                        O           Laurinburg                     NC                                 
DiVenanzo            Andrew                         G           Eustis                         FL                                 
Dixon                Lowell                         N           Eastover                       SC                                 
Dixon                Harrison                       PB          Bluffton                       SC                                 
Dobbins              James                          P           Greenville                     SC                                 
Dolan                Ryan                           M           Old Hickory                    TN                                 
Dompkowski           Eric                           G           Reading                        PA                                 
Donnelly             Kyle                           5B          Amawalk                        NY                                 
Doolittle            John                           R           Pomaria                        SC                                 
Dopson               Jake                           A           Goose Creek                    SC                                 
Douglas              Samuel                         PB          Aiken                          SC                                 
Downey               Brian                          BD          Fort Wayne                     IN                                 
Downs                Andrew                         E           Lanoka Harbor                  NJ                                 
Doyle                Matthew                        S           Darlington                     SC                                 
Drbohlav             Joseph                         E           Inmar                          SC                                 
Drennen              Elijah                         D           Oak Hill                       FL                                 
Druell               Ryan                           E           Kyle                           TX                                 
Duane                John                 II        L           Hilton Head Island             SC                                 
Dudley               Robert                         K           Camden                         SC                                 
Dukes                Robert                         P           Duluth                         GA                                 
Dunahoe              Zachary                        P           Mount Pleasant                 SC                                 
Dunaway              Lewis                          P           Charlotte                      NC                                 
Dunphy               William              III       D           Fayetteville                   GA                                 
Durham               William                        B           Inman                          SC                                 
Eaddy                Bryce                          S           Garden City                    SC                                 
Eakins               Brandon                        C           Columbia                       SC                                 
Easterly             Joshua                         H           Hopkins                        SC                                 
Edwards              John-Thomas                    P           Pickens                        SC                                 
Eggers               Rosemary                       1B          Cape Coral                     FL                                 
Ehmann               Charles                        T           Fuquay-Varina                  NC                                 
Emel                 H G Wilson                     L           Sumter                         SC                                 
Emery                Preston                        F           St Petersburg                  FL                                 
Emmrich              Savannah                       1B          Plainfield                     IL                                 
Engel                Daniel                         S           Charleston                     SC                                 
Epps                 William                        S           Blythewood                     SC                                 
Erwin                Woods                          P           Greenwood                      SC                                 
Estep                Wendell                        I           Blythewood                     SC                                 
Eteve                Marc                           D           Livemore                       CA                                 
Eubanks              Zachariah                      P           Weaverville                    NC                                 
Eulo                 Zachary                        S           Wilmington                     NC                                 
Evans                Taylor                         C           Easley                         SC                                 
Eveler               Jonathan                       PB          Stevensville                   MD                                 
Faherty              Nolan                          C           Stafford                       VA                                 
Faherty              Patrick                        D           Stafford                       VA                                 
Faile                Matthew                        K           Greenville                     SC                                 
Falciani             Peter                          K           Asbury                         NJ                                 
Fang                 Ya-Fang                        A           Tainan City                       TAIWAN                          
Faucher              Ryan                           2B          Live Oak                       FL                                 
Fender               Erik                 Jr.       B           Ehrhardt                       SC                                 
Fenton               John                           K           Shreveport                     LA                                 
Ferguson             Mackenzie                      A           New Albany                     OH                                 
Ferrell              David                          2B          Sumter                         SC                                 
Ferry                Brogan                         R           Beaufort                       SC                                 
Fetrow               Brandon                        G           Mechanicsburg                  PA                                 
Fields               Emily                          P           Bradford                       OH                                 
Finch                Carson                         A           Charleston                     SC                                 
Fish                 Nicholas                       E           Pasadena                       MD                                 
Fish                 Erik                           H           Jacksonville                   FL                                 
Fleckenstein         Paul                           A           Portland                       OR                                 
Floress              Ryan                           T           Lawrencville                   GA                                 
Floyd                Garreth                        D           Columbia                       SC                                 
Fogarty              Aidan                          P           New Suffolk                    NY                                 
Fogle                John                           2B          West Chester                   OH                                 
Ford                 Cody                           R           Saluda                         SC                                 
Forrest              John                 Jr.       F           Lantana                        TX                                 
Foulke               Jacob                          5B          Hendersonville                 TN                                 
Fox                  Franklin                       PB          Mount Pleasant                 SC                                 
Fox                  John                           D           Jacksonville                   FL                                 
Franks               Colin                          H           Mt. Pleasant                   SC                                 
Frasier              Antonio                        5B          Clarksville                    TN                                 
Fredette             Melissa                        A           Mint Hill                      NC                                 
Freitas              Hunter                         B           Dillon                         SC                                 
Frisch               Matthew                        D           Edisto Beach                   SC                                 
Funderburk           Joshua                         B           Latta                          SC                                 
Furmanchik           Andrew               IV        O           Mount Pleasant                 SC                                 
Fyfe                 Charles              II        1B          Inman                          SC                                 
Gabriel              Rico                           I           Moore                          SC                                 
Gaddis               Timothy                        F           Brentwood                      TN                                 
Gamarra              Hayden                         O           Columbia                       SC                                 
Garcia Torres        Mariana                        PB          Bogota                            COLOMBIA                        
Gardner              Benjamin                       K           Greenville                     SC                                 
Garnett              Azanna                         F           Woodbridge                     VA                                 
Garrett              Mason                III       P           Simpsonville                   SC                                 
Gasper               David                          H           Myrtle Beach                   SC                                 
Gasque               Grayson                        L           Marion                         SC                                 
Gause                Adam                           M           Darlington                     SC                                 
Gehris               John                 Jr.       R           High Point                     NC                                 
Giammarella          David                          RS          Dalton                         GA                                 
Gibbons              Samuel               IV        C           Lexington                      SC                                 
Gibbs                Brendan                        G           Columbus                       OH                                 
Gibson               Christopher                    PB          Lugoff                         SC                                 
Glasser              Paul                           B           Elgin                          SC                                 
Glover               Alexander                      D           Mount Pleasant                 SC                                 
Godowns              Edward                         K           Cope                           SC                                 
Godwin               Charles              III       1B          Lake City                      SC                                 
Goins                John                           L           Herndon                        VA                                 
Gonzalez             Kenny                          RS          Coconut Creek                  FL                                 
Gonzalez             Fernando                       PB          San Diego                      CA                                 
Goodfellow           Niles                          K           Peachtree City                 GA                                 
Goodwin              Chase                          O           Summerville                    SC                                 
Gorospe              Christopher                    K           Rock Hill                      SC                                 
Goss                 Michael                        I           Stockbridge                    GA                                 
Gould                Justin                         A           Clemont                        FL                                 
Graham               Colin                          T           Toms River                     NJ                                 
Grant                Michael-Clinton                O           Portsmouth                     VA                                 
Grant                Alexander                      M           Charleston                     SC                                 
Grant                Evan                           P           Nicholasville                  KY                                 
Green                Dylan                          BD          Woodruff                       SC                                 
Green                Colin                          H           Maitland                       FL                                 
Gresham              James                          N           Landrum                        SC                                 
Gresham              Evan                           F           Pendleton                      SC                                 
Gress                Stewart                        G           Mount Pleasant                 SC                                 
Grier                Khyle                          C           Lexington                      SC                                 
Griffin              Brian                          G           Hopatcong                      NJ                                 
Griffin              Richard                        K           Albemarle                      NC                                 
Griffin              Harry                          L           Charleston                     SC                                 
Grimm                James                          B           Burr Ridge                     IL                                 
Gundling             Collins                        3B          Camden                         SC                                 
Gustafson            Max                            K           Ossipee                        NH                                 
Haas                 Marshall                       S           Fort Bragg                     NC                                 
Hackett              Cameron                        M           Charleston                     SC                                 
Haddad               Nicolas                        F           Columbia                       SC                                 
Hagood               Branks                         C           Johns Island                   SC                                 
Hagood               Strachan                       D           Johns Island                   SC                                 
Haithcox             Brian                          O           Monroe                         NC                                 
Haliscak             Teddi                          P           Florence                       SC                                 
Hall                 Alexander                      PB          Mongomery Village              MD                                 
Hall                 Ty                             I           Morehead City                  NC                                 
Hall                 Brandon                        K           Mount Pleasant                 SC                                 
Hambleton            Benjamin                       PB          Fort Myers                     FL                                 
Hamilton             Joshua                         PB          North Charleston               SC                                 
Hamilton             Taylor                         D           Greenville                     SC                                 
Hamma                Matthew                        C           Haymarket                      VA                                 
Hammett              Albert               Jr.       3B          Carencro                       LA                                 
Hammond              Nicholas                       C           Lexington                      SC                                 
Hammonds             Robert                         L           Latta                          SC                                 
Hansen               Chester                        BD          Statesville                    NC                                 
Hansen               Bradley                        S           Sumter                         SC                                 
Hansen               Brandon                        T           Sumter                         SC                                 
Hansen               Jeffery                        L           Sumter                         SC                                 
Hanulcik             Andrew                         F           Mount Pleasant                 SC                                 
Harbol               Marcus                         G           Bothell                        WA                                 
Harrell              Wesley                         C           Lake City                      SC                                 
Harrill              Andrew                         I           Greenville                     SC                                 
Harris               Carl                           BD          Union                          SC                                 
Harris               Marshall             III       C           San Antonio                    TX                                 
Harrison             Thomas                         S           Charleston                     SC                                 
Hart                 Taylor                         1B          Charleston                     SC                                 
Hasty                Cody                           N           Spartanburg                    SC                                 
Hatch                David                          P           Signal Mountain                TN                                 
Hauptman             Jason                          L           Wilmington                     NC                                 
Hawks                Kyle                           RS          Mooresville                    NC                                 
Hayden               Alex                           N           Greenville                     SC                                 
Headen               Chandler                       K           Charlotte                      NC                                 
Heald                Ryan                           PB          Matthews                       NC                                 
Healy                Frank                          O           Cetreville                     VA                                 
Heath                Stewart              IV        C           Lake City                      SC                                 
Heckendorn           Dillon                         G           Goose Creek                    SC                                 
Hedman               Lyle                           I           Myrtle Beach                   SC                                 
Heffernan            Tyler                          BD          Longmeadow                     MA                                 
Helfrich             Daniel                         PB          Isle of Plams                  SC                                 
Hemmings             Kendall                        P           Lawrenceville                  GA                                 
Hendry               Hayden                         C           Clover                         SC                                 
Hernandez            Kristian                       P           Chesapeake                     VA                                 
Hess                 Lucas                          PB          High Point                     NC                                 
Hester               Logan                          3B          Melbourne                      FL                                 
Hicks                Richard                        I           Arnold                         MD                                 
Hicks                Collin                         RS          Winder                         GA                                 
Higaki               Logan                          H           Hilo                           HI                                 
Hightower            John                           L           Aiken                          SC                                 
Hill                 Taylor                         E           Yorktown                       VA                                 
Hill                 Blaine                         R           Concord                        NC                                 
Hindman              Thomas                         H           West Columbia                  SC                                 
Hinson               Montana                        C           Hendersonville                 TN                                 
Hipps                Donald               Jr.       RS          Pelion                         SC                                 
Hoffman              Joseph                         N           Concord                        NC                                 
Holmes               Michael                        L           Jacksonville                   FL                                 
Holt                 Hannah                         S           Summerville                    SC                                 
Holt                 Charles                        D           Myrtle Beach                   SC                                 
Hooker               William              III       PB          Fort Mill                      SC                                 
Hoopes               Bryce                          H           North Charleston               SC                                 
Hopkins              Christopher                    I           Hartsville                     SC                                 
Horgan               Patrick              V         O           Santa Fe                       NM                                 
Hornbeck             Timothy                        R           Tallmadge                      OH                                 
Horne                Alexander                      V           Smithfield                     VA                                 
Horning              Raymond                        B           Snellville                     GA                                 
Horton               Holly                          BD          Woodbine                       GA                                 
Howard               James                          K           Whispering Pines               NC                                 
Howell               Daniel                         RS          Rancho Cucamonga               CA                                 
Howle                Julian                         N           Darlington                     SC                                 
Howle Emmett IV A Charlotte  NC
Hudgens              John                 IV        D           Columbia                       SC                                 
Hudie                Patrick                        K           Dumfries                       VA                                 
Huffer               Brett                          O           Hartsville                     SC                                 
Humphrey             William                        S           Lexington                      SC                                 
Humphries            Charles                        M           Beaufort                       SC                                 
Hunt                 Garland              Jr.       T           Franklin                       TN                                 
Hunton               Richard              III       T           Columbia                       SC                                 
Hutchinson           Aaron                          S           Charleston                     SC                                 
Hutto                Andrew                         E           Columbia                       SC                                 
Hylton               Brad                           M           Hanahan                        SC                                 
Ikalowych            Stephen                        B           Oak Island                     NC                                 
Imbarlina            Nicholas                       D           Mount Pleasant                 SC                                 
Intravichit          Pongvisit                      R           Samutprakarn                      THAILAND                        
Ireland              Matthew                        5B          Laurel                         NY                                 
Irvin                Joshua                         S           Charleston                     SC                                 
Irwin                Alexander                      T           Erie                           PA                                 
Jackson              Lewis                          O           Bath                           NY                                 
Jackson              William              IV        B           Greer                          SC                                 
Jackson              Robert                         H           Roswell                        GA                                 
Jackson              Brendan                        N           Mobile                         AL                                 
Jacobik              Christopher                    I           Charleston                     SC                                 
Jameson              Tanner                         RS          Belle                          WV                                 
Jannarone            Taylor                         K           Avon by the Sea                NJ                                 
Jarratt              Robert                         I           Lexington                      SC                                 
Jewell               Conner                         C           Lexington                      SC                                 
Johnson              Russell              Jr.       G           Myrtle Beach                   SC                                 
Johnson              Jeffrey                        BD          Aiken                          SC                                 
Johnson              Sarah                          A           Aiken                          SC                                 
Johnson              Mark                 II        M           Barnwell                       SC                                 
Johnston             Cal                            K           Clarendon Hills                IL                                 
Jones                Jeffery                        T           Statesville                    NC                                 
Jones                James                          5B          Charleston                     SC                                 
Jones                Kyle                           F           Andrews                        SC                                 
Jordan               Jorian                         D           Charlotte                      NC                                 
Jordan               Thomas                         N           Camden                         SC                                 
Jordan               Philip                         RS          Sumter                         SC                                 
Jordan               Austin                         5B          West Columbia                  SC                                 
Jordan               Edwin                          C           Dillon                         SC                                 
Jordan               Lawrence             Jr.       1B          Dillon                         SC                                 
Joseph               Peter                          S           Old Bridge                     NJ                                 
Joyner               Pierre               II        F           Camden                         SC                                 
Jurney               Taylor                         D           Cornelius                      NC                                 
Justiniano           Alexis                         G           Springfield                    MA                                 
Kahn                 Tyler                          I           Millville                      NJ                                 
Kahn                 Clyde                          F           Florence                       SC                                 
Kanaly               Nicholas                       T           Bowling Green                  KY                                 
Karges               Tyler                          S           Summerville                    SC                                 
Katchen              Sarah                          RS          Galesburg                      IL                                 
Keaveny              Thomas               III       B           Charleston                     SC                                 
Keefer               Rachel                         N           Fleming Island                 FL                                 
Keener               Robert                         1B          Knoxville                      TN                                 
Keeton               Christopher                    L           Simpsonville                   SC                                 
Kegley               Christopher                    PB          Nashville                      GA                                 
Kelley               Edward               Jr.       2B          Atlantic Highlands             NJ                                 
Kennedy              Michael                        T           Providence Village             TX                                 
Kerkhoff             David                          A           Canton                         GA                                 
Kernodle             Bailey                         N           Fort Mill                      SC                                 
Kersey               Andrew                         BD          Williamsburg                   VA                                 
Kessinger            Kristen                        N           Beaufort                       SC                                 
Ketner               Shaun                          RS          Walnutport                     PA                                 
Khacheryan           Jonathon                       S           North Hollywood                CA                                 
Kilgallen            Jeffrey                        O           Goose Creek                    SC                                 
Kim                  Daniel                         P           Alexandria                     VA                                 
Kim                  Edward                         A           Columbia                       SC                                 
Kim                  YoungGun                       RS          Columbia                       SC                                 
Kimbrell             Forrest                        P           Beaufort                       SC                                 
King                 Michael                        H           Hartsville                     SC                                 
Kingland             Maryah                         V           Valley Stream                  NY                                 
Kirkpatrick          Kashmeir                       A           Fairfax Station                VA                                 
Kirkpatrick          Colt                           N           Lexington                      SC                                 
Kirkpatrick          William                        F           Greer                          SC                                 
Kirven               Wyatt                          V           Bowman                         SC                                 
Kish                 Dakota                         5B          Conway                         SC                                 
Klam                 Joseph                         M           Bangor                         ME                                 
Klimek               Peter                Jr.       O           Newton                         NJ                                 
Klosinski            Paul                           P           Augusta                        GA                                 
Knoll                Derek                          N           Ramsey                         MN                                 
Knotek               Robert                         P           Saratoga Springs               NY                                 
Knutson              Garrett                        PB          Mt Vernon                      TX                                 
Koch                 Jacob                          T           Hanahan                        SC                                 
Kochan               Daniel                         BD          Okemos                         MI                                 
Koller               Kate                           K           Mint Hill                      NC                                 
Koller               Mary Ann                       I           Mint Hill                      NC                                 
Komrek               Matthew                        BD          Tarpon Springs                 FL                                 
Kottraba             Benjamin                       H           Baltimore                      MD                                 
Kouten               John                           M           Johns Island                   SC                                 
Kraft                Matthew                        I           Washington                     CT                                 
Krawczak             Martin                         N           Springfield                    VA                                 
LaFlamme             Zackery                        D           Fort Mill                      SC                                 
Lancaster            Hayden                         H           Evans                          GA                                 
Landry               Christopher                    PB          Atlanta                        GA                                 
Lane                 Charles                        L           Crescent City                  FL                                 
Lange                Chad                           I           Charleston                     SC                                 
Langley              Collins                        R           Germantown                     TN                                 
Lapchak              Brian                          S           Yorba Linda                    CA                                 
Larimore             Daniel                         O           Florence                       SC                                 
LaRiviere            Alexandra                      5B          Springfield                    VA                                 
Lariviere            Margaret                       P           Springfield                    VA                                 
Lazaroff             Thomas                         S           Surfside Beach                 SC                                 
League               John                 Jr.       H           Greenville                     SC                                 
Lee                  Austin                         A           Rock Hill                      SC                                 
Lefort               Bradley                        PB          Raleigh                        NC                                 
Lemons               Cooper                         G           Fountain Inn                   SC                                 
Lenahan              Kevin                III       B           Flanders                       NJ                                 
Levermann            Nicole                         D           New Braunfels                  TX                                 
Lewis                Parker                         K           Greer                          SC                                 
Liang                Ting                           RS          Tainan City 710                   TAIWAN                          
Liao                 Jhen-Yu                        I           Taiwching City                    TAIWAN                          
Liedman              Jacob                          V           Jacksonville                   FL                                 
Light                Zachary                        E           Fort Mill                      SC                                 
Lintner              John                           PB          Marietta                       GA                                 
Livingstone          Hunter                         2B          Gibsonia                       PA                                 
Locklear             Ryan                           A           Monks Corner                   SC                                 
Long                 William                        4B          Columbia                       SC                                 
Lopez                Narisa                         BD          High Point                     NC                                 
Love                 Jonathan                       C           Chester                        SC                                 
Love                 Andriana                       PB          Wylie                          TX                                 
Lovins               Christian                      N           Tega Cay                       SC                                 
Lowring              Kevin                          4B          Bogart                         GA                                 
Lowry                Samuel               IV        B           Charlotte                      NC                                 
Loya                 Jessica                        R           Johns Island                   SC                                 
Lucas                Roderick                       R           Greenbelt                      MD                                 
Luo                  Roger                          E           Thornton                       CO                                 
Lybrand              William                        S           Spartanburg                    SC                                 
Ma                   Jane                           G           Manassas                       VA                                 
Mabry                Michael                        R           Myrtle Beach                   SC                                 
MacDonald            Alexander                      1B          Hilton Head Island             SC                                 
MacDonald            Kevin                          H           Hilton Head Island             SC                                 
MacMillan            Craig                          L           Greenville                     SC                                 
Madak                Joel                           M           Simpsonville                   SC                                 
Maddalena            Nickolas                       F           Virginia Beach                 VA                                 
Madden               Nathaniel            IV        2B          Anderson                       SC                                 
Maes                 Evan                           S           Summerville                    SC                                 
Maguire              Matthew                        G           Mt Pleasant                    SC                                 
Mahn                 Arthur               III       A           Hartsville                     SC                                 
Mai                  Andrew                         P           Myrtle Beach                   SC                                 
Maier                Dylan                          H           Greer                          SC                                 
Maldonado            Kimberly                       D           Charleston                     SC                                 
Malouff              Ryan                           V           San Clemente                   CA                                 
Manor                Eraina                         D           Trophy Club                    TX                                 
Maples               Brittaney                      BD          Gatlinburg                     TN                                 
Maples               James                          E           Sevierville                    TN                                 
Maris                Gregory                        B           Greenville                     SC                                 
Marquez              Joaquin                        D           Mesilla Park                   NM                                 
Martin               Jonathan                       V           Spotswood                      NJ                                 
Martin               Kaleb                          N           Monaca                         PA                                 
Martin               Andrew                         G           Columbia                       MD                                 
Martin               Phillip                        L           Cottageville                   SC                                 
Martin               Benjamin                       S           Simpsonville                   SC                                 
Martin               Harley                         4B          Beaufort                       SC                                 
Martin               Austin                         O           Loganville                     GA                                 
Martin               Terrance             Jr.       F           Decherd                        TN                                 
Mason                Christian                      D           Knightsdale                    NC                                 
Mason                Austin                         D           Greer                          SC                                 
Mathews              Zachary                        N           Clearwater                     FL                                 
Maurice              Mark                 Jr.       2B          Elm Grove                      WI                                 
Maxwell              William                        E           Jacksonville                   FL                                 
May                  Austin                         3B          Marion                         NY                                 
May                  Harvey               IV        C           Charlotte                      NC                                 
Mayeaux              Michael                        PB          Pawleys Island                 SC                                 
Mayleben             Madison                        L           Mount Pleasant                 SC                                 
Mazzoli              Paul                           T           Saluda                         SC                                 
Mazzuchelli          Andrew                         4B          Milford                        MA                                 
McAnally             Nathan                         P           Tullahoma                      TN                                 
McBee                Tyler                                      Dacula                         GA                                 
McCall               Joseph                         S           Pelham                         AL                                 
McCants              James                          E           Aiken                          SC                                 
McClam               Robert                         D           Lake City                      SC                                 
McCluskey            Andrew                         D           Columbus                       GA                                 
McCullough           Daniel                         S           Greenville                     SC                                 
McDowell             Hugh                           A           Washington                     DC                                 
McFaddin             Douglas                        A           Manning                        SC                                 
McGivern             Ryan                           P           Fairfax                        VA                                 
McGuire              Franklin             Jr.       2B          Lexington                      SC                                 
McGuire              Thomas                         BD          Lexington                      SC                                 
McIntosh             Benjamin                       BD          Dearing                        GA                                 
McIntyre             Cole                           M           Moore                          SC                                 
McIver               Patrick                        T           Clayton                        NC                                 
McLelland            Alexander                      2B          Fort Mill                      SC                                 
McLoughlin           Sean                           G           Pawleys Island                 SC                                 
McMahan              Andrew                         BD          Knoxville                      TN                                 
McManus              Kane                           RS          Sandwich                       MA                                 
McMillan             John                           N           Mount Pleasant                 SC                                 
McMillin             Nicholas                       R           Hartsville                     SC                                 
McNerny              Angelica                       L           Las Vegas                      NV                                 
McQueeney            Joseph                         I           Charleston                     SC                                 
McSorley             Andrew                         I           Baltimore                      MD                                 
Melick               Roecker                        R           Birmingham                     AL                                 
Mellinger            Kyle                           P           Pasadena                       MD                                 
Mendez               Daniel                         V           Davie                          FL                                 
Mesa                 Anastasia                      B           Cooper City                    FL                                 
Meyer                Jillian                        1B          Wilmington                     DE                                 
Meyer                Jamie                          P           Summerville                    SC                                 
Miller               Christopher                    P           Cayce                          SC                                 
Miller               Craig                          B           Holly Hill                     SC                                 
Miller               Aaron                          S           Clover                         SC                                 
Mills                Amber                          K           Winston Salem                  NC                                 
Mills                Henry                          M           Myrtle Beach                   SC                                 
Mimms                John                           E           Darlington                     SC                                 
Mistretta            Blake                          H           Greer                          SC                                 
Mitchell             Robert                         PB          Irmo                           SC                                 
Mitchell             Nicholas                       L           Seneca                         SC                                 
Mitchell             Tyler                          RS          Indian Land                    SC                                 
Mitchum              Ehron                          K           Saint George                   SC                                 
Mixon                Davis                          A           Charleston                     SC                                 
Mobley               Cameron                        N           Mobile                         AL                                 
Mock                 Nicholas                       H           Savannah                       GA                                 
Mode                 Geoffrey                       G           Lexington                      SC                                 
Moe                  Christopher                    C           Charleston                     SC                                 
Monkowski            James                          M           Columbia                       SC                                 
Montgomery           Robert                         C           Beaufort                       SC                                 
Moody                Millard              Jr.       C           Columbia                       SC                                 
Moody                Lee                  Jr.       RS          Garnett                        KS                                 
Mook                 Walker                         N           Mt. Pleasant                   SC                                 
Moore Dylan D Olanta SC
Moore                Robert                         C           Suffolk                        VA                                 
Moore                James                          F           Chapin                         SC                                 
Moore                Ryan                           I           Elgin                          SC                                 
Moore                Nolan                          RS          Lynchburg                      SC                                 
Moore                Joel                           PB          Charleston                     SC                                 
Moore                Mallory                        R           Statham                        GA                                 
Moore                Brandon                        V           Savannah                       GA                                 
Moore                Jacob                          T           Vero Beach                     FL                                 
Moorer               Daniel                         A           Charleston                     SC                                 
Moorhead             Nelson                         T           Columbia                       SC                                 
Moran                Coby                           I           Orange                         CT                                 
Moran                Logan                          D           Omaha                          NE                                 
Morris               Hunter                         N           Mooresville                    NC                                 
Morris               Logan                          RS          Etowah                         TN                                 
Mosko                Nicholas                       BD          Columbus                       OH                                 
Moss                 John                           O           Rock Hill                      SC                                 
Mossbarger           William                        V           Nicholasville                  KY                                 
Motley               William                        L           Lexington                      SC                                 
Muhammad             Abdulrahman                    C           Gadsden                        AL                                 
Munson               James                          PB          Bloomington                    IL                                 
Murray               Evan                           S           Pittsburgh                     PA                                 
Narayan              Kaiya                          BD          Burlingame                     CA                                 
Nardone              Jesse Ray                      K           Long Valley                    NJ                                 
Nedolast             Matthew                        R           Akron                          OH                                 
Nedoma               Jacob                          F           Springfield                    MO                                 
Nelems               Michael                        D           Bluffton                       SC                                 
Nelson               James                Jr.       T           Massapequa                     NY                                 
Nelson               Alexander                      R           Beavercreek                    OH                                 
Neuder               Joel                 Jr.       E           Spartanburg                    SC                                 
New                  William              Jr.       F           Abbeville                      SC                                 
Nicholas             John                           BD          Pineland                       SC                                 
Nuttall              Austin                         G           Mount Pleasant                 SC                                 
Oatridge             Steven                         C           Portage                        IN                                 
O'Brien              Ziaire                         RS          Beaufort                       SC                                 
Ogilbee              Nicole                         F           Loveland                       OH                                 
Ojjeh                Sammy                          M           Oakton                         VA                                 
Olds                 Thomas                         R           Blythewood                     SC                                 
Oliver               Devin                          E           Bluffton                       SC                                 
Ordway               Elizabeth                      T           Twain Harte                    CA                                 
Otto                 Elijah                         K           Corpus Christi                 TX                                 
Overcash             Johnathan                      O           Summerville                    SC                                 
Owens                Jarrett                        D           Beaufort                       SC                                 
Oxendine             Justin                         B           Sumter                         SC                                 
Pace                 Matthew                        F           Middlesex                      NC                                 
Paez                 Matthew                        T           Ladson                         SC                                 
Pagayonan            Marvin Leo                     B           Las Vegas                      NV                                 
Palmer               John                 Jr.       C           Bartlett                       TN                                 
Pappas               Gregory                        K           Darlington                     SC                                 
Paquette             Zachary                        R           Lexington                      SC                                 
Parada               Andres                         O           Triangle                       VA                                 
Park                 Joshua                         F           Staten Island                  NY                                 
Park                 Elliot                         C           Myrtle Beach                   SC                                 
Parker               William                        A           Swansboro                      NC                                 
Parker               Kiel                           P           St Augustine                   FL                                 
Parker               Michael                        PB          Holland                        OH                                 
Parra                Richie                         T           Summerville                    SC                                 
Parrado              Alan                           V           Columbus                       GA                                 
Parrott              Charles                        F           Kinston                        NC                                 
Passailaigue         Sean                           M           Charleston                     SC                                 
Paul                 Nathaniel                      L           Lexington                      SC                                 
Paul                 Michael                        B           Mount Pleasant                 SC                                 
Pauley               William              III       O           Longs                          SC                                 
Peed                 Joshua                         E           Waxhaw                         NC                                 
Pellegrini           Erica                          D           Wilmington                     DE                                 
Pena                 Luis                 III       A           Philadelphia                   PA                                 
Penny                Ethan                          BD          Lindenhurst                    NY                                 
Pepper               Mckenzie                       F           Burkesville                    KY                                 
Perakis              Jason                          B           Rockingham                     NC                                 
Perez                Samuel                         L           Mount Pleasant                 SC                                 
Perley               Conner                         G           Morris                         CT                                 
Perrone              Michael                        PB          Bloomsbury                     NJ                                 
Peters               Zachary                        G           Hampton                        VA                                 
Petrone              Kyle                           T           Mendham                        NJ                                 
Phillips             Daniel                         E           Spartanburg                    SC                                 
Pierce               Elijah                         N           Anderson                       SC                                 
Pinnow               Jason                          O           APO                            AE                                 
Pinson               Isaiah                         A           N Charleston                   SC                                 
Piper                Steven                         P           Southampton                    NJ                                 
Pittman              Luke                           B           Hamer                          SC                                 
Poe                  Landon                         B           Summerville                    SC                                 
Pollard              Cameron                        L           Gales Ferry                    CT                                 
Ponton               Christopher                    M           North Charleston               SC                                 
Poole                Sean                           K           Spring City                    PA                                 
Pope                 Bryson                         B           Chester                        SC                                 
Potts                Christian                      BD          Charleston                     SC                                 
Pozek                Devon                          O           Lisle                          IL                                 
Prestigiacomo        Nicholas                       T           Greenfield Center              NY                                 
Price                Brannon                        K           Greenville                     SC                                 
Price                Kyle                           BD          Nashville                      TN                                 
Price                Matthew                        G           Findlay                        OH                                 
Prickett             John                           C           Mount Pleasant                 SC                                 
Priddy               Jacob                          F           Chapin                         SC                                 
Prosser              Matthew                        E           Goose Creek                    SC                                 
Prunty               Thomas                         I           Keedysville                    MD                                 
Pues                 Jacob                          F           Oak Creek                      WI                                 
Putala               William                        H           Charleston                     SC                                 
Puwalski             Jonathan                       M           Silver Spring                  MD                                 
Quick                Andrew                         P           Charleston                     SC                                 
Quintero             Otto                           O           Boiling Springs                SC                                 
Raad                 John David                     C           Rock Hill                      SC                                 
Rabon                Brandon                        1B          Goose Creek                    SC                                 
Radich               Joseph               III       BD          Moncks Corner                  SC                                 
Raedle               Lea                            B           Wessingen                         GERMANY                         
Raines               Grace                          R           Snellville                     GA                                 
Raynal               Brian                          C           St Kearney                     MO                                 
Reeder               Jacob                          O           Social Circle                  GA                                 
Reeves               Travis                         S           Lexington                      SC                                 
Reid                 Stephen                        R           Summerfield                    NC                                 
Reince               Brayden                        PB          Florence                       SC                                 
Resca                Dominick                       S           Bellmore                       NY                                 
Resch                Frank                II        R           Westerville                    OH                                 
Reynolds             Nicholas                       PB          Bethpage                       TN                                 
Rhoden               Calvin                         RS          Boca Raton                     FL                                 
Rhodes               Ryan                           N           Mt Pleasant                    SC                                 
Rice                 Raymond                        N           Columbia                       SC                                 
Rickenbaker          Gerald                         H           Cameron                        SC                                 
Rickert              Patrick                        D           Mobile                         AL                                 
Ridge                Shane                          P           Matthews                       NC                                 
Riggs                Jacob                          M           Greer                          SC                                 
Riley                James                          P           Mobile                         AL                                 
Robbins              Jacob                          RS          Union                          SC                                 
Roberson             Wesley                         BD          Simpsonville                   SC                                 
Roberts              Benjamin                       B           Statesboro                     GA                                 
Robinson             Robert                         BD          Hopkins                        SC                                 
Rodgers              Thomas                         A           Mt Pleasant                    SC                                 
Rodgers              Isaac                          T           Greer                          SC                                 
Rodriguez            Eduardo                        K           Charleston                     SC                                 
Rokusek              Michael                        N           Charleston                     SC                                 
Roper                Christopher                    O           Simpsonville                   SC                                 
Rosen                Jonathan                       V           Oconomowoc                     WI                                 
Rosenbaum            Alexander                      H           Charleston                     SC                                 
Ross                 Clayton                        R           Portland                       OR                                 
Rothfeld             Joshua                         K           Fredericksburg                 VA                                 
Rudman               Nicholas                       P           Navarre                        FL                                 
Rudnik               Amanda                         B           COLUMBIA                       SC                                 
Rumsey               Ian                            I           Gainesville                    FL                                 
Russo                Joseph                         L           Greer                          SC                                 
Rutledge             Steven                         P           Chantilly                      VA                                 
Ryan                 George               III       O           Waxhaw                         NC                                 
Rye                  Ralph                III       I           Chapin                         SC                                 
Safar                Michael                        4B          Hampstead                      MD                                 
Salamone             Zachariah                      H           Simpsonville                   SC                                 
Salkey               Alfreida                       RS          Goose Creek                    SC                                 
Salter               David                          E           Blythewood                     SC                                 
Sanborn              Jessica                        M           Wantagh                        NY                                 
Sanders              Matthew                        S           Simpsonville                   SC                                 
Sanders              Preston                        I           Kennesaw                       GA                                 
Santana              Michael                        T           Miami                          FL                                 
Santorum             Daniel                         E           Great Falls                    VA                                 
Santorum             Richard              Jr.       F           Great Falls                    VA                                 
Scaife               Joshua                         PB          Cumming                        GA                                 
Scalise              Matthew              Jr.       C           Surfside Beach                 SC                                 
Schiano              Joseph                         G           Columbia                       SC                                 
Schlegel             Kelsey                         S           Lancaster                      SC                                 
Schneider            Karina                         P           Hamburg                           GERMANY                         
Schoenfeld           Michelle                       E           Cortlandt Manor                NY                                 
Scholz               Jonathan                       M           Summerville                    SC                                 
Schoultz             DeAndre                        S           Aiken                          SC                                 
Schwendinger         Emily                          N           Bedford                        VA                                 
Scott                Paris                          5B          Hanahan                        SC                                 
Scott                William                        O           Mount Pleasant                 SC                                 
Seedor               Lauren                         L           Wayne                          PA                                 
Seidler              Bret                           N           Tiburon                        CA                                 
Seigler              Samuel                         RS          Indian Land                    SC                                 
Seigler              Noland                         P           Edgefield                      SC                                 
Senn                 William                        4B          Newberry                       SC                                 
Setzekorn            Dylen                          O           Gainesville                    GA                                 
Shaw                 Gavin                          BD          Allen                          TX                                 
Shaw                 Kevin                          BD          Allen                          TX                                 
Shea                 Daniel                         O           Hull                           MA                                 
Shelters             Bertus               V         PB          Old Bridge                     NJ                                 
Shepherd             Hunter                         D           Moncks Corner                  SC                                 
Shoemaker            Tanner                         D           Smithfield                     VA                                 
Simmons              Patrick                        V           Goose Creek                    SC                                 
Singh                Inderpal                       D           Duncan                         SC                                 
Singletary           Parker                         BD          Goose Creek                    SC                                 
Sloane               William                        R           Charleston                     SC                                 
Smalls               Brandon                        O           North Charleston               SC                                 
Smith                Kevin                          L           Chesapeake Beach               MD                                 
Smith                David                          PB          Beaverdam                      VA                                 
Smith                Christian                      P           Hurricane                      WV                                 
Smith                Michael                        G           Hendersonville                 NC                                 
Smith                Walker                         A           Denmark                        SC                                 
Smith                Jason                Jr.       C           Gilbert                        SC                                 
Smith                Timothy              Jr.       C           Gaffney                        SC                                 
Smith                Jason                          E           Goose Creek                    SC                                 
Smith                Hugh                           PB          Aynor                          SC                                 
Smith                Augustus             II        V           Conway                         SC                                 
Smith                Joel                           M           Anderson                       SC                                 
Smith                Carson                         5B          Simpsonville                   SC                                 
Smith                Andrew                         V           Covington                      GA                                 
Smith                Mark                           C           Roswell                        GA                                 
Smith                Daniel                         1B          Centerville                    TN                                 
Sneed                Taylor                         V           Summerville                    SC                                 
Snowden              Grady                          4B          Timmonsville                   SC                                 
Snyder               Lucas                          PB          Gilbert                        SC                                 
Snyder               Michael                        P           Sumter                         SC                                 
Snyder               Cole                           V           Union                          KY                                 
Sommers              Stephen                        P           Oakdale                        NY                                 
Sparano              Kenneth              II        I           Taylors                        SC                                 
Sperr                John                           N           Charleston                     SC                                 
Sponable             Collin                         E           Latham                         NY                                 
Sprott               William                        A           Winnsboro                      SC                                 
Spurlock             Tobiah                         M           Beaufort                       SC                                 
St. John             Raymond                        S           Phenix                         VA                                 
Stackhouse           Zachary                        L           Vashon Island                  WA                                 
Standridge           Matthew                        E           Charleston                     SC                                 
Stapleton            Benjamin                       N           Surfside Beach                 SC                                 
Statler              Ryan                           D           Columbia                       SC                                 
Steinhauer           Jacob                          C           Chelsea                        MI                                 
Stenson              Jacob                          H           Jacksonville                   FL                                 
Stephens             James                          O           Simpsonville                   SC                                 
Stephenson           Harry                II        C           Greenville                     SC                                 
Steward              Jordan                         L           Buffalo                        NY                                 
Stewart              Jacob                          E           Ashland                        MA                                 
Stewart              Kevin                          N           Ridgeville                     SC                                 
Stohlman             James                Jr.       5B          Annandale                      VA                                 
Stoker               Nicolas                        BD          Ballston Lake                  NY                                 
Stokholm             Brett                          F           Laurel                         MD                                 
Straniere            Marc                           2B          Wellsboro                      PA                                 
Stratmann            Conor                          PB          Westerville                    OH                                 
Stratton             Cory                           T           Burns                          TN                                 
Strickland           James                          P           West Columbia                  SC                                 
Sturgeon             Thomas                         O           Florence                       SC                                 
Su                   Po-Lun                         5B          Taichung                          TAIWAN                          
Suits                Maverick                       O           Lafayette                      GA                                 
Suitt                Briana                         F           Fayetteville                   NC                                 
Sulek                Clinton                        I           Crown Point                    IN                                 
Sullivan             Thomas                         N           Columbia                       SC                                 
Summers              Wesley                         S           Garrison                       NY                                 
Summers-Powell       Cameron                        R           Palm Harbor                    FL                                 
Sweat                Nicholas                       S           Davenport                      FL                                 
Sweatman             Ron                  II        B           Cross                          SC                                 
Sweatt               John                           P           Mt Pleasant                    SC                                 
Sweeney              Sean                           E           Melbourne                      FL                                 
Tassone              Joshua                         N           Oakdale                        CT                                 
Taylor               Cory                           PB          Pelzer                         SC                                 
Taylor               George                         S           North Augusta                  SC                                 
Teal                 Thomas                         E           Moore                          SC                                 
Terry                Joshua                         K           Barrington                     NH                                 
Therrell             Joshua                         PB          Fort Mill                      SC                                 
Thieme               Kevin                          M           Bethlehem                      PA                                 
Thies                William              II        PB          Wilmette                       IL                                 
Thigpen              Andrew                         3B          Charleston                     SC                                 
Thomas               Nathan                         R           North Charleston               SC                                 
Thomas               Samual                         4B          Fort Mill                      SC                                 
Thompson             Benjamin                       RS          Silver Spring                  MD                                 
Tillman              Benjamin                       F           Smyrna                         GA                                 
Tippetts             John Luke                      P           Boerne                         TX                                 
Tiscareno            Luke                           T           Downey                         CA                                 
Todd                 Austin                         A           Vero Beach                     FL                                 
Todd                 Shannon                        PB          Nacogdoches                    TX                                 
Tomblin              Avery                          I           Orlinda                        TN                                 
Tompkins             Brett                          B           Greer                          SC                                 
Townsend             Joel                 III       L           Greer                          SC                                 
Traster              Ryan                           5B          Fort Worth                     TX                                 
Trenery              Collin                         H           Columbia                       SC                                 
Tressito             Joseph                         P           Whitehouse Station             NJ                                 
Trevino              Dalton                         C           Canton                         GA                                 
Trone                Olivia                         A           Simpsonville                   SC                                 
Tsai                 Cheng-Kuei                     T           Bade City                         TAIWAN                          
Tucker               William                        P           Beaufort                       SC                                 
Turner               Cody                           T           Shelby                         NC                                 
Turner               Justin                         M           Boiling Springs                SC                                 
Turner               George                         H           Alpharetta                     GA                                 
Twohig               Colin                          S           Sumter                         SC                                 
Urban                James                          C           Randolph                       NJ                                 
Urey                 Hugh                 IV        5B          Willow Street                  PA                                 
Uriarte              Anthony                        A           Orlando                        FL                                 
Usher                Erik                           L           Asheville                      NC                                 
Utsey                William                        D           Orangeburg                     SC                                 
Vallette             Cody                           O           Fort Myers                     FL                                 
Van Dyke             Joseph                         I           Cumming                        GA                                 
Van Horn             Jacob                          H           Southbridge                    MA                                 
Van Liew             Michael                        D           Cranford                       NJ                                 
Van Patten           Nicholas                       V           Columbia                       SC                                 
VanderGulik          Ian                            O           Kensington                     CT                                 
Vanderveldt          Joseph               III       BD          Babylon                        NY                                 
Vanstraten           Ashley                         A           Pensacola                      FL                                 
Vanvick              William                        A           Greenville                     SC                                 
Venner               David                          R           Virginia Beach                 VA                                 
Vicci                Joseph                         E           Cranford                       NJ                                 
Vo                   Hoai                           L           Greenville                     SC                                 
Vuong                Thaihoa                        R           Columbia                       SC                                 
Wagstaff             Brooks                         K           Columbus                       OH                                 
Waldrop              Robert                         I           South Plainfield               NJ                                 
Wanish               Tanner                         O           Irmo                           SC                                 
Warr                 Lewis                          B           Alcolu                         SC                                 
Washington           Henry                          T           Walterboro                     SC                                 
Waterlander          Andrew                         PB          Goose Creek                    SC                                 
Watkins              Russell                        B           Hartsville                     SC                                 
Watson               John                 Jr.       H           Spring Hill                    FL                                 
Weaver               Kyle                           L           Hilton Head Isl                SC                                 
Wells                Jacob                          B           Heath Springs                  SC                                 
Welsh                Ashby                          R           Galion                         OH                                 
Wert                 James                          P           Simpsonville                   SC                                 
West                 Kathleen                       M           Simpsonville                   SC                                 
Whalen               Morgan                         O           Columbia                       SC                                 
Whitenack            David                          D           Newburgh                       IN                                 
Wicker               Wilson                         R           Myrtle Beach                   SC                                 
Wilbanks             Mattison                       K           Barnwell                       SC                                 
Wiles                Austin                         O           Rock Hill                      SC                                 
Wilke                Garrett                        R           Lexington Park                 MD                                 
Wilkerson            Forrest                        I           York                           SC                                 
Wilkinson            Maureen                        O           Gastonia                       NC                                 
Williams             Garrett                        H           Leland                         NC                                 
Williams             Dominique                      B           North Charleston               SC                                 
Williams             Tevin                          D           Ladson                         SC                                 
Williamson           Gregory                        E           Blythewood                     SC                                 
Williamson           Matthew                        A           Kingstree                      SC                                 
Willimon             Taylor                         L           Easley                         SC                                 
Wilson               Alexander                      K           Charlotte                      NC                                 
Wilson               Andrew               Jr.       F           Columbia                       SC                                 
Wilson               Collin                         H           Easley                         SC                                 
Wilson               Brendon                        PB          Aiken                          SC                                 
Wilson               John                           B           Franklin                       TN                                 
Wilt                 Steven                         PB          Charleston                     SC                                 
Winch                Sara                           B           Mount Pleasant                 SC                                 
Wingo                Justin                         P           Lyman                          SC                                 
Wint                 Braden                         M           Charlotte                      NC                                 
Wollan               Elizabeth                      H           Camden                         SC                                 
Wright               Nathan                         C           Charlotte                      NC                                 
Wright               Howard               III       B           Rock Hill                      SC                                 
Wu                   Chen-Cheng                     P           Douliu City                       TAIWAN                          
Wycoff               Justin                         V           Concord                        NC                                 
Yates                Brandon                        R           Herndon                        VA                                 
Yates                Dylan                          B           Sumter                         SC                                 
Yates                Everett                        P           Helen                          GA                                 
Yeager               Faliesha                       RS          Charleston                     SC                                 
Yi                   Jongbin                        T           Norcross                       GA                                 
Yordy                Zachary                        E           Simpsonville                   SC                                 
York                 Thomas                         A           Walkertown                     NC                                 
Young                William                        D           Sumter                         SC                                 
Young                Benjamin                       N           Norcross                       GA                                 
Young                Brianna                        M           Land O Lakes                   FL                                 
Young                Benjamin                       N           Waunakee                       WI                                 
Yslas                Cory                           I           Henderson                      NV                                 
Zajac                Jordan                         C           Spencerport                    NY                                 
Zeller               Christopher                    1B          San Jacinto                    CA                                 
Zovich               Anthony                        F           Greenville                     SC                                 
Zukowski             Justine                        M           Napanoch                       NY                                 

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