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Attendance and Class Absence System

While the information is as accurate as possible, in the case of any discrepancies between this webpage and the student's catalog of record, the catalog will be the final authority. Online catalogs can be found here.

The cornerstone of undergraduate education is communication between the teacher and the learner, and at The Citadel, class attendance is mandatory. Students may, however, need to miss class for authorized reasons—athletic events, academic travel, special ceremonies, guard duties, military obligations, etc. Illness and personal emergencies may also cause students to be absent for legitimate reasons. Instructors should work with students in these cases to assist them in making up tests, exams, quizzes, and other work missed.

Should it be necessary to miss a class for any reason, the student will, unless circumstances preclude it, notify the professor in advance and will be responsible for any material missed. Tests and labs are critically important and are scheduled well in advance. It is, therefore, imperative that these are missed only due to circumstances beyond the control of the student and that the student notify the instructor when missing a test or lab cannot be avoided.

Students are notified each time they are reported absent from a class and have 72 hours to make requests to their Academic Officer for adjustments.

Absences, whether excused or unexcused, in excess of 20% of the meetings of a particular course can, at the discretion of the professor, result in a grade of “F” in the course. When class attendance is used to adjust or determine a cadet’s grade, the faculty member’s class attendance record will provide the official attendance record. Faculty members may correct submitted class absence data for 6 working days after the day the class meets by sending this information to the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs. However, the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs will accept no late class absence submissions from the faculty after the last day of classes each semester.

As soon as a determination has been made that a grade of “F” for excessive absences is warranted, the instructor will notify the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs, and the student will be assigned an “F.” If, as a result of this action, the total hours carried by a full-time student drops below 12 credit hours, the student is subject to immediate discharge from the College unless there are extenuating circumstances. Such circumstances must be presented in writing to the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs.

When the number of unexcused absences reaches 5, the student and his or her parents will be issued a warning by the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs that continued disregard of the academic policy requiring class attendance will result in an academic discharge from the College.

After 10 unexcused absences in any semester, the student will be permitted to complete the current semester, but will be academically discharged from the College for the following semester.

Cadets who accumulate 10 or more unexcused absences in the spring semester and who would otherwise be eligible to participate in commencement will not be permitted to do so.

In all other circumstances, cadets who accumulate 10 or more unexcused absences will be awarded an academic discharge

For more detailed information on the Class Absence System Policies and Procedures, please review the following documents:

Accessing Class Absences

Attendance Policy

Class Absences and Punishments 2020-2021 Blue Book p. 20


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