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Bachelor of Science in Chemistry - Biochemical Concentration

About the Program

A biochemist studies the chemistry of living things and how chemicals affect biological processes such as disease, cell development, growth, and heredity. Biochemists who do applied research are responsible for the development of new medicines and vaccines. Biochemists who do basic research expand our knowledge of the chemistry of living things.

Employment Opportunities

  • Pharmaceutical Research Lab•Pharmaceutical Research Lab
  • BioTech. Company
  • Patent Law
  • Medical Doctor
  • Veterinarian
  • Biochemical Engineering
  • Federal Regulator•CDC
  • Requirements for the Bachelor of Science Degrees:

    B.S. in Chemistry

    CHEM 153/163       General Chemistry Lecture/Lab for Majors I

    CHEM 154/164       General Chemistry Lecture/Lab for Majors II

    CHEM 207/217       Organic Chemistry Lecture/Lab I

    CHEM 208/218       Organic Chemistry Lecture/Lab II

    CHEM 300              Quantitative Analysis

    CHEM 302              Instrumental Analysis

    CHEM 305/315       Physical Chemistry Lecture/Lab I

    CHEM 306/316       Physical Chemistry Lecture/Lab II

    CHEM 308              Introduction to Chemical Research

    CHEM 401              Inorganic Chemistry I

    CHEM 409              Biochemistry I

    CHEM 419              Senior Research I

    CHEM 420              Senior Research II

    MATH 131               Analytical Geometry and Calculus I

    MATH 132               Analytical Geometry and Calculus II

    PHYS 221/271        Physics with Calculus Lecture/Lab I

    PHYS 222/272        Physics with Calculus Lecture/Lab II

    At least 1 approved elective from: BIOL 308, 310, 421, 424, 427; CHEM 402, 404, 410; MATH 303, 335, 343, 344, 381, 403, 411, 422, 470; PHYS 301, 307, 308, 315, 320, 323, 403, 405, 409, 410

    An additional approved elective from: CHEM 402, 404, 410




    B.S. with Biochemistry Specialization

    Same as B.S. in Chemistry with the following differences:

    CHEM 315 is not required.

    CHEM 410 and CHEM 460 are required.

    Two approved electives are not required; however, one approved biology elective must be chosen from: BIOL 308, 310, 421, 424, or 427.


    B.S. (Chemistry or Biochemistry) with American Chemical Society Accreditation

    Same as B.S. in Chemistry with the addition of:

    MATH 234               Applied Engineering Mathematics I

    CHEM 460              Biochemistry Laboratory

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