The Military College of South Carolina
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CFA Newsletters

CFA Board produces several newsletters during the year to to help The Citadel communicate with parents concerning the College‚Äôs purposes, activities, and changes. The newsletters provide a mechanism to allow the CFA to remain committed to this important function as well as support our expanded mission of educating and supporting the needs of Citadel families and advocate the needs and priorities of the College. Many families will be introduced to the CFA through the Matriculation Newsletter. Additional newsletters will be circulated in the Fall, Winter and Spring. Finally, the much awaited Graduation newsletter will include information about Commencement activities and will say goodbye to outgoing board members and introduce the board members for the following school year. We encourage you to read past issues to see a preview of what's to come in your cadet's college experience.

Spring 2000 Winter 2003 Fall 2008 Matriculation 2014
Fall 2000 Spring 2004 Spring 2009 Spring 2015
Winter 2000 Matriculation 2004 Matriculation 2009 Graduation 2015
Spring 2001 Winter 2005 Fall 2009 Matriculation 2015
Summer 2001 Matriculation 2005 Winter 2009 Graduation 2016
Fall 2001 Fall 2005 Matriculation 2010 Matriculation 2016
Winter 2001 Winter 2006 Fall 2010 Graduation 2017
Spring 2002 Matriculation 2006 Matriculation 2011 Matriculation 2017
Summer 2002 Fall 2006 Fall 2011 Matriculation 2018
Matriculation 2002 Winter 2007 Spring 2012 Matriculation 2019 
Fall 2002 Spring 2007 Matriculation 2012 Matriculation 2020
Winter 2002 Matriculation 2007 Fall 2012  Matriculation 2021
Spring 2003 Fall 2007 Graduation 2013  
Matriculation 2003 Spring 2008 Matriculation 2013  
Fall 2003 Matriculation 2008 Fall 2013  


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