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CSCI 405: Operating Systems

Course Description:

CSCI 405 Operating Systems Three Credit Hours
Prerequisites: CSCI 223 and CSCI 305
An introduction to the concepts of modern operating system design, the architectural features of modern computer systems, and a study of the implementations of these components in actual operating systems. Topics include data structures and algorithms to support process control, concurrency, and scheduling; memory management, including virtual memory architectures; and I/O and file management.

Major Topics:

  • OS Structures
  • Process Management
  • Thread Management
  • Process Synchronization
  • CPU Scheduling
  • Deadlock
  • Main Memory Management
  • Virtual Memory Management
  • Mass Storage Structure
  • File System Interface and Implementation
  • Input-Output Systems
  • Protection
  • Security
  • Virtual Machines
  • Distributed OS and Real-time OS

Course Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course, a student will be able to

  • Identify the major concepts in modern operating systems and the basic security issues in OS design and implementation (how the first principles of security apply to operating systems)
  • Understand operating systems theory and implementation
  • Understand OS internals to the level that they can design and implement significant architectural changes to an existing OS
  • Differentiate between privileged and non-privileged states
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the concepts of process control and scheduling algorithms
  • Explain the concepts of mutual exclusion, deadlock, memory management, virtual memory, file management, and distributed processing
  • Analyze the mechanisms used to support protection and security of resource
  • Describe the specific services associated with networking and distributed operating systems


Operating System Concepts (9th Edition) by Abraham Silberschatz, Peter Galvin, and Greg Gagne, John Wiley & Sons

Projected Schedule:

Every Fall

Recent Syllabi:

Fall, 2015 Banik

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