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The Military College of South Carolina
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Director of CADIC


Director of CADIC

(Campus Alcohol and Drug Information Center)



Mr. Kevin M. Modglin is the Director of the Campus Alcohol and Drug Information Center (CADIC) at The Citadel; he reports directly to the Commandant of Cadets (i.e., the Vice President for Student Affairs). Although he prefers to be addressed by his first name, many cadets are more comfortable addressing him using the title of “Mr.”—so now he is (mostly) referred to as “Mr. Kevin.” Other titles include “Mr. CADIC,” “Mr. Modglin,” or the ubiquitous “Sir.”     

Kevin is the youngest of ten siblings (I KNOW!). He grew up in Ventura, California, a beautiful coastal city between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. He lived in Ventura until he graduated from high school whereupon he immediately relocated to the other coast—Jacksonville, Florida. While living in Jacksonville, he attended the University of North Florida where he received his Bachelor of Arts in psychology (1997), Master of Arts in psychology (2003) and Master of Public Health in health promotion (2007). He graduated in the top 5% in each degree program.

Kevin has worked in Higher Education--Student Affairs for over 20 years. Before coming to The Citadel, he was the manager of the department of health promotion at a major research university in Georgia and he spent ten years providing alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention services at a research university in Northeast Florida. At The Citadel, he and his team provide services across three tiers of prevention: (1) Primary—population-based education aimed at stopping substance misuse before it becomes substance abuse; (2) Secondary—one-on-one or small group interventions designed to modify substance abuse before it develops into a substance use disorder; (3) Tertiary—(a substance use disorder is likely)—provide relapse prevention and referrals to support groups (e.g., AA, NA, Al-Anon) and treatment providers (e.g., outpatient or inpatient therapy).

During his tenure at each institution, Kevin has been the recipient of several awards including Program of the Year, “Beyond the Call” Achievement Award and, most recently, Best Alcohol Prevention Message at the 2015 Regional Bacchus Conference. Twice he has received Most Effective Assessment and Evaluation award. 

Teaching (and learning) is the major cornerstone of Higher Education and Kevin has been an adjunct instructor at each university where he has been employed. He has taught courses in psychology and health on topics such as stress management, disease prevention, health theory, psychosocial health, principles of wellness and substance abuse prevention. At The Citadel, Kevin teaches courses in ethics and leadership for the Krause Center as well as courses in health and wellness for the Department of Health, Exercise and Sport Science. Similarly, he has facilitated workshops and seminars at national, state, and local conferences on topics such as stress management, LGBTQ health issues, sexual health, HIV/AIDS, suicide prevention, and substance abuse prevention.

Another cornerstone of Higher Education is research. Both of Kevin’s graduate degrees (i.e., MA, MPH) required the completion of an empirical and quantitative research study. His research interests have been and continue to be (1) understanding the relationship between personality dimensions (e.g., extroversion, impulsivity, sensation seeking, religiosity, self-efficacy) and substance misuse and (2) understanding the relationship between individual motives (e.g., affiliation motives, approval motives, conformity motives, power motives) and high-risk drinking. Kevin is also interested in understanding how token economies can be used as an effective alcohol misuse prevention strategy among college students.  

If you were to ask Kevin what he enjoys the most he would say the beach, books and music. He identifies himself as a “book nerd” and enjoys both fiction (e.g., epic fantasy, science fiction) and nonfiction (e.g., philosophy, ethics, metaphysics). His music preferences include classic rock, modern rock, southern rock, country, traditional R&B, jazz and classical music (Baroque Period). If he is not reading, Kevin will be listening to music while lounging at the beach or on his patio, or while “grilling out” with his family and friends.


Kevin’s motto is semper sursum – always aim high!

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