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Citadel News Service
24 May 2007

Citadel reinstates veterans program

The Citadel Board of Visitors has approved a modified version of a veterans program that was discontinued in 1992. 

Effective with the fall 2007 semester, cadets who leave The Citadel for active military service before completing their degree will have the following options provided they have been honorably discharged with full rights and privileges of a veteran:

Option 1.  If they are eligible, they may return to the Corps of Cadets to continue to pursue the cadet degree.
Option 2. They may enroll as civilian students in classes with the Corps of Cadets to pursue a non-cadet degree with non-cadet diploma and ring.  (This is the same program, diploma and ring available for current active duty students and formerly for veteran students.)

To be eligible to enroll as civilian students, returning Cadet veterans:

  • must have been sworn into the Corps of Cadets at The Citadel
  • must have been honorably discharged from active duty with the full rights and privileges of a veteran
  • must meet academic and disciplinary criteria for readmission to The Citadel
  • must demonstrate that active duty interrupted their education at The Citadel

Students electing this option:

  • may enroll in civilian status to attend classes with the Corps of Cadets
  • may enroll in evening classes in the College of Graduate and Professional Studies
  • are eligible to earn the non-cadet degree/diploma and receive the non-cadet ring currently awarded to Active Duty students and students in the College of Graduate and Professional Studies (and formerly awarded to Veterans Students)
  • may not return to the Corps of Cadets and will not be allowed to participate in Cadet Commencement

For more information, contact the Associate Provost at 843.953.5155.

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