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Accounting Major

What is accounting, and why is it so important?

Have you ever wondered how large corporations, small businesses or individuals keep track of all the money they make or plan a path to make all the money and keep score along the way? Or, perhaps you have wondered how a seemingly stable business chain seems to collapse overnight. Accounting is the backbone of any organization: private, public or non-profit. Knowing how to analyze financial statements and how to audit accounts can help save a company from financial distress. Moreover, ethical accounting practices not only stabilize a company but ensure a strong financial future during down periods.

The Tommy and Victoria Baker School of Business' Accounting Major prepares students for the many career opportunities available by exposing them to the many aspects of accounting through academic study, extracurricular activities and internships. Students pursuing the Accounting Major are encouraged to join and explore networking opportunities made available through the program.



What can I do with a career in accounting?

Often, students think of accounting as the mundane task of balancing a checkbook. These students have never considered the opportunity of being a forensic accountant utilizing investigative skills as well as accounting and auditing to document and support litigations. Perhaps you would like to own your own business or be a chief financial officer later on developing the budget forecasting and strategic planning for a company. Even a federal auditor reviewing the books of large corporations can be a very exciting career. These are just a few of the possible careers you may pursue by following the Accounting Concentration Pathway. For more information on accounting careers you may be interested in, please see the printable What Can I Do With This Major?

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Accounting Major Overview

Accounting Academic Process Map


Because of the many possible careers in the accounting field, there is also a broad spectrum of salaries attainable. Students should review the U.S. Department of Labor's
Occupational Outlook Handbook for detailed information regarding the accounting field or a specific career title. While salary is certainly not the only reason to choose a career, it is a very important part of planning your career path. In addition, the graphon the left shows the most recent statistics of general accounting and auditing employees by state.

If you are interested in accounting and becoming a certified public accountant, you may also like to check out the
American Institute of CPAs for certifying requirements, or follow the Young CPA Network on Facebook to keep in the loop of new topics. The Baker School of Business also qualifies you to apply for several accounting certifications including the certified management accountant, certified forensic accountant, etc.


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