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The Military College of South Carolina
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General Education Curriculum

Core Curriculum

Within the Citadel’s core curriculum, study in five areas—English, history, math­ematics, science, and social science—is required of all students regardless of their academic majors. For all students other than those pursuing professional preparations in the areas of civil and electrical engineering, education, and the teaching track of physical education, study of a foreign language is also required. Each course, or sequence of courses, which addresses a core curriculum requirement incorporates, where appropriate, all the following skills: written communications, critical thinking, logical reasoning, and resource as well as reference usage. Students are expected to use proper grammar in all their coursework, whether written or oral. Proper usage is expected at the college level and is required by all professors.

I. English

  • Each student at The Citadel is required to complete four semesters of English. The first semester, ENGL 101, is basic composition, and the Department of English is responsible for determining which entering students are sufficiently prepared to exempt this course. The transcripts of those students who are permitted to exempt this course will reflect ENGL 101 as if it had been completed successfully on a Pass/Fail basis at The Citadel.
  • For students who participate in ENGL 101, successful completion will be based on acquired writing skills, and the course (graded on a scale of A, B, C, U) must be completed with the grade of “C” or higher.
  • It is expected that the second course in English, ENGL 102, will be exempted only by exceptionally well-prepared students. Should this circumstance occur, the transcript will reflect ENGL 102 as was described for ENGL 101 above. This course continues to develop the writing skills of the student, introduces the student to various literary forms, and prepares the student to undertake a two-semester literature sequence.
  • Two semesters of literature complete the core curriculum requirement in English. All students must take ENGL 201 (Major British Writers I) and then may choose one additional course from among ENGL 202 (Major British Writers II), ENGL 215 (Masterpieces of American Literature), ENGL 218 (Masterpieces of World Literature I), or ENGL 219 (Masterpieces of World Literature II). Honors Program participants may complete their English requirement by taking HONR 101/102 and HONR 201/202.

II. Foreign Language

  • Other than majors in education, physical education (teaching track), and civil or electrical engineering, each student is required to study the same foreign language — Chinese, French, German, or Spanish — through the 202 level. The Department of Modern Languages requires placement testing each fall for entering students.

III. History

  • Each student is required to complete two semesters of Historyof Western Civi­lization, HIST 103/104, or two semesters of History of World Civilization, HIST 105/106. Honors Program participants may take HONR 103/104 to satisfy their history requirement.

IV. Math

  • Each student is required to complete a two-semester sequence in mathematics. Depending on the student’s major, that sequence will be MATH 104/105, MATH 104/106, MATH 106/107, or MATH 131/132. The honors sequence, HONR 131/132, may be taken in lieu of any of these sequences. Entering students who choose the sequence MATH 131/132 are required to take the Math Placement Exam (MPE) given online every summer by the Department of Mathematics and Computer Sci­ence at The Citadel. A student’s score on the MPE will determine whether or not the student will need to complete MATH 119, Algebra and Trigonometry, before taking MATH 131.
  • A student can also take one (or two) core mathematics course that is at a higher level than the one required by his/her major to complete his/her core mathematics requirement. The following table
Core Math Requirements   Other Possible Choices
MATH 104/MATH 105   MATH 104/MATH 106
    MATH 105/MATH 106
    MATH 106/MATH 107
    MATH 119/MATH 105
    MATH 119/MATH 131
    MATH 131/MATH 107
    MATH 131/MATH 132
MATH 104/MATH 106   MATH 119/MATH 106
    MATH 119/MATH 131
    MATH 131/MATH 107
    MATH 131/MATH 132
MATH 106/MATH 107   MATH 131/MATH 107
    MATH 131/MATH 132

V. Science

  • Each student must complete (4) semesters of science. This requirement must be met by two sequences of two semesters each in Biology, Chemistry, or Physics. No more than one sequence is to be completed in any single science. Students pursuing a degree in the Department of Health, Exercise and Sport Science meet the require­ments for the study of biology through the three semester sequence, BIOL 101/111, BIOL 317/327, and BIOL 318/328.

VI. Social Sciences

  • Each student is required to complete a one-semester course in the social sciences, and this course must be selected from among the following: ANTH 202 (Cultural Anthropology), HONR 203 (Honors Social Science Project), PSCI 102 (American National Government), PSYC 201 (General Psychology), and SOCI 201 (Introduc­tion to Sociology).

VII. Physical Education

  • Each cadet is required to complete RPED 250, Contemporary Health Foundations, and RPED 251, Foundations of Fit­ness and Exercise, as well as two different activity courses.
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