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New Cadet Information

Welcome to The Citadel!

As you begin to think about college and your transition to The Citadel, we would like to "set the stage" for that important day.

When you arrive on campus in August for Orientation, you will learn about many of the resources available to assist you in your transition to a military college environment.  The academic portion of Orientation is held for several days prior to the start of classes, and you will receive additional information about this program later in the summer. 

To help you transition to The Citadel, all freshmen will take a one-credit-hour course called LDRS 101 that will develop and enhance your academic skills in many areas such as note taking, time management, and learning styles, for example.  You will also be introduced to a variety of other services and programs to strengthen your academic performance.

Next, you will need to purchase the book, A Few Good Men, by Aaron Sorkin. For more than 160 years, The Citadel has been preparing principled and ethical leaders, and the characters and themes of this book will help you better meet this challenge as well as serve as the basis for many activities this fall.  In addition, you will demonstrate your knowledge of the book's principles and contents on your writing sample that is found on the Citadel's Assessment page, which you can accessed by:

1) Clicking on the Citadel Home Page

2) Info for New Cadets 

3) Assessments. 

The Assessment page goes live in June, so you will want to visit the site early to complete all of your assessments. Finally, you will write about the book before Matriculation Day, so you must read the material before you arrive! Also, you will want to complete all of your other assessments before your arrival in August:  Writing Sample, Career Assessment, SIGI, Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program, Mathematics (if applicable), and Foreign Language.  THESE ARE NOT OPTIONAL, SO PLEASE COMPLETE ALL OF THEM BEFORE ARRIVING IN AUGUST!

In addition, you will want to visit our Parent Page to help ensure a smooth transition to The Citadel.

Please see the links below to help answer your many academic questions before arriving at The Citadel:

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We have included the most common academic questions: FAQs by New Cadets and Their Parents

Q:  Does The Citadel have a summer program before Matriculation that will help some cadets transition more easily to their freshman year?

A:  Yes, the College Success Institute (CSI) is a four-week summer transition program offered to students who have been academically accepted and medically cleared to enter The Citadel.  The program is designed to introduce participants to college academics, assist them in preparing for the physical requirements of the Corps of Cadets, and help them become acclimated to the campus and its resources.  For additional information please visit the CSI webpage.

Q: When will new cadets receive their final class schedule? 

A: Shortly after their arrival, they will receive their class schedules and meet with their Academic Advisors.

Q:  What courses will new cadets be enrolled in?

A:  Courses such as freshman English; History; Math (depending on the major course of study); ROTC; Chemistry, Physics or Biology; Physical Education; and Foreign Language (depending on the course of study) are a few of the courses they will take.

Q:  Are high school Advance Placement courses recognized?

A:  Yes, as part of the criteria for placement.

Q:  Are College Board Advance Placement test scores recognized?

A:  Yes, along with the results obtained from the Citadel's placement tests in Foreign Language and Math.

Q:  When are Mid-Term Exams given?

A:  Halfway through the semester, traditionally, the middle of October.

Q:  When are Final Exams given each semester and what is the schedule?

A:  Final exams begin the day after the last day of classes.  You may find the Exam Schedule by going to the Registrar's webpage.

Q:  If cadets are out-of-state, are concessions made for re-scheduling final exams for travel reasons?

A:  No, the only time a cadet can reschedule a final exam is with permission from the professor to take the exam with the same class that meets on a different day and/or time.  Otherwise, no cadet can sign out for Winter or Summer Furlough before his/her exams are concluded.

Q:  Can new cadets have final grades sent to their parents?

A:  Final grades can be seen in Banner Self-Service, so a cadet can show his/her parents the final grades.

Q:  How many hours must a freshman cadet pass in order to return as a sophomore?A:  A full-time student (one carrying at least 12 credit hours each semester) must pass 24 hours in a 12-month period AFTER initial Matriculation. 

Q:  If cadets have taken courses at another college prior to coming to The Citadel, will those hours count?

A:  Only courses taken at an accredited institution which are comparable in content and credit hours to specific courses offered at The Citadel and in which grades of "C" or better have been earned will be considered for transfer. Students wishing to transfer course credit to The Citadel should get prior approval from the Registrar before taking classes at another institution. Any coursework completed away from The Citadel will not factor into a cadet's GPA as only courses taken at The Citadel affect a cadet's GPA.

Q:  What is the difference between core courses and major or elective courses?

A:   Core courses are mandatory/required courses. Every cadet takes them, and major courses (some required and some chosen) are courses in a specialized area of study (major).

Q:  When do cadets choose a major?

A:  Cadets choose their major before they arrive, and if they so desire, can change their major when they meet with their Faculty Academic Advisor.  Cadets may change their major any time during their academic career but are encouraged to make these decisions quickly as some majors require specific courses that a cadet may not have taken, thus putting a cadet behind in his/her major.

Q:  What are the minimum academic requirements for graduation from The Citadel?

A:  A cadet must complete one of the major courses of study outlined in the catalog of record and must achieve a minimum grade-point average of 2.000 based on all quality hours attempted and all quality points earned at The Citadel. In addition, a cadet must achieve a minimum grade-point average of 2.000 based on all quality hours attempted and all quality points earned in their major course of study.  However, students majoring in Education or in the teaching track of Health, Exercise and Sports Science (HESS) must achieve a cumulative grade-point average of a 2.75 and must have a 2.75 in all courses in their major course of study.

Q: How do you compute a grade-point average?

A: You multiply the number of hours of the course times a cadet's grade in the course. For example, English is a 3-hour course, and if a cadet earned an "A" which is worth 4 points, then the quality points for English would be 12. Then you divide the total number of quality points earned in a semester by the total number of hours attempted to compute the GPA for that semester.

Q:  Where do cadets go if they are struggling in a course?

A:  The Citadel has an Academic Support Center that offers tutoring in a majority of subjects, so cadets can schedule individual or small-group appointments either by email, in person, or by phone.  Supplemental Instruction is also available for several core courses.

Q: How do cadets know if they may have a learning disability, and what is the process for receiving academic accommodations?

A: Many students who struggle academically, for example, having to re-read information multiple times and still experiencing difficulty remembering the information or having difficulty concentrating for long periods of time, may have a learning disability.  However, students must identify themselves to the Director of the Academic Support Center and must provide appropriate documentation before receiving accommodations.  For more information, please contact the Center at 843.953.1820.

Q:  What happens during Orientation?

A:  After cadets say "good bye" to their families and form up with their Company for the first time, they will meet their Cadre. After meeting their Cadre, they begin a long series of events designed to train and prepare them to assume the responsibilities of being a knob.  During this training period, cadets participate in numerous training activities, get their hair cut, engage in daily physical fitness routines, learn about the history of The Citadel, and become familiar with the requirements of cadet life.

Q:  What is Cadre?

A:  This is  a group of trained, upper-class cadets from each Company who are responsible for the training of knobs (freshmen).

Q:  What is a typical freshman day like?

A:  They eat breakfast together from 7:10-7:50 a.m. and then go to their first class (many freshmen have an 8:00 am class); from 12:05-12:45 p.m., they eat lunch; from 1:00-~4:00 p.m., they attend afternoon classes. They eat supper from 5:55-6:30 p.m.; and begin Evening Study Period (ESP) at 8:00 p.m.  In addition, many cadets attend meetings; participate in military contract activities; participate in intramurals; and attend club meetings.  Between classes, many cadets go to the Library for research or to study. 

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