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The Military College of South Carolina

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What is the top lesson grads learned at The Citadel?



I attended The Citadel because I want to make my family proud and I want to better our lives and secure my future.
- Ricardo Tavares, Criminal justice major

I appreciate the rich history of The Citadel, its established tradition in education, and the flexibility of the courses offered through The Citadel Graduate College.
- Justin Gaeta, MBA graduate

It is an environment for success. Being at The Citadel has encouraged me to embrace my strengths and apply them in the best possible way. The competitive environment at this school is constantly motivating me to practice excellence.
- Grace Jenkins, Exercise science major

It provides structure and discipline which will carry over in the real world which not too many of your peers will have from attending regular universities.
- Jackson Butkus, Criminal justice major

The challenges you are put through help to accelerate maturity and discipline that other students at “normal” colleges aren’t exposed to. Then throughout the rest of your cadet career you are able to hone these skills and become a successful adult.
- Lenora Mathis, Political science major

To learn resilience
Tjark Aldeborgh, History major

It presents you with opportunities in all fields that you simply cannot get from other schools. Whether you want to continue with higher education, join the military, or get a top notch job, The Citadel can provide you with the best chance.
- Brown James, Political science major

To develop a sense of discipline which will help in all future career endeavors.
- Jonathan Dorogy, Civil engineering major

I chose The Citadel to better myself; to improve on areas that I thought needed to be worked on in order for me to become the man I wanted to be.
- Anthony Caroso, Business administration major

The best reason to attend The Citadel is to gain leadership and communication skills in a structured environment. It aids tremendously in the real world along with your professional skills.
- Andrew Fayed, Computer science major

The degree carries a lot of weight and you learn the values of honor, duty, and respect.
- Douglas McFaddin, Business administration major

Develop leadership skills by assuming cadet rank and responsibility through the unique leadership model at The Citadel.
- Joseph Bove, Civil engineering major



Always consider other people's solutions to problems, even when you are certain yours is correct. Often, someone else's ideas are better or can help improve yours.
- Parker Singletary, Electrical Engineering major

Your character is everything.
- Second Lieutenant Savannah Emmerich, Criminal Justice Major

Attending the Citadel provided me the opportunity to go through one of the best Civil Engineering departments in the country, along with learning the important lifelong lessons of discipline, time management, and character through the demands of the South Carolina Corps of Cadets.
- Erik Fender, Civil Engineering major

Work hard- you earn what you deserve and you deserve what you earn. Take care of those around you.
- Kashmeir Kirkpatrick, Civil Engineering major

I have learned a lot from having to manage being a student athlete while also holding rank in the company. I learned a lot about leadership through my rank and as captain of the volleyball team. I also learned about time management through balancing all of my responsibilities and how to push through challenges time both as a cadet and physically through my sport and training.
- Amanda Rudnik, Business major

The guys here are the best friends you'll ever have.
- Second Lieutenant Danielle Cook, German major

Personal challenge--mental, physical, emotional, academic. Leadership training and opportunities. Character development. Incomparable camaraderie.
- Cody Turner, Business Administration major

The best reasons to attend The Citadel are the friendships that last a lifetime and the leadership values that will guide you throughout the rest of your life. Everywhere I have been stationed, deployed, or lived I run into a Citadel graduate. All Citadel graduates have a bond that keeps them together, regardless of what class you graduated. We all understand each other and know where we all started.
- Major Chris Lawson, currently serving 4th tour in war on terror, Education major



The networking is amazing and you will always meet someone who will change your life or perspective on life.
- Briana Suitt, Exercise Science major

High-level analytical and problem solving skills.
- Daniel Hess, Electrical Engineering major

Time-management, leadership, ethics, studying.
- Lowell Dixon, Chemistry

How to manage my time well and the true meaning of integrity.
- Ehron Mitchum, Criminal justice

Uphold yourself to a higher standard while taking on the various leadership positions offered throughout the South Carolina Corps of Cadets.
- Chris D'Esposito, Exercise Science major

Get the college education you want with military experience to become the principled leader of tomorrow.
- Brandon Fetrow, Business Administration major

I attended The Citadel because I wanted to stay in a military structured environment. The Citadel was the best transition from active duty military to a college, for me. I also wanted to attend The Citadel because of its extensive network to help establish another career once I exit the military.
- Joshua McDaniel, MECEP/Active Duty, Business major

I learned that hard work does pay off. Also, I learned that hard work alone is not enough to get you where you want to go. It takes faith in God and faith in others to help you along the way.
- Second Lieutenant Tanner Jameson, Criminal Justice major

Incredible opportunities to conduct research with professors, and lifetime friendships.
- Erik Calhoun Usher, Biology major


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