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VA Standards of Progress


All students receiving VA educational benefits through the Dept. of Veterans Affairs are required to maintain academic progress according to the standards established by The Citadel. Students who do not maintain satisfactory progress will have their benefits discounted and the Certifying Official will inform the VA of this action.  The VA determines conditions for reinstatement of benefits.  

VA Education benefits may also be interrupted if any of the following occur:

  • The student registers for classes that are not specified as necessary for the declared program of study. Depending on circumstances, deficiency or remedial courses may be certified for benefits.
  • The student fails to submit all previous college transcripts for evaluation.
  • The student registers for two or more courses and receives “F” (Fail), “NC” (No Credit)/“NP” (No Pass), or “IP” (In Progress) grades for all courses for one semester.
  • The student fails to convert an “I” (Incomplete) grade to a letter grade within one year from receipt of the “I” grade.
  • The student fails to attend class for the semester for which VA benefits are received.

Audits, Withdrawals, Non-required Courses and Repeating Courses

The VA will not pay for any course that is not required for graduation.  This includes repeated courses of a "D" or better.  The only exception is a higher grade is required.  The VA will not pay for withdrawals or excessive electives.  This does not apply for courses that have failing grades and are required for graduation.  If you are uncertain, please contact our office at 843-953-9824 or


All students using VA educational benefits are required by law to keep The Citadel's Certifying Official informed of all of the following:

  • Enrollment
  • Audits and/or withdrawals
  • Change of Major
  • Course substitutions
  • Address change
  • Students called to Active Duty

Dropping below your initial enrollment with the VA may result in a reduction in benefits and a debt to the VA.  If a student has mitigating circumstances, they may need to provide documentation to the Dept. of Veterans Affairs. The following are examples of possible Mitigating circumstances:

  • Serious illness of the veteran
  • Serious illness or death in the veteran’s immediate family
  • Emergency financial obligations or change of place of employment or work schedule which preclude pursuit of the course
  • Unanticipated changes in child-care responsibilities
  • Active duty military service, including active duty for training
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