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Improve Institutional Effectiveness

Strategic Initiative Six: Improve Institutional Effectiveness

The Citadel is committed to fostering a culture of service, assessment and continuous improvement throughout the campus environment. In this era of higher education accountability, The Citadel is taking proactive steps to provide evidence of student achievement and use assessment results in our improvement efforts. Objectives designed to improve institutional effectiveness include promoting a culture of assessment and continuous improvement, enhancing institutional infrastructure to facilitate effective assessment and program evaluation, and increasing awareness of environmental issues.

Objective 6.1

Foster a culture of assessment and continuous improvement throughout the campus community

The Citadel recognizes that effective assessment requires collaborative, campus-wide involvement. The institution will employ a variety of new actions to foster this widespread engagement.


  • Create an awards program, recognizing faculty, department and support staff who use innovative assessment techniques and demonstrate evidence of using data for continuous improvement

  • Support faculty and staff professional development opportunities in assessment to include workshops and conferences on assessment and accreditation, and provide a venue where faculty share information with colleagues upon completion

  • Expand Cognos report writing licenses for the campus community to enable more faculty and staff to access data and institutional information from Banner

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Provide campus assessment awards by 2015

  • Sponsor three faculty/staff members annually to attend professional development opportunities in assessment

Objective 6.2

Enhance institutional infrastructure to facilitate effective assessment and program evaluation

The Citadel will increase its emphasis on expanding infrastructure and processes central to institutional effectiveness.


  • Expand the role of the Faculty Analysis and Assessment Team (FAAT), a team of faculty participating in specialized assessment projects and providing assessment outreach to other areas of the institution

  • Establish permanent assessment positions to include a director of assessment and an assessment and institutional effectiveness coordinator

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Expand FAAT participation from 4 to 8 in assessment projects by 2014

  • Expand campus institutional assessment staffing by 2015

Objective 6.3

Adopt best practices supporting sustainability and environmental issues

The Citadel is committed to enhancing the campus community’s awareness and adoption of best practices in sustainability.


  • Create company environmental officers within the Corps of Cadets to coordinate recycling and energy-saving measures in the barracks, and implement an environmental awareness educational campaign

  • Increase the number of paperless offices on campus through the implementation of a document imaging system

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Implement a document imaging system in three campus offices by 2015

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