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Ensure the College has the Leadership and Talent to Accomplish These Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Initiative Seven: Ensure the College has the Leadership and Talent to Accomplish These Strategic Initiatives

The quality of the leadership, learning and service environment depends on the knowledge and skills of our faculty and staff. Therefore, efforts to enhance the quality of The Citadel Experience must include the continuous, measurable development of our employees. During the next six years, The Citadel will implement actions that will help recruit and retain a diverse workforce, increase professional development and enhancement opportunities, and expand the number of qualified personnel supporting the institution’s Leader Development Model.

Objective 7.1

Recruit and retain a diverse faculty and staff

The Citadel firmly believes that diversity enriches the educational environment and promotes personal growth. Acting on this belief, The Citadel will implement several diversity strategies.


  • Establish an alliance for global diversity, including the establishment of a diversity council, expansion of diversity programming, and implementation of a partnership with the National Coalition Building Institute

  • Sustain a commitment to conducting faculty and staff salary studies

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Increase diversity among faculty and staff, moving The Citadel from the fourth to the third quartile in state agencies

Objective 7.2

Expand the number of qualified personnel able to coach, teach, train and mentor units and individuals across the Four Pillars

The Citadel’s Leader Development Model integrates the academic, military, physical and moral-ethical pillars of The Citadel Experience. Several actions are central in driving further integration of these domain


  • Develop a summer coaching and mentoring workshop for tactical officers

  • Create a series of endowed athletics positions to include the director of athletics as well as head coaches of football, basketball and baseball

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Endow a strategic athletics position by 2015

  • Develop and implement a summer coaching and mentoring workshop for tactical officers by 2014

Objective 7.3

Establish faculty and staff enhancement programs

The Citadel values faculty contributions in teaching, scholarship and service, and aims to enhance institutional support through additional actions.


  • Establish a staff scholarship program to fund enrollment in external degree programs to include associate through doctoral programs

  • Develop a named professorship to be rotated on a competitive basis among current members of the faculty

  • Create a leadership development program for Citadel staff members

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Sponsor at least one faculty or staff member to enroll in an external degree program annually

  • Create a named professorship by 2014

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