The Citadel

The Military College of South Carolina


The 7th Annual Henry Dale Smith Corps-Wide Public Speaking Contest


Congratulations to the Round Three Finalists of the Henry Dale Smith Corps Wide Public Speaking Contest

Logan Barber, Careem Gates, Alexandra Goldhorn, Sammy Gray, Cliff Joseph, and Braxton McDuffie (alternate)


Need help with your speech? The Public Speaking Lab is here to help! Email the director to schedule an appointment. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




The Public Speaking Lab is the place for students, faculty and staff to polish their public speaking skills. From timid talkers to confident communicators, we work one-on-one with a variety of individuals to create great presenters. The lab doubles as a training room and recording studio. Presenters get tips on how to perfect their content and delivery. Plus, before they leave, they receive an email link to the recorded video. The lab is open afternoons during the academic year, and by appointment.

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