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Description of events:

STEM events unite creating one big day of activities expected to draw thousands.
Storm The Citadel and Charleston STEM Festival, Feb. 11 on campus and at Brittlebank Park

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Lower Richland students prepare for trebuchet competition
Some students at Lower Richland High School in Hopkins are putting in work to go the distance. About 10 students, a mix of mostly juniors and senior with one freshman - some involved in the school's STEM program, are building a trebuchet for a competition at The Citadel. Next weekend students from across the state will bring their homemade catapults and launch lacrosse balls. The goal is to get the ball in a bucket over a range of 50 to 100 feet. It's a hands-on project that gives the students practical skills. "They're going to sling lacrosse balls for a mystery distance so the kids have to be able to attune their trebuchets for accuracy," said Constantina Green, the STEM coordinator for the high school. The project is exciting to the students and tests their skills.
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