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New Programs and Initiatives

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2012-2013 Academic Year

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Study Abroad Trip to Italy

Five engineering students lived, breathed, sweated, studied and were completely awed by their incredible international cultural experience sponsored by Boeing and The Citadel. The students used sketching, load/stress computations while considering construction means/methods. The students focused on sewage, water, energy, academic, trash, buildings, and transportation as a holistic look at the infrastructure as they traveled between cities and locations within a city. Each student had a journal that consisted of two parts – a daily journal on their impressions and feelings as they experienced Italy while considering culture, people, food, sewage, water, energy, academic, trash, buildings, and transportation as well as a section with sketches, calculations and possibly design changes based on questions surrounding the focused activities for most days.

pompeii italy leaning tower of pisa
Pompeii, Italy: Left to right - Brad Hendrickson, Jason Shea,                                                 Leaning Tower of Pisa
Taylor Hart, Dean Ron Welch, Po-Lun Su, and Daniel Hubbs


School of Engineering Launches New Department

On February 8, 2013 in a combination ceremony and celebration, the School of Engineering activated a new Academic Department for the first time since World War II. The New Department, Engineering Leadership and Program Management: came about as a result of the establishment of a Technical Project Management (TPM) Graduate Certificate program in 2006 under the leadership of Former Dean Dennis Fallon and founding faculty member Dr Keith Plemmons. The success of the TPM Certificate program grew into a Masters of Science in Project Management (MSPM) being established in January 2010. The continued growth of the MSPM enrollment led to the establishment of the new department on 1 January, 2013. This was the first new department of engineering at The Citadel since Electrical Engineering was established during World War II. The ceremony was attended by The Provost, Dr Sam Hines, several members of the Citadel Board of Visitors, faculty, alumni, current students, and guests. Over 150 personnel attended the event which was held at the Altman Athletic Center.

dr. plemmons elpm
Dr. Keith Plemmons (pictured above) welcomes guests and explains the need for the study of Project Management.
dean welch elpm
Dean Ron Welch (pictured above) related the history of the program at The Citadel, and credited the vision and leadership of Former Dean Dennis Fallon and Dr Keith Plemmons in bringing the program to life. The Dean also established the focus of the department as being in line with the traditions of the Citadel – producing better leaders for the State and the Nation. He then read the commissioning letter from Lieutenant General John Rosa, President of The Citadel, which officially established the department effective 1 January 2013.
provost hines elpm
Provost Sam Hines (pictured above) then spoke, enthusiastically supporting the new department. He was very pleased with the interdisciplinary focus of the department which offers academic instruction in leadership and management in the context of the student’s specific career field.
dr. skipper elpm
Dr. Charles O. Skipper (pictured above), Citadel Class of 1971, the newly appointed Chair of the department then spoke. He recognized the many students present, and thanked them for the faith to enroll in a new program. He also thanked his friends and fellow faculty members for their support, and gave credit to his parents who had such great respect for education and The Citadel. Dr Skipper welcomed the challenge of standing up a new department and contributing to the Citadel’s long history as an institution that educates and generates principled leaders and managers for the state and the nation. He finished by thanking his wife Janice for her love and continued support.
cake cutting elpm
The Commissioning Ceremony then concluded with a cake cutting where the Guest Speaker, Most Experienced MSPM Graduate, and Least Experienced MSPM graduates were recognized. Pictured above from left to right are: Dr Skipper cutting the cake using his Cadet Officers’ sword; Dr Sam Hines, Provost and Guest Speaker; Mr. Frank Bowles, most experienced MSPM alumni (and member of the very first TPM Class that started in 2006); and Mr. Joshua Nealy, the least experienced MSPM Graduate. The cake cutting completed the formal ceremony, and attendees then socialized and enjoyed hors d’oevers and an open bar.

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Citadel School of Engineering Starts a Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)

Nine students with the guidance of Dr. Dennis Fallon applied for and were granted a Charter for the Citadel Chapter. Cadet Kristofer Smalls was elected as the first President.

nsbe logo 



Supplemental Instruction continues to grow during the 2012-2013 year

Professor Marley led a team of 19-students in CE, EE, Chemistry and Math to provide 24 weekly SI sessions to support engineering freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. This is positively impacting retention, enhancing student learning, developing leaders, and revolutionizing the learning environment at The Citadel!

si group photo

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New Graduate Course in Geographic Information Systems

During 2013 summer sessions, the Department ofgeographic information systems Civil & Environmental Engineering offered a new graduate course in Geographic InformationSystems (GIS), CIVL 506. The course focuses on data analysis and spatial application methods, for engineers, planners, scientists and related professions. Topics include understanding of spatial data structures, geo-spatial data acquisition, geoprocessing, geostatistical methods, network optimization, and 3-D modeling. Graduate students from the Project Management MS Program and Environmental Studies Certificate Program in Biology took the course during its first offering. The Department plans to offer this course annually during summer sessions, which is open to both graduate students and local professional interested in developing their skills in this pervasive technological field.


School of Engineering Completes Cyber Advisory Group Effort

In response to the need for an evaluation of The Citadel’s posture to respond to the growing CYBER Threat, Dr. Ron Welch, the Dean of The Citadel School of Engineering, chartered a Cyber Advisory Group. The group consisted of faculty members from Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, as well as a broad base of industry professionals. The Cyber Advisory Group was chaired by Dr. Keith Plemmons of the Project Management Master’s Program, and tasked to provide an industry and Government prospective on the development of future graduate courses and educational programs related to the three specific areas:

  • Cyber Security
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Systems Engineering Management

Over the period of 18 months, the Cyber Advisory Group met 4 times. The following significant results were noted:

For Cyber Security:

  • Computer Science designed a new course: Advanced Cyber Security.
  • Computer Science designed a track on Cyber Security for their Graduate Program, and is moving toward NSA CAE IA certification.
  • Computer Science will propose this track to the Graduate Council at The Citadel and at The College of Charleston in Fall 2012.
  • Computer Science and Electrical Engineering are designing a minor in Cyber Security for our Undergraduate program. The minor will be jointly offered by Department of Mathematics and Computer Science and Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

For Critical Infrastructure:

  • Gene Creson (MSPM Graduate) and his team identified the related topics and the applicable body of knowledge.
  • 4 courses have been identified for possible development and delivery within a Critical Infrastructure Management program:
    • Critical Infrastructure Management and Protection (In Progress)
    • Decision and Risk Analysis (piloted Summer 2012)
    • Contracts and Acquisitions (piloted Fall 2012)
    • Program Management (developed in Summer 2012)

For Systems Engineering Management (SEM):

  • The current SEM graduate certificate courses were evaluated and considered appropriate, with several existing and potential courses overlapping with Critical Infrastructure.

On 11 October, 2012 the Cyber Advisory Group met for the 4th and final time. Based on the work completed, the group‘s mission was considered accomplished. The group was thanked by Dean Ron Welch and adjourned.

Pictured above from Left to right: Col Tom Clark, USMC (The Citadel), Dr. Keith Plemmons (The Citadel), Mr. Bob Miller (SPAWAR), Mr. Victor Campbell (Brainwaves Inc.), Dr. Shankar Banik (The Citadel), Mr. Dwight Morgan (Compass Systems, Inc.), Mr. Gene Creson (The Citadel), Dr. Tommy Gardner (Mantech), Ms. Debby Marindin (Trident Technical College), Mr. Bill Littleton (SPAWAR), Dr. Ron Welch (The Citadel).
Participating and not pictured: Richard Scalco (NSA), Dr. Jason Skinner (The Citadel), Lancie Affonso (CofC), Wes Brown (SPAWAR), Mark Martin (Lockheed Martin), Dr. Renee McCauley (CofC), Peter Woodhull (Modus21), and Dr. Charles Skipper (The Citadel).

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2011-2012 Academic Year

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The History of The School of Engineering Master's Degree Program: February 27, 2012

In 2003 Dr. Dennis Fallon became the first Dean of the newly formed Citadel School of Engineering (SOE). Along with other actions, the SOE brought the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) and Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) together into a single school. In his first month as Dean, Dr. Fallon was visited by three community groups. Each group stressed the need for a Master’s degree program based in the School of Engineering to provide Charleston area working professionals the opportunity for continued education and professional advancement. Previously both CEE and ECE Departments had attempted to develop Master’s Degree programs, but these efforts were unsuccessful for a variety of reasons. Dean Fallon asked Dr. Keith Plemmons ’80, a CEE faculty member, to consider turning his Project Management Professional (PMP) workshops for industry professionals into graduate courses. The challenge was to develop a course of study that would help students advance in their technical and professional careers. Anchored by their initial meeting, The Citadel now has in place a solidly established, well-respected, and rapidly growing Master’s Degree program in Project Management.

Initially Dr. Plemmons developed a four-course, 12 credit hour, graduate certificate program in Technical Project Management (TPM). The TPM was approved by The Citadel Graduate College in Spring 2006, and the first course began in August, 2006. Since Dr. Plemmons was the only faculty member available to teach the TPM courses, only one course was offered per semester for the next two years. The first TPM cohort graduated in May of 2008 with 4 students.

Classes and student growth continued, but progress was limited due to Dr. Plemmons’ primary teaching duties in CEE. In August 2008, Dr. Charles Skipper ‘71 joined the program as Adjunct Faculty. The additional manpower enabled the four TPM classes to be offered in one academic year; two courses in the fall and two courses in the spring. This approach was very successful and continued to generate momentum and students. Based on the steady growth and positive feedback from both students and employers, approval was sought from The South Carolina Commission on Higher Education (CHE) to establish a Masters of Science Degree in Project Management. The 10-course, interdisciplinary program was approved, and activated in January 2010 to provide “the management knowledge and performance competencies which can be used by graduates from all disciplines involved in managing technical projects”.

pmgraduates2011In January, 2011 the program took a significant step forward. Dr. Plemmons was assigned as the first Director of Graduate and Professional Studies in the SOE. Dr. Skipper also joined the faculty full time in January as the Visiting Professor of Engineering Leadership. Students continued to enroll and in May 2011, the first 10 students graduated with their Master’s Degree. Approval was also obtained during this academic year for additional courses to be offered. Starting in August 2011, all four TPM courses were offered each semester, some with multiple sections. Additional courses in Project Manager Leadership Development and Systems Engineering Management were also offered.

In January 2012 Dr. Plemmons stepped down as Director of Graduate and Professional Studies, and Dr. Skipper assumed the duties of marketing, recruiting, and development. In Academic Year 2011-2012, the program reached 180 course enrollments. Students and employers continue to find great value in this program, and enrollment is anticipated to continue robust growth. Plans are underway to add additional full time faculty, and offer courses in Program Management. The vision of Dr. Fallon and the dedicated efforts of Dr. Plemmons have been essential in the establishment and growth of this very unique program; the only Master of Science in Project Management (MSPM) in the State of South Carolina. Information is available on the Project Management website:

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Supplemental Instruction Program

A Supplemental Instruction (SI) program has been developed in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. The program is designed to involve upperclass students in assisting in the instruction of those students who are enrolled in classes that traditionally have been challenging to learners. Upperclass student Ray Nix and Civil Engineering instructor Kaitlin Marley were instrumental in establishing the program, and several other have participated over the past year. The Citadel Academic Support Center has given strong support in establishing and maintaining the SI program in Civil Engineering. The Citadel Academic Support Center was the recipient of the 2011 Frank L. Christ Outstanding Learning Center Award from the National Learning Center Association.

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