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Army ROTC Prospective Cadets


All members of the South Carolina Corps of Cadets will take an ROTC course of instruction while at The Citadel. On average, 60-70% of the Corps of Cadets will enroll in Army ROTC; with a significant portion who make the commitment to serve in the Active Army, Army Reserve, or National Guard after graduation and completing the Army ROTC program.

Any Army ROTC contracted cadet that graduates from The Citadel and completes the Army ROTC program who is medically and physically qualified for active duty, and who is recommended for such duty by the Professor of Military Science at The Citadel, can be assigned to the Active Army.

However, Army ROTC Cadets at The Citadel have the option of serving in the Army Reserve or the Army National Guard after graduation and completion of the Army ROTC program.

You will be required to brave a rigorous academic program and an unmatched military environment if you become a member of the South Carolina Corps of Cadets at The Citadel. That education will be further enhanced if you pursue a commission in the Army. Officers in the Army must possess the traits necessary to lead others through the most challenging of circumstances and you will use all the knowledge and skills from your comprehensive experience at The Citadel.

Opportunities to commission in the Army via our Army ROTC program are also available for students in the Veteran and evening undergraduate Citadel program and the Citadel Graduate College, at the College of Charleston, Charleston Southern University, and the Medical University of South Carolina.

For more information about our program, feel free to call us at (843) 953-5224 or at (843) 953-5221.

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