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Army ROTC Simultanious Membership Program (SMP)

ROTC SMP Program

The Simultaneous Membership Program allows you the opportunity to be a full-time college student working toward an academic degree while participating in both the Army National Guard or Army Reserve as well as the Army ROTC program. An Officer Cadet in the SMP will be paid at the grade of Sergeant (E-5) and earn more than $250 a month for drill pay during the school year while training one weekend a month with the National Guard or Army Reserve. Cadets also earn the Army ROTC contracting stipend. There are three categories of cadets who are eligible for the SMP Program:

1. GRFD or DEDNG scholarship cadets (SMP membership is mandatory in this case)

2. Army ROTC non-scholarship contracted cadets

3. Students who are enlisted in the ARNG/USAR prior to contracting with Army ROTC 

Students must meet the same requirements for non-scholarship cadets, must be enlisted or eligible for enlistment in the National Guard or Army Reserve, be at least an academic sophomore (@30 credit hours, depending on major), be enrolled in MLTY 201 or above, and provide the SMP agreement to The Army ROTC Department at The Citadel.


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