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Exhibition Team

The Rifle Legion Exhibition Team...

The Rifle Legion Exhibition Team

Rifle Legion Exhibition Team

Focuses on a series of complex and synchronized drill moves which involves spins, throws, and transfers. While exhibition drill has been around since the early 50's, the Citadel Rifle Legion Exhibition Team has been a part of the Legion since its creation in 1990. While any part of the Rifle Legion Leadership can command the exhibition platoon, the team consists of the Senior Exhibition Drill Master, cadet Guthrie who currently commands the Praetorians, and the Exhibition Drill Master, cadet Sanchez, both in essence serve as mentors, teachers, and examples for all members of the team. While most exhibitionists on the team has spent prior years and countless hours learning his or her style of exhibition, anyone is allowed and encouraged to be part of exhibition team. However, the 12 cadets that perform for special events, community service events, and during the competition at Tulane University comprise of the twelve most proficient cadets on the team in exhibition drill.

The Praetorians...

Rifle Legion Exhibition Team

Are comprised of the twelve most proficient cadets on the Rifle Legion Exhibition Team who perform at many events throughout the year. The name "Praetorian" comes from the Roman Republic as the Praetorians were the personal bodyguards of Roman Emperors. Discipline and expertise are needed to execute the series of movements flawlessly during the exhibition performance and therefore all members of the exhibition platoon go through strenuous practice to instill muscle memory, courage, and professionalism. The series of synchronized drill movements seen today are original and are taught verbally and through example by cadets to cadets during practice. The movements range from simple one handed throws to more complex exhibition drill involving overhead tosses, transfers, and memorized drill.

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