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Corps Traffic and Parking Reg

Welcome to The Citadel campus. This brochure contains the major vehicle traffic and parking rules enforced on your campus as they apply to cadets. Please read them carefully. You are responsible for full compliance.


1. The Code of Laws of the State of South Carolina 1976, as amended and the Vehicle Traffic and Parking Regulations of The Citadel.

2. Your Public Safety Officers are all state-certified with arrest powers to enforce regulations and laws applicable to The Citadel campus.


The Citadel traffic and parking regulations apply to all vehicle drivers on property owned, leased or otherwise under the control of The Citadel.


1. All state laws, Charleston County and City ordinances are enforced on The Citadel campus as well as Citadel regulations.

2. The City of Charleston Municipal Court has jurisdiction over traffic and parking offenses.

3. Drivers must obey all directions of traffic and parking personnel.

4. All posted traffic signs and signals, as well as yellow curbs and pavement markings, will be enforced.

5. Uniform State moving citations and Citadel Parking citations are issued. Citadel Delinquency Reports may also be issued.

6. Moving violations may only be appealed to the traffic court judge.

7. Parking violations may be appealed to Public Safety who will hear appeals on a walk-in basis. Unpaid parking citations will be sent to the treasurers. office for billing after 10 days from the date of issue.

8. Parking fines are payable through Public Safety, cash or check, and must be paid within 10 days of the date of issue otherwise collective action will be taken through the treasurers office.

9. Moving violations are payable at the magistrates court at 1720 Sam Rittenburg Boulevard, Charleston, S.C.

10. The Citadel assumes no responsibility for any vehicle or its contents. Parking is at driver's risk.

11. On-campus operation of motorcycles, other motorized two-wheeled vehicles, motorized riding toys, go-carts, motorized tricycles and similar vehicles is prohibited.

12. Vehicle traffic is restricted between 2300 and 0700 (1100 pm - 7:00 am).

13. All on-campus vehicles accidents must be reported to Public Safety immediately.

14. Pedestrians and runners always have the right of way on The Citadel Campus.


1. All vehicles regularly or occasionally driven on campus by cadets must be registered with the Department of Public Safety and must display a current parking tag, placard, temporary permit or decal when parked on campus regardless of the time of day or day of week.

2. The cadet registrant is responsible for all parking and non-moving violations.

3. The driver is responsible for all moving violations. The cadet registrant is responsible for identifying the driver if required, otherwise moving citations will be issued to the registrant.

4. Cadet may not register another cadet's vehicle as their own. A cadet who permits his vehicle to be registered by another may lose his parking privileges for one year from the offense. The illegal registrant may lose on-campus parking privileges indefinitely.


1. The speed limit is 15 MPH on campus unless posted lower.

2. Parking on the median or curb on Lee Avenue is prohibited.

3. Parking, standing, loading or unloading on yellow curbs is prohibited.

4. Traffic and parking in The Citadel residential areas is limited to faculty and staff residents and their bona fide guests.

5. Vehicle are not allowed to park or stand in a line of traffic except to avoid an accident. This applies to any street without designated parking spaces. Temporary loading and unloading is permitted on the barracks side of Jones Avenue provided a driver remains with the vehicle.

6. Parking in a sally port at any time is expressly prohibited.

7. Parking in a Handicapped space will result in a fine.


A cadet's vehicle may be towed at his risk and expense if:

1. The vehicle is blocking a fire lane, sally port, traffic lane, service entrance, loading dock, dumpster, driveway or properly parked vehicle.

2. The vehicle is parked in a space other than that authorized for the specific vehicle. Cadets are specifically prohibited from, and warned against swapping a space with another cadet.

3. Three or more parking and/or moving citations have been issued against that vehicle or registrant.

4. The vehicle creates a safety hazard or is impeding traffic in the opinion of the Public Safety Officer.


1. Cadet parking is initially assigned in the following priority:

    • Regimental Staff
    • Battalion Staff
    • All Sophomores (issued at first day of return. Cars must be parked in assigned lot before Monday am muster.)
    • Seniors on Cadre
    • All other seniors
    • Juniors on Cadre
    • All other Juniors

    2. After initial assignments all subsequent assignments are on a first com basis.

    3. Cadets may park only in their assigned space regardless of the time of day. If, for any reason, a cadet can not park in his space, he will immediately report to Lesesne gate where hie will be issued a temporary parking permit. Such cadets will not be penalized for being a few minutes late for formation, all in, etc. It is the cadet's responsibility to obtain the temporary parking permit. Failure to display a valid temporary permit on the rearview mirror will result in a parking ticket.

    4. Temporary parking permits are available for any reasonable need.

    5. A cadet may not swap parking spaces or allow another to park in his assigned space at any time for any reason without a temporary permit for that specific space. The vehicle assigned tot he space will not be parked on campus while the temporary permit is in effect.

    6. Off campus parking by cadets on city streets is prohibited at all times within the area bounded by St. Margaret Street, Rutledge Ave., the crosstown freeway and the Ashley River. Additionally, neighborhood residents may have offenders towed if vehicles are blocking driveways, etc. Delinquency Reports may be issued to violators.

    7. Cadets attending Summer School in residence at The Citadel will be authorized parking in a designated lot near the appropriate barracks. Off campus resident Summer School Cadets will park in Summer School Student parking areas. An additional parking fee and permit is required for all cadets attending Summer School at The Citadel.

    1. Two parking decals will be affixed to each registered cadet vehicle. The decals will be affixed to the vehicle on the outside of the windshield and rear window of the vehicle. The windshield decal will be positioned on the top center portion of the windshield so that the bottom of the decal is not below the lower edge of the rear view mirror. The rear window decal will be positioned in the upper left corner of the window. If compliance with these instructions is not possible because of the physical confirmation of a specific vehicle, the registrant will bring the vehicle to public safety for authorized alternative display. This will be annotated on the registrants record.

    2. Decals will be removed or covered when the cadet registrant's Citadel status changes (summer school student, evening student or graduate.) The vehicle will be treated as indicated by the decal displayed and all rules and regulations applied accordingly with the current registrant held responsible for violations.

    3. Decals must be affixed by the decal's adhesive to the automobiles glass.

    4. Cadets are responsible for their vehicles while on campus regardless of the identity of the last driver.


    Cadets may be required to move their vehicles to alternative parking locations on or off campus to accommodate emergencies, construction, and/or visitor requirements for graduation, banquets, athletic and special events, and other college activities.


    Thank you for taking the time to read this brochure. Compliance with these directions will ensure your time on campus should be accident and violation free. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for improving our servicer or if there is any way we can assist you with a particular problem. Our officers are all law enforcement professionals. It is not only our job, but our pleasure to serve The Corps of Cadets. If you feel you have not been treated fairly or courteously by of of us, please bring this to our attention.

    Please address all recommendations, appreciations, comments, or complaints to:

    Director of Public Safety
    The Citadel
    Charleston, South Carlina 29409