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Purchase Card Responsibilities

  • Participating in training for Cardholders.
  • Ensuring that the Purchasing Card is used only for legitimate business purposes. Misuse of the card will subject Cardholder to disciplinary action in accordance with College Policies and Procedures relating to disciplinary action and termination for cause.
  • Adhering to the purchase limits and restrictions of the Purchasing Card and ensuring that the total transaction amount of any single transaction does not exceed the purchasing card spending limit. Furthermore, the Cardholder must ensure that all purchases are within all other spending and vendor guidelines established by the College.
  • Ensuring that only the approved Cardholder uses the Purchasing Card. Use by anyone other than the approved Cardholder is strictly prohibited. The Purchasing Card is not transferable between cardholders.
  • Ensuring the physical security of the P-Card and protecting the account number.
  • Immediately reporting lost/stolen or compromised cards to Bank of America, the Department Director and the Purchasing Card Administrator.
  • Obtaining all sales slips, register receipts, and/or purchasing card slips and providing to the Departmental Liaison for reconciliation, approval and allocation of transactions.
  • Identifying disputed items and contacting the merchant directly to resolve disputes.
  • Ensuring that appropriate credit for the reported disputed item(s) or billing error appears on a subsequent Cardholder Memo Statement.
  • Noting on the receipt the reason for the purchase. For example, office supplies, or meeting registration for Professor ________, or clock for classroom.
  • Notifying the Departmental Liaison if the default account number should be changed on an individual transaction. Note on the invoice or receipt the account number or if the item should be changed to something other than the default account number.
  • Noting on the receipt, the employee’s CWID and Travel Authorization number, if the purchase relates to a meeting registration.
  • Turning in all invoices to the Liaison by the 1st day of the following month.
  • Returning Purchasing Card to Departmental Liaison upon termination of employment with the College or transferring departments within the College.

Note: Under no circumstances should a Cardholder accept cash in lieu of a credit to the Purchasing Card account.

  • Participating in training for Liaisons.
  • Collecting original copy of vendor receipts and original copy of purchasing card receipts from Cardholders and reconciling to Bank of America billing statements. Organize the receipts in the order that they appear on the statement.
  • Retaining all charge slips and receipts for audit by internal and external auditors. Ensure that there are invoices or receipts for all charges. If not, ask the cardholder to obtain missing receipts.
  • Updating default account number on Purchasing Card System of individual Cardholder account in advance of the monthly default cut-off date for approvals established by The Citadel. Use the most appropriate account number to classify purchases.
  • Attempting to resolve any disputes with the vendor and/or Bank of America that are not resolved by the cardholder. Notify the Purchase Card Administrator within 3 business days of any unresolved disputes, noting the reasons and documenting all attempts at resolving it.
  • Identifying transactions that require the submission of use tax to the South Carolina Department of Revenue. Enter “USETAX” for these transactions in the Banner system in advance of the monthly default cutoff date.
  • Requesting The Citadel Purchasing Card Coordinator to change default account for individual card as needed and approved by Department Director.
  • Notifying The Citadel Purchasing Card Coordinator of lost or stolen cards.
  • Ensuring that the cardholder and the department head sign off on the completed reconciliation.
  • Requesting The Citadel Purchasing Card Coordinator to cancel a Cardholder’s card (e.g. terminated employees, transferring departments, loss of purchasing card privileges) as approved by Department Directors.
  • Collecting canceled cards from Cardholders and forwarding to The Citadel Purchasing Card Coordinator.
  • Alerting the Purchase Card Administrator if you suspect someone is misusing their purchase card or otherwise violating purchase card policies and/or procedures.
Department Head

On an ongoing basis, the Dean or Director is responsible for:

  • Overseeing the P-Card program in his/her department or division
  • Reviewing / approving cardholder applications submitted by members of the respective department
  • Assigning a liaison for each cardholder on the cardholder application
  • Assigning the default account index and FOAP (fund, org, account, program) information for a cardholder on the cardholder application
  • Contacting The Citadel Purchase Card Administrator to change cardholder and/or liaison assignments
  • Ensuring proper segregation of duties exist between cardholder, liaison, and management reviewer
  • Responding timely to address or remediate P-card audit findings and incident reports

On a monthly basis, the Dean or Director should:

  • Review the overall Purchasing Card activity in his/her department
  • Validate that all transactions are legitimate purchases for the department
  • Ensure liaisons have collected a receipt for every transaction
  • Scan for unusual or possibly fraudulent transactions
  • Scan for possible split transactions to circumvent the P-card transaction limit
  • Contact Purchasing Card Administrator regarding any unapproved transactions
  • Sign the Monthly Purchasing Card Certification Sheet

By signing the Monthly Purchasing Card Certification Sheet, the Dean or Director is certifying that he/she has:

  • Reviewed all purchasing card charges for the time period indicated
  • Approved of the charges as valid Citadel expenses
  • Approved of the accounts (source of funds) being charged
Purchase Card Coordinator
  • The Citadel liaison with Bank of America.
  • Administering the Works Software Program.
  • Reviewing Department approved applications for completeness of required information.
  • Submitting completed applications to Bank of America and receiving purchasing cards from Bank of America.
  • Conducting P-Card orientation/training sessions for all new purchasing card recipients, including coordinating and conducting group sessions and individual sessions for refresher training.
  • Maintaining a policy and procedures Manual for the P-Card Program.
  • Reviewing and analyzing reports and statistical data to evaluate user activity and assure compliance with the policy regulations.
  • Reviewing annually all P-cards issued to employees and eliminate P-cards for employees who demonstrate consistently low usage of P-cards or no longer have demonstrated a business need for the P-card.
  • Having Cardholder sign Cardholder agreement, signifying agreement with the terms of the Purchasing Card Program.
  • Handling disputed charges/discrepancies not resolved by Cardholder or Departmental Liaison.
  • Initiating change of Purchasing Card default account number upon request of Departmental Liaison as approved by Department Director.
  • Securing revoked purchasing cards and submitting information to Bank of America.
  • Receiving Bank of America bill and electronically distributing to Departmental Liaisons.
  • Electronically notifying Departmental Liaisons of Bank of America billing distribution and advising Liaisons of cut-off date for approvals.
  • Processing upload of bill to Accounting for charging individual departments.
  • Reviewing usage of Purchasing Card data for appropriateness.
  • Reporting inappropriate charges to Cardholder and Department Head.