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18 Jan 2011

Fall 2010 President's List cadets announced

Nearly 60 cadets have been place on the President’s List for the fall 2010 semester.


The President’s List is one the most distinguished cadet awards presented by The Citadel. It indicates excellence in academics and military duties. The list is a combination of the Dean’s List and the Commandant’s Distinguished List, which is composed of cadets who contribute the most to their companies and who have excellent military and academic records. 

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President’s List cadets will be recognized during the Jan. 21 military dress parade. Each cadet will receive the blue and white President's List ribbon, which is worn on the full dress and summer leave uniforms.

Regimental Staff
Lance C. Braye
Steven A. Munoz
Matthew W. Myers
Mikel C. Santiago
Matthew E. Selmasska

1st Battalion Staff
Bryan C. Ishmael

Joseph C. Lopez
William R. Northcutt

Stavros A. Chrysostomides
Daniel B. Smith
Christopher A. White

Matthew W. Boatner
Ellison C. Glenn
Keith J. Johnson

Eric M. Benfield
Christopher T. Thornton

2nd Battalion Staff
Caleb J. Bowers
Benjamin C. McCoy
Abraham J. Raymond
Steven T. Weippert

Kevin M. Donovan
Daniel C. Hughes

Robert S. Algard
Anthony J. Koert
James E. Morris

Richard D. Kirkpatrick
Joseph M. Schiano

Benjamin G. Kottraba

Regimental Band
Nathaniel G. Madden
William R. Singletary
Matthew R. Sloat
Justin S. Willmeth

3rd Battalion

James R. Cooper
Richard H. Kellahan
Blaine R. McAllister

Caleb F. Dubose

Katherine R. Hardina

4th Battalion Staff
Alexandria R. Burns
Lewis L. Herndon

Cole H. Matthews
Joseph T. Williams

Jacob A. Reeder

Alexander W. Morgan
Robert K. Seidl

Aaron L. Anderson
Paul P. Dennison
Grant J. Mattingley

5th Battalion Staff
Steven D. Alexander

Julia M. McCullohs
Richard K. Owen
Andrew T. Pease
Steven C. Piper

Palmetto Battery
Christopher M. Hoyes
Michael P. Mayeaux
Charles L. Smith

Ryan C. Gannon
Noah J. Koubenec
Jason A. Snipes

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